Richard Branson’s biggest Spanish speaking fan loves to do origami folding

Fredy Gacha (name changed) being a Spanish speaker faced so many problems while living in Russia for 4 years. Fredy doesn’t speak English or Russian and that’s where all the issues stemmed from. If he knew how to speak English, he was all good.

Fredy is one of the very few Colombians with no criminal record at all. Poor joke! I know.

Fredy’s greatest inspiration is Richard Branson. The moment Fredy looked at Richard Branson for the first time in a Youtube motivational video, he became his greatest fan. Fredy has read UC Perdiendo mi virginidad twice and he watches all Richard Branson videos in the Spanish language.

Fredy had a hobby of learning and studying the Asian religions for a while. According to Fredy Gacha, “Gautama Buddha’s wife Yasodhara must be a terrific beauty and that’s what which didn’t let Buddha move out of the palace for so long. She was extremely passionate too and she was always ready when Gautama was ready. She might be the one to always initiate the love making program.”

Fredy is a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and he has been studying the TCM for over 4 years now. Fredy knows about the TCM more than anyone else that I know. Fredy claims that endorphins and dopamine are one and the same and there is no such thing as serotonin. According to Fredy, serotonin is a pure myth.

When Fredy is not busy working or studying traditional Chinese medicine, he is busy doing origami folding, he loves to do simple origami instead of the complex ones.

25 year old Indian man claims that Pashtun people are the lost tribes of Israel

Manav Ajmani (name changed) is a 25 year old Indian man whose elder male cousins were always envious of him. The youngest one of those is 26 now and he is an alcoholic and a chain smoker while Manav doesn’t even drink coffee or anything that contains caffeine.

This 26 year old cousin of Manav whom we will call Danav here. Manav’s dad is also an alcoholic whom we will call Asura here. Asura and Danav share a drink once a week. In India, masturbation is considered a heinous sin. Danav lied to Asura once while drinking that Manav performs masturbation twice a day while taking a shower with the natural gas tankless water heater.

Asura is an idiot and he believed Danav immediately. He started abusing Manav emotionally and Manav knew that something was wrong but Manav couldn’t care less. In India, there is this joint family culture and because Manav is not married yet, he cannot even think about moving out from the hell that his father is trying to create for him.

Manav loves to do a lot of research on the history of the world and especially the Indian subcontinent. Manav claims that Pashtun people of Afghanistan and Pakistan are in fact the 12 lost tribes of Israel also known as Bene Israel.

They have a township elections in Manav’s township every 6 months and each time the most beautiful woman who partakes in the elections is elected.

Manav spent a significant number of days in South India and he discovered that the people living in the town called Papanasam (means destruction of sins) were the greatest sinners that he ever came across. It is Manav’s personal observance which he is never tired of repeating ‘Ambassadors of peace in reality are the biggest ambassadors of violence’.

Successful Serbian businesswoman wants to become first female bitcoin billionaire

Anya Milankov (name changed) wishes all the time that if she were born in the prohibition-era in the United States. She hates drunkards around. She only married once and the only cause of her divorce was her husband’s alcoholism.

Anya loves learning new skills. She only learn one skill at a time and once she perfects that she moves on for another one.

One of Anya’s business is a store that she inherited from her father in one of the most prominent commercial streets of Prozivka neighborhood in Subotica city. It used to be a department store back then but Anya has transformed it into an antique and vintage sword store. She charges flat rates for these pawn products which many consider unfair but Anya says “It is only fair”.

Anya doesn’t bother about what’s pleasurable and what’s painful, she only believes in doing stoic karma which she successfully has been doing for the past 20 years or so.

Anya has always stood up for her dreams and goals and one of her dreams is to become the first female billionaire with bitcoin trading. She uses QIWI wallet a lot too and keeps exchanging her QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин).

In all her businesses, Anya ensures the quality and accuracy of the products selection most of which she handpicks.

Anya has an impressive track record when it comes to sales in all her businesses. Her ideas and insights have really transformed her life for the better.

When Anya was a child, she was diagnosed with ADHD which her parents believed was a hypothesis. To this day Anya thanks her parents for believing so. Anya also believes that ADHD is a hypothesis and if they do not have a proof that ADHD exists, they must be stopped from prescribing and selling lifelong drugs to the victims.

One of the smartest and fittest women – Miss Patricia Schwartz is looking for a life partner

Patricia Schwartz (name changed) is a 27 years old, slim woman with size 10 and leggy 5 feet 8 inch tall height. She has long dark hair, dark eyes and is one of the most attractive women you have never met. She’s tanned all over and partly shaven. In my opinion, if you have never seen Patricia in the flesh once, you really missed something in your life. There is a condition there though, she doesn’t meet anybody who makes her feel uncomfortable.

Patricia is kind, generous and chivalrous. She always appreciates and rewards her faithful and honest employees with lots of bonus. As a career lady, Patricia only believes in accumulating the skills and knowledge that stay with her for the rest of her life.

I once had the privilege of meeting Patricia in person, she told me that she found herself very compatible with gentlemen like me who are classy and intelligent with style and appreciate the value of time that a lady contributes towards them.

Patricia keeps reminding herself the value of time all the time. She also usually has Les Brown’s tapes on in her Bluetooth headphones when she is taking a regular jog on her treadmill. She is also a very picky customer; when she was on a lookout for a treadmill, she chose the one that had the highest number of positive reviews and which she genuinely believed was the best treadmill.

She owns an Amazon store which is one of the most well-reviewed Amazon store of all times. She has always maintained a high level of quality and reliability while dealing with the customers on Amazon. Patricia definitely has the river of success flowing in her direction all the times.

Karlie Bauman from Mississippi is enjoying her life as best as she can

Karlie Bauman (name changed) likes to do whatever gets her husband going. She teases and pleases him, does roleplays for him to get his blood flowing in the right direction.

Karlie is indeed a very fine wife. She is gorgeous, happy and attentive to her husband’s desires. She has a perfectly proportioned figure, long legs and a hourglass shape that makes the temperature rise.

Karlie and her husband maintain the highest standard in personal companionship. Karlie’s husband is always ready to drop what he is doing to spend a little bit of erotic time with Karlie.

Karlie’s husband used to have a great social anxiety about his size, he was always worried about what the women are thinking of his size. Only a creature with small brain wouldn’t worry about his size or believe the theory that size doesn’t matter.

Karlie’s husband is one of the most handsome men you have ever laid your eyes on but what was the point when he had to make different excuses to his girlfriends in order to not sleep with so that they don’t get to know about his small size and instead preferred to jack off in his basement.

His life changed when he got to know what is penile implant. He went for the surgery after finding the best doctor in his state for the same and here he is, making the women go crazy for him.

Karlie voluntarily has a squeaky bed in her bedroom as she claims that it makes the pleasure more pleasurable. The room really gets warm with their intense energy when they make out.

Husband and wife are enjoying life 24/7/365 with cryptocurrency trading

Putu Sindoro (name changed) is a Thai woman who believes that we are living in the end times and that’s why she wants to have all the fun that she could before that. When her husband gets tired, she screams “The day is coming and coming soon”.

One thing that you can’t deny is that Putu is fine as hell and so is her husband. The husband and wife couple loves to go out for long vacations together. They recently enjoyed a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a magical romantic city and they both really loved it. They stayed there for 10 days and each day Putu made her husband feel like he is the only man in the world. Putu and her husband have experimented with several hot things in the past and still they never hesitate to whenever one of them has something new in the mind.

Putu’s husband has a great body and stunning eyes and that’s one of the reasons why Putu loves him so much. Putu herself is one of the hottest women in town and without a doubt the finest in her neighborhood. Putu possesses an unending passion with a perfect feminine figure. She is full of pleasure, excitement and taste. Her curvaceous body, wonderful hair and stunning face create an indelible impression on every man that once has a glimpse of her.

You may be wondering how does her husband or Putu herself manage to get time to work. Well, they don’t have to. They both are top cryptocurrencies traders and Putu uses her charm and beauty to extort the cryptocurrency trade secrets from the top guys and that’s how the husband and wife couple multiplies their money and live a life full of pleasure 24/7/365.

Online marketers living in upscale neighborhoods all over the world

Simeon Rhodes (name changed) is an optimist since birth. Simeon is a firm believer of the statement “You become what you teach and you learn what you teach”.

Simeon lives in an upscale neighborhood now. He used to live in a middle-class neighborhood until he discovered the art of marketing online.

Simeon interviews and hand-picks each and every employee himself.

Simeon has a mature, attractive and sensual mother-in-law whom Simeon is always trying to impress with his style. No, Simeon doesn’t want to sleep with her, not even in his dream and Simeon also comprehends that it is wrong trying to look cool and attractive to his mother-in-law but he cannot help it, she is so attractive indeed.

Simeon’s mother-in-law’s favorite line is “A karma is an action which is not a reaction” and she can’t stop repeating it all the time.

Once Simeon’s wife made rock solid accusations to Simeon that he is sleeping with his mother-in-law. Simeon literally started crying and called up her mom. Simeon’s mother-in-law asked them to come to her house so that she can prove to her daughter that there was no such thing happening. The husband and wife went to Simeon’s mother-in-law’s house immediately and there after the mother did her best to console the daughter which only made the daughter act in a more dramatic way. After this Simeon’s mother-in-law lost control and slapped her daughter. After getting slapped, first the daughter cried loudly and then after about 30 seconds apologized to her mother and husband. Since then she has been far away from making such stupid accusations.

A hair transplant in the United Kingdom costs a lot more than in most other countries

Linda Vogel (name changed) was one of the advisors and manifesto creators for the Green Party of England and Wales for the 2013 local government elections. Linda is a lawyer by profession and she has been actively writing on her blog against the people conspiring to subvert the democracy in the United Kingdom. Linda owns a nightclub as well which she inherited from her father after he died.

Linda raised up 3 kids herself alone after her husband died in a plane crash. Linda believes that being a single entrepreneur mother is the world’s toughest job. All her 3 kids comply with this and they also claim that they see their mother as the most inspirational and beautiful person ever to come in their lives.

Linda has grandchildren now and on every Christmas eve, she joins all her kids and grandchildren and they sing the Merry Christmas song together and do several other cute and lovely things together.

Linda was always a strong lady and she never played victim in her life. Even on the very roughest day, she would act calm and cool.

Linda doesn’t believe Alfred Wegener’s Pangea (Continent Drift) theory and she wrote a couple of articles proving that the theory cannot be true on her blog recently. She received hundreds of hateful and derogatory comments as a response but she couldn’t care less.

Linda is primarily a civil litigation solicitor and she doesn’t take deflection for an answer. Recently, a woman tried to deflect Linda by asking questions like “Do you believe in voodoo magic?” and other unconnected questions that had nothing to do with the case that Linda was trying to solve but it is impossible to deflect Linda.

Linda is one scrooge woman. She spends negligently on her grandchildren and kids but when it comes to herself, she is the most cheap person that you will ever see. She has so much money but when she wanted to get a hair transplant done on her head, the first question she typed on Google was – How much does a hair transplant cost UK?

Extremely strict and result oriented lady never forgets to read the latest hair transplant news

Irit Utting (name changed) is an extremely result oriented lady who was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Irit is a great believer of the statement ‘the harder you work the better you get’.

Irit also believes that you cannot get anything done by somebody forcefully. Irit is against welfare schemes, she believes that majority cannot vote. Irit always tries her best to not let the other people down. Irit always talks like she is giving an election speech. Irit never forgets to read the latest hair transplant news.

Irit only feeds her mind with positive ideas and thoughts. When worried or stressed, she likes to sit on the chair rocking back and forth. Irit likes to listen more and talk less.

Irit is currently busy writing a book that she will name “Draupadi – The woman born, off fire who burnt the world’s biggest empire of the time.” Irit claims that Draupadi is one of the most fascinating and epic characters that she ever saw or read about.

Irit hates pretty girls who believe that just looking pretty is enough and they don’t need to do or learn anything else. Irit finds those girls stupid, annoying and very arrogant.

Irit is an extremely faithful spouse and her husband also is very faithful to her. Though an atheist, Irit believes in the prophecies of Daniel. Irit loves to eat seedless dates and she never gets motivated by the hatred.  Irit believes life is a rough ride and she is preparing her kids at her best level for that.

One of Irit’s sisters left her spouse for someone younger, fitter and more handsome and that shook Irit from head to toe.

Lucky Day can really make you lucky like it did to Mr. Carmi Halper

Carmi Halper (name changed) is a Brazilian gentleman who was born and raised in the city of Campina Grande but later moved to Fortaleza (the popular Brazilian coastal city) in hope of starting a business and making a fortune with it.

Carmi has a habit of lecturing others and he recalls how he used to daydream about lecturing others about his success and the statements he would make when they would ask him “How you made it?”

By the time Carmi was 28, he had already made it but his habit of lecturing others had changed. Due to being so busy all the time, he never had the time to lecture others and more than that Carmi felt like lecturing sucked a lot of his energy and deviate him from his goals. So, the question is: “How Carmi made it?”

Back in November 2016, Carmi had a wonderful business plan but he didn’t have any money to invest in it. He tried to get a loan, asked his friends for money and tried several other conventional methods, but nobody gave him any money. Instead of being depressed, Carmi tried an unconventional method which goes by the name dia de sorte in his country. Would you be surprised if I tell you that he won? And he won not only a few thousand, but 2 million Brazilian Reals which is about 540, 000 US Dollar.

Carmi didn’t get lazy after winning the amount. Instead, he worked harder than he had even planned and today he is worth tens of millions of Brazilian Reals within just a matter of less than 2 years.