25 year old Indian man claims that Pashtun people are the lost tribes of Israel

Manav Ajmani (name changed) is a 25 year old Indian man whose elder male cousins were always envious of him. The youngest one of those is 26 now and he is an alcoholic and a chain smoker while Manav doesn’t even drink coffee or anything that contains caffeine.

This 26 year old cousin of Manav whom we will call Danav here. Manav’s dad is also an alcoholic whom we will call Asura here. Asura and Danav share a drink once a week. In India, masturbation is considered a heinous sin. Danav lied to Asura once while drinking that Manav performs masturbation twice a day while taking a shower with theĀ natural gas tankless water heater.

Asura is an idiot and he believed Danav immediately. He started abusing Manav emotionally and Manav knew that something was wrong but Manav couldn’t care less. In India, there is this joint family culture and because Manav is not married yet, he cannot even think about moving out from the hell that his father is trying to create for him.

Manav loves to do a lot of research on the history of the world and especially the Indian subcontinent. Manav claims that Pashtun people of Afghanistan and Pakistan are in fact the 12 lost tribes of Israel also known as Bene Israel.

They have a township elections in Manav’s township every 6 months and each time the most beautiful woman who partakes in the elections is elected.

Manav spent a significant number of days in South India and he discovered that the people living in the town called Papanasam (means destruction of sins) were the greatest sinners that he ever came across. It is Manav’s personal observance which he is never tired of repeating ‘Ambassadors of peace in reality are the biggest ambassadors of violence’.