This Thai gentleman would have moved to Scandinavia if they didn’t have websites like BB Bags in Thailand

Suwinit Chumsai (name changed) is an environmentalist who says that flowers are some of the most overrated and shrubs are the most underrated things when it comes to controlling the pollution. Suwinit says that if it weren’t for the poets most of whom are addicted to exaggerating everything, the flowers would have a very small place compared to what they have in the modern world. Suwinit says that if one looks at the shrubs and the flowers together without any preoccupied eyes, the shrubs definitely stand out and look at least twice as better than the flowers.

Suwinit was born and raised up in a very academic and scholarly environment and atmosphere, his mother is an Oxford scholar while his father is a Harvard scholar. Suwinit himself lived a very dilemmatic life, he was sandwiched between the technology and the modeling world, but as they say in Hinduism – “You have to be as straight as an arrow in order to succeed in your life and know and hit your target with all your prowess.”

Suwinit says that dullards from the first world countries must be sent to the third world countries and the smartest and most intelligent from across the third world countries should be offered an option by all the first world countries of the world including Australia, European countries, North America, Canada to come and settle down there. It is still very much like this but Suwinit says that the world would be a much better place if it happens in a larger scale and much more efficiently and effectively.

If it weren’t for websites likeĀ, Suwinit would have definitely considered moving from Thailand to a Scandinavian country long ago. Suwinit is happy that he can buy stylish canvas bags for his wife from websites like BB Bags.