Karlie Bauman from Mississippi is enjoying her life as best as she can

Karlie Bauman (name changed) likes to do whatever gets her husband going. She teases and pleases him, does roleplays for him to get his blood flowing in the right direction.

Karlie is indeed a very fine wife. She is gorgeous, happy and attentive to her husband’s desires. She has a perfectly proportioned figure, long legs and a hourglass shape that makes the temperature rise.

Karlie and her husband maintain the highest standard in personal companionship. Karlie’s husband is always ready to drop what he is doing to spend a little bit of erotic time with Karlie.

Karlie’s husband used to have a great social anxiety about his size, he was always worried about what the women are thinking of his size. Only a creature with small brain wouldn’t worry about his size or believe the theory that size doesn’t matter.

Karlie’s husband is one of the most handsome men you have ever laid your eyes on but what was the point when he had to make different excuses to his girlfriends in order to not sleep with so that they don’t get to know about his small size and instead preferred to jack off in his basement.

His life changed when he got to know what is penile implant. He went for the surgery after finding the best doctor in his state for the same and here he is, making the women go crazy for him.

Karlie voluntarily has a squeaky bed in her bedroom as she claims that it makes the pleasure more pleasurable. The room really gets warm with their intense energy when they make out.