Extrovert weirdo claims to be the most up-to-date tech guys

Fang Costas (name changed) is always eager to see a nuclear war. He says that before he dies, he wants to see a nuclear war, it is his foremost wish.

Fang has a history of throwing racial slurs. Fang once traveled to Turkey, he was beaten by 2 young boys in Izmir because he threw some racial slurs on them as well.

Fang is a huge critic of the religion of Sikhism, he once wrote on a blog of his that Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs aka master warrior of the Sikhs asked the Sikhs to practice monogamy but he didn’t walk the talk himself. He married thrice himself. He also wrote in that particular post that the real hero of Sikhism is not Guru Gobind Singh but rather Banda Singh Bahadur who was the one to fight the most against the Mughals even though he knew that his life won’t be spared if he fights with such great intensity against the Mughals.

Once while in Indonesia, Fang made another controversy when an Indonesian waiter couldn’t understand what Fang said, Fang told him “Stop fasting, that Ramadan has really done something to your brain. You can’t even understand what I am ordering. Fasting makes you incapable of using your cognitive abilities.”

Fang says that he doesn’t create controversy for the sake of creating one but the controversies follow him. Fang says that the biggest issue with him is that he is an extrovert and common people are not used to honest extroverts like himself.

Along with being a weirdo, Fang is a gadget and tech freak, he is a subscriber of top technology news portals like texnologia and he brags about being the most updated tech guy among his friends.