Catholic lady from Miami Springs getting married to a Muslim millionaire in February

Nora Stafrace (name changed) is getting married to a Muslim millionaire in the month of February. Nora’s whole family is a strict catholic one and they could never have imagined just a few months before that the favorite girl of their family – Nora will ever get married to a Muslim man. Forget about Nora, they could have never imagined that any girl of their family will ever get married to a Muslim man.

Nora’s parents are still against her getting married to a Muslim. Nora’s father cannot get enough of watching Ahmed Deedat’s videos where Nora claims that Ahmed Deedat was an agent of the mainstream media hired to polarize the people so that the mainstream media can continue their business of dividing people into several different sections and keep them busy into that so that they can continue making fool of the masses.

Nora’s mother likes to watch Zakir Naik sometimes and she also believes that Muslims are narcissists who want to impose their own culture and traditions on the people belonging to other cultures, traditions and nationalities. Nora kept telling her mother that Zakir Naik is also a con-man until it get to a point where her mother wouldn’t listen and Nora started feeling like it is a useless waste of energy trying to preach anything to her parents.

Nora’s fiance once told Nora that he was believed to be an Iranian spy by a CIA agent who lived just next door to him in the late 2000s.

Nora and her fiance have already booked the wedding venue for their wedding in February after going through a list of venues for weddings all over the Southern United States.