One of the smartest and fittest women – Miss Patricia Schwartz is looking for a life partner

Patricia Schwartz (name changed) is a 27 years old, slim woman with size 10 and leggy 5 feet 8 inch tall height. She has long dark hair, dark eyes and is one of the most attractive women you have never met. She’s tanned all over and partly shaven. In my opinion, if you have never seen Patricia in the flesh once, you really missed something in your life. There is a condition there though, she doesn’t meet anybody who makes her feel uncomfortable.

Patricia is kind, generous and chivalrous. She always appreciates and rewards her faithful and honest employees with lots of bonus. As a career lady, Patricia only believes in accumulating the skills and knowledge that stay with her for the rest of her life.

I once had the privilege of meeting Patricia in person, she told me that she found herself very compatible with gentlemen like me who are classy and intelligent with style and appreciate the value of time that a lady contributes towards them.

Patricia keeps reminding herself the value of time all the time. She also usually has Les Brown’s tapes on in her Bluetooth headphones when she is taking a regular jog on her treadmill. She is also a very picky customer; when she was on a lookout for a treadmill, she chose the one that had the highest number of positive reviews and which she genuinely believed was the best treadmill.

She owns an Amazon store which is one of the most well-reviewed Amazon store of all times. She has always maintained a high level of quality and reliability while dealing with the customers on Amazon. Patricia definitely has the river of success flowing in her direction all the times.