Romy Weaver, a female Thai taxi driver says that Mormons are lovely people

Romy Weaver (name changed) is a female taxi driver working in collaboration with one of the top taxi companies in Thailand.

Romy recently met a Mormon missionary in her taxi who wanted to go from Bangkok to Amphawa because he hates the tall buildings and skyscrapers. Before meeting this gentleman, Romy didn’t even have an idea what a Mormon meant, she used to think of it as some biscuit brand as she eats a lot of Bourbon (a chocolate biscuit) biscuits.

Romy thought that Mormon is the name of a vanilla flavored cream biscuit. Anyways, Romy has become a huge fan of the Mormon people since she met this gentleman, Romy is very attractive and she can recognize very easily when someone is trying to flirt with her or looking at her lustfully, but this gentleman was different from almost every other young guy who has traveled in her taxi cab.

Romy finally asked him “What are the Mormon rules for adultery?” He then told Romy that Mormons are not supposed to have any adulterous relationships, for the Mormons, adultery is not something that can be forgiven by going for a confession room but for a Mormon it results in banishment from the Church.

Since meeting this Mormon gentleman, Romy has been longing to meet more Mormon people, especially men because she is single and she would love to marry someone who is a Mormon as she believe that a Mormon man won’t ever cheat on her.

Romy has this very strange hobby of writing instruction manuals on different online forums, she says that she would love to create an instruction manual one day on “how to select a woman/man for marriage?”