Successful Serbian businesswoman wants to become first female bitcoin billionaire

Anya Milankov (name changed) wishes all the time that if she were born in the prohibition-era in the United States. She hates drunkards around. She only married once and the only cause of her divorce was her husband’s alcoholism.

Anya loves learning new skills. She only learn one skill at a time and once she perfects that she moves on for another one.

One of Anya’s business is a store that she inherited from her father in one of the most prominent commercial streets of Prozivka neighborhood in Subotica city. It used to be a department store back then but Anya has transformed it into an antique and vintage sword store. She charges flat rates for these pawn products which many consider unfair but Anya says “It is only fair”.

Anya doesn’t bother about what’s pleasurable and what’s painful, she only believes in doing stoic karma which she successfully has been doing for the past 20 years or so.

Anya has always stood up for her dreams and goals and one of her dreams is to become the first female billionaire with bitcoin trading. She uses QIWI wallet a lot too and keeps exchanging her QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин).

In all her businesses, Anya ensures the quality and accuracy of the products selection most of which she handpicks.

Anya has an impressive track record when it comes to sales in all her businesses. Her ideas and insights have really transformed her life for the better.

When Anya was a child, she was diagnosed with ADHD which her parents believed was a hypothesis. To this day Anya thanks her parents for believing so. Anya also believes that ADHD is a hypothesis and if they do not have a proof that ADHD exists, they must be stopped from prescribing and selling lifelong drugs to the victims.