Amanda is not a feminist but she says that there is no gender equality, Amanda is not a white supremacist but she says that white people’s contributions are underrated

Amanda Costa (name changed) is not a hardcore lunatic feminist which she is normally perceived to be but she says that gender equality is not yet achieved. Amanda says that all the Jewish princesses and queens of the ancient times should be recognized as Jewish matriarchs. Amanda accuses supposedly the most feminist religion – Judaism of having only 4 matriarchs but hundreds of patriarchs. Amanda says that most of the patriarchs of the Jewish religion do not deserved to be called patriarchs of any religion, they were very flawed people who were even worse than the average common man of today.

Amanda says that it is her personal observation that sexually abstinent people turn into angry and bitter maniacs in the old age. Amanda says that she knows several of these angry and bitter maniac old freaks including some in her neighborhood and a boss of hers.

Amanda likes to read a lot of scientific studies and she claims that the study done on the monkeys on the effect of marijuana where the cell structure of the offspring of the marijuana user monkeys was abnormal and different than the cell structure of a normal and sober monkey. Amanda claims that those monkeys were fed cocaine and amphetamine instead of the marijuana and she says that she has the evidence to prove that the offspring of a marijuana user is normally healthier than the non-user.

Amanda is not a white supremacist but she is proud of being a white French. Amanda says that if it weren’t for the white people, the world would still be living in the iron ages. Amanda says that the world must learn to show more respect to the white people for their contributions to the humanity in all the fields including technology, philosophy, education. Amanda says that the world only remembers and recognizes the white people for producing fanatics like Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, British empire, French empire and Portuguese empire but they very rarely remember the Nikola Tesla, Michelangelo, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Kant.

Amanda recently got a movie theater related android application created by Indonesia’s most recognized android application creation company (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) and she has been making a bank with it.

Hindu fanatics made this Vietnamese guy so tensed that he had to go to Bangkok and Koh Chang to release his tension

Tran Verges (name changed) only likes to buy bed sheets with the images of Hindu gods on it. Tran was accused of running a mystery cult when he lived in Cambodia.

Tran attracted a lot of controversy during his time in India when in a public conference he mentioned that the caste system in India is responsible for most of modern India’s problems. Tran said that he remembers how a student of his told him that he was required to fill out his varna in the school and college. They used to have 5 different columns for the varna in the Indian schools and colleges back in the day.

After Tran said this, he was banned from coming to India, some Hindu fanatics even proposed to the Indian government and the Supreme court to ban all the Vietnamese people from coming to India. An half-Indian half-Vietnamese popular actress whose name is Kunika Lal was even asked to leave the country. Kunika is a very tough woman who refused to leave the country and subordinate to anyone, thankfully everything became okay after only a couple of weeks and the Hindu fanatics started bothering other people.

After coming back to Vietnam, Tran said that he will keep loving and respecting the Hinduism as he always did but the Hindu fanatics turned out to be worse than he expected them to be.

To ease off his stress, Tran went to Bangkok for a while and I enjoyed with some of the most stunning beauties that he could find there. Then Tran went from Bangkok to Koh Chang to enjoy some scenic coastal views.

After coming back from Thailand, Tran wrote a whole 2000 words post on his blog complimenting the extraordinarily great service that the Thai Happy Taxi provided him with.

Catholic lady from Miami Springs getting married to a Muslim millionaire in February

Nora Stafrace (name changed) is getting married to a Muslim millionaire in the month of February. Nora’s whole family is a strict catholic one and they could never have imagined just a few months before that the favorite girl of their family – Nora will ever get married to a Muslim man. Forget about Nora, they could have never imagined that any girl of their family will ever get married to a Muslim man.

Nora’s parents are still against her getting married to a Muslim. Nora’s father cannot get enough of watching Ahmed Deedat’s videos where Nora claims that Ahmed Deedat was an agent of the mainstream media hired to polarize the people so that the mainstream media can continue their business of dividing people into several different sections and keep them busy into that so that they can continue making fool of the masses.

Nora’s mother likes to watch Zakir Naik sometimes and she also believes that Muslims are narcissists who want to impose their own culture and traditions on the people belonging to other cultures, traditions and nationalities. Nora kept telling her mother that Zakir Naik is also a con-man until it get to a point where her mother wouldn’t listen and Nora started feeling like it is a useless waste of energy trying to preach anything to her parents.

Nora’s fiance once told Nora that he was believed to be an Iranian spy by a CIA agent who lived just next door to him in the late 2000s.

Nora and her fiance have already booked the wedding venue for their wedding in February after going through a list of venues for weddings all over the Southern United States.

Extrovert weirdo claims to be the most up-to-date tech guys

Fang Costas (name changed) is always eager to see a nuclear war. He says that before he dies, he wants to see a nuclear war, it is his foremost wish.

Fang has a history of throwing racial slurs. Fang once traveled to Turkey, he was beaten by 2 young boys in Izmir because he threw some racial slurs on them as well.

Fang is a huge critic of the religion of Sikhism, he once wrote on a blog of his that Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs aka master warrior of the Sikhs asked the Sikhs to practice monogamy but he didn’t walk the talk himself. He married thrice himself. He also wrote in that particular post that the real hero of Sikhism is not Guru Gobind Singh but rather Banda Singh Bahadur who was the one to fight the most against the Mughals even though he knew that his life won’t be spared if he fights with such great intensity against the Mughals.

Once while in Indonesia, Fang made another controversy when an Indonesian waiter couldn’t understand what Fang said, Fang told him “Stop fasting, that Ramadan has really done something to your brain. You can’t even understand what I am ordering. Fasting makes you incapable of using your cognitive abilities.”

Fang says that he doesn’t create controversy for the sake of creating one but the controversies follow him. Fang says that the biggest issue with him is that he is an extrovert and common people are not used to honest extroverts like himself.

Along with being a weirdo, Fang is a gadget and tech freak, he is a subscriber of top technology news portals like texnologia and he brags about being the most updated tech guy among his friends.

Romy Weaver, a female Thai taxi driver says that Mormons are lovely people

Romy Weaver (name changed) is a female taxi driver working in collaboration with one of the top taxi companies in Thailand.

Romy recently met a Mormon missionary in her taxi who wanted to go from Bangkok to Amphawa because he hates the tall buildings and skyscrapers. Before meeting this gentleman, Romy didn’t even have an idea what a Mormon meant, she used to think of it as some biscuit brand as she eats a lot of Bourbon (a chocolate biscuit) biscuits.

Romy thought that Mormon is the name of a vanilla flavored cream biscuit. Anyways, Romy has become a huge fan of the Mormon people since she met this gentleman, Romy is very attractive and she can recognize very easily when someone is trying to flirt with her or looking at her lustfully, but this gentleman was different from almost every other young guy who has traveled in her taxi cab.

Romy finally asked him “What are the Mormon rules for adultery?” He then told Romy that Mormons are not supposed to have any adulterous relationships, for the Mormons, adultery is not something that can be forgiven by going for a confession room but for a Mormon it results in banishment from the Church.

Since meeting this Mormon gentleman, Romy has been longing to meet more Mormon people, especially men because she is single and she would love to marry someone who is a Mormon as she believe that a Mormon man won’t ever cheat on her.

Romy has this very strange hobby of writing instruction manuals on different online forums, she says that she would love to create an instruction manual one day on “how to select a woman/man for marriage?”

This Thai gentleman would have moved to Scandinavia if they didn’t have websites like BB Bags in Thailand

Suwinit Chumsai (name changed) is an environmentalist who says that flowers are some of the most overrated and shrubs are the most underrated things when it comes to controlling the pollution. Suwinit says that if it weren’t for the poets most of whom are addicted to exaggerating everything, the flowers would have a very small place compared to what they have in the modern world. Suwinit says that if one looks at the shrubs and the flowers together without any preoccupied eyes, the shrubs definitely stand out and look at least twice as better than the flowers.

Suwinit was born and raised up in a very academic and scholarly environment and atmosphere, his mother is an Oxford scholar while his father is a Harvard scholar. Suwinit himself lived a very dilemmatic life, he was sandwiched between the technology and the modeling world, but as they say in Hinduism – “You have to be as straight as an arrow in order to succeed in your life and know and hit your target with all your prowess.”

Suwinit says that dullards from the first world countries must be sent to the third world countries and the smartest and most intelligent from across the third world countries should be offered an option by all the first world countries of the world including Australia, European countries, North America, Canada to come and settle down there. It is still very much like this but Suwinit says that the world would be a much better place if it happens in a larger scale and much more efficiently and effectively.

If it weren’t for websites like, Suwinit would have definitely considered moving from Thailand to a Scandinavian country long ago. Suwinit is happy that he can buy stylish canvas bags for his wife from websites like BB Bags.

Hair Transplant Abroad

Michael Hogan (name changed) was watching a documentary about the days when Akbar (probably the most popular Mughal emperor also known as Akbar the Great) ruled India. Akbar was the son of the Mughal emperor – Humayun and the father of the Mughal emperor – Jehangir (translated to English – ruler of the entire earth).

Michael says that Indians can’t even lie in an appropriate manner. He says that it was definitely one of the worst documentaries that he ever saw. Michael says that the entire documentary’s aim was to spread propaganda against the Muslim rule in India. Michael says that a so-called historian was narrating the story that when Man Singh I was leading the armies of the Mughals and his own and when the Mughal army found it difficult to distinguish between the Man Singh I’s army and Maharana Pratap’s (their enemy) army, the Mughal army asked Akbar what do they do now? Akbar replied “Do whatever you please, no matter whom you shoot your arrow on, the shot one will be a Hindu.”

Michael found that as one of the funniest statements in a long while. The battle between Man Singh I and Maharana Pratap was fought at Haldighati which is 628 km away from the Old Delhi, the place where Akbar lived. The battle was over within a matter of hours and there was no way for the army to communicate with Akbar, so how come the Mughal army asked the question to Akbar. That’s when Michael said that Hindus must learn how to lie.

Anyways, Michael went from the United States to Istanbul, Turkey last month for a hair transplant abroad and that’s what he did all the time during his resting period, he watched documentaries all the time during that period.

Christmas season is on and Gina Peng is busy folding Christmas Origami with her daughter and her friends

Gina Peng (name changed) says that the arrest of Sant Rampal – an Indian cult leader of Kabirpanth samaj is a conspiracy by the Indian government and media to destroy the secularism of India. Here is a quote from Gina Peng – “Sant Rampal never claimed to be a god, he never represented the Jatt community but India itself, he is a Satyugi not a Kalyugi Indian who never cares about a person’s religion, caste, creed, culture or tradition. He was trying to create a religion of his own with the combined teachings of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. He was against the cults like Arya Samaj, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sant Nirankari Mission, Radha Soami Satsang Beas and Brahma Kumaris and would bash those from time to time.”

Gina’s husband is a freak in bed and he eats tons of Indian gooseberry everyday claiming that it increases his vitality and vigor.

Gina and her husband are against anyone who sacrifices his/her health for the wealth. They say wealth is just a means to make your life more comfortable, nothing more than that.

Gina’s husband owns a business that modifies cars and SUVs into rally vehicles.

Gina is a wannabe historian who claims that royal clans are the dumbest but generally most ambitious and their ambition and determination are two secrets behind their success.

Gina says that she has studied a lot of Indian history and she even once visited Cambodia to explore and see Angkor Wat with her bare eyes. Gina says that she hasn’t seen something so nostalgic and exotic as Angkor Wat yet. She is a believer in reincarnation and thinks that she might have been born in Cambodia in the past.

Anyways, the Christmas season is on and Gina is busy folding Christmas Origami with her daughter and her friends. She is going to have a blast this Christmas eve.

An online origami paper store that is closed on the sabbath

Jonathan Rosenberg (name changed) was born to a Polish mother and an American Jew father in the New York City. Jonathan is a strict Orthodox Jew and the biggest proof of his love and respect for the Judaism is that his online store is closed on the days of Sabbath. Jonathan sells everything on his online store, from the origami paper to second hand cars.

Jonathan is strictly against the paganism and pagan religions including Hinduism. Jonathan once lived in India for a good period of 4 years and he was amazed to see the degradation that Hinduism has done to the Hindu people and how stupid they have become. He still remembers and doesn’t get tired of repeating how Hindus believe every living and sometimes even non-living thing to be a god. They will worship anything that can walk including a donkey, a lion, an elephant, a monkey, you name it.

Jonathan recently bought a new Audi RS6 Avant in Nardo Grey Matte color. Jonathan’s friends wanted him to buy Moche Latte color while his family wanted him to buy it Java Green. Jonathan didn’t care about either and went for the worst color possible. If he had asked me, I would have told him to go for the Metallic Blue color. Anyways, the car is great and it is one of my personal dream cars as well.

Jonathan says that the government is deliberately increasing the cost of living to discourage the general population from having more babies. Jonathan refutes the statement that the world is overpopulated and he says that the resources of the world are rather under-utilized.

This tough Brazilian man sold 853 quantities per day on an average on Etsy in 2017

Antonio Sousa (name changed) owns a very successful Etsy store. Antonio says that he only enjoys life when he achieves his goals successfully one after another. He built this Etsy store from scratch. He sold 853 quantities per day on an average on Etsy in 2017. Antonio wasn’t even able to sell single quantity on an average per day in the first year which was back in 2013 but he didn’t give up, he carried on until he achieved his dream of running one of the most popular and successful Etsy stores.

Antonio is so determined and committed towards whatever he does. He infiltrated the camp of some of the top people of Brazil in order to become a successful e-commerce (comércio eletrônico) entrepreneur and he did not stop until he achieved his goal.

Antonio worked for this e-commerce giant who happens to be one of the richest men in Azerbaijan in order to learn how to become a great success in the e-commerce industry, this Azerbaijani richie taught Antonio more than anybody else ever could. All throughout his time with this Azerbaijani gentleman, Antonio kept his focus lazor sharp on learning as much as he could from this gentleman and he did learn as much as he could from him. I don’t think any of his long-time employees could have learnt as much as Antonio did in this very short period of time.

Antonio owns many luxury cars including an Acura, an Infiniti, a Lexus, a Kia, a Volvo, a Jaguar and last but not the least, a Porsche Cayenne.

Antonio’s one and only sister is a personal trainer in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States. She has a free program deviced which she only sends to the underprivileged people. She also provides free consultation through Skype to people who can’t afford her training on Saturdays and Sundays from 5 to 9 PM.

Amateur historian and an online video game store owner accepts all major cryptocurrencies

Sebastian Benson (name changed) speaks very good-humoredly with the junior family members. Sebastian is an amateur historian, he has been doing a research on the Jat people of India, the ancient Jewish people and the African tribes.

Here is a piece that I am quoting from Sebastian’s latest blog post “Looking at the sexual promiscuity of the ancient Jews, it is certain that they were all blacks. Sephardic, Mizrahi, Ashkenazi are all converted tribes. The real Jews are North Africans.”

Sebastian also made a post about one of the videos that he found one of the most annoying on the internet – the video is about an Indian actress that goes by the name Adah Sharma at 10 Downing Street trying to annoy the guard there. The guard in the video is fake and he really gets annoyed in the end. The thing that Sebastian hates the most that video is that some people think they can just make a video about anything and everything and think that it will become a hit. In the comments section he found out that the guys and girls who were cursing this idiot called Adah Sharma were getting accused by Adah Sharma herself for either being misogynist ‘Indians’ or backward ‘Indians’.

Sebastian owns an online video game store that sells everything video game related. His store also sells headphones, earphones and mics. He recently started accepting bitcoins and dogecoins on his online store, all thanks to crypto market cap.

Sebastian dreams about winning a major award all the time for his writing. If he keeps writing like this, his dream will always remain a dream.

Happy Christian family wants to go back to the pre-renaissance time

Audrey Weber (name changed) believes that America is a land of opportunity and that’s why she shops at the thrift stores, where else can you get better opportunities for better deals?

Audrey’s mom – Jenna used to be a model back in Russia. Her father used to own a gym and that’s where they both met. Audrey is 30 now and she has never seen her parents arguing, they always talk very politely to each other.

The Weber family used to have a marvelous thanksgiving each year and even though they were low income, their black Friday shopping sprees used to be calamitous. The family used to have a blast on the Christmas; Audrey’s parents used to practice abstinence during the complete month of December as a way to respect Jesus. The kids in the family, all of Audrey’s first-cousins would fold Christmas Origami together.

The Weber family firmly believes that the society has ever been degenerating post-renaissance. They say it more or less goes through the chain of events that lead to the modern day.

Audrey is a monarchist. She hates socialism and how it uses a wealth gap to push the anti-hierarchy beliefs by trying to prove what horrors it results in.

Though Audrey grew up in an anti-semitic environment, she loves Jews like Trotsky and Rosa Luxembourg. She supports their claim that the oppression from a majority and can rally up these minorities against the majority.

This is what Audrey’s latest blog post read like “Socialists bank on oppression and inequality to start their propaganda. When capitalism causes people to gain massive amounts of wealth and lower class people aren’t as successful, they can convince those people they’re being taken advantage of.