Hindu fanatics made this Vietnamese guy so tensed that he had to go to Bangkok and Koh Chang to release his tension

Tran Verges (name changed) only likes to buy bed sheets with the images of Hindu gods on it. Tran was accused of running a mystery cult when he lived in Cambodia.

Tran attracted a lot of controversy during his time in India when in a public conference he mentioned that the caste system in India is responsible for most of modern India’s problems. Tran said that he remembers how a student of his told him that he was required to fill out his varna¬†in the school and college. They used to have 5 different columns for the varna¬†in the Indian schools and colleges back in the day.

After Tran said this, he was banned from coming to India, some Hindu fanatics even proposed to the Indian government and the Supreme court to ban all the Vietnamese people from coming to India. An half-Indian half-Vietnamese popular actress whose name is Kunika Lal was even asked to leave the country. Kunika is a very tough woman who refused to leave the country and subordinate to anyone, thankfully everything became okay after only a couple of weeks and the Hindu fanatics started bothering other people.

After coming back to Vietnam, Tran said that he will keep loving and respecting the Hinduism as he always did but the Hindu fanatics turned out to be worse than he expected them to be.

To ease off his stress, Tran went to Bangkok for a while and I enjoyed with some of the most stunning beauties that he could find there. Then Tran went from Bangkok to Koh Chang to enjoy some scenic coastal views.

After coming back from Thailand, Tran wrote a whole 2000 words post on his blog complimenting the extraordinarily great service that the Thai Happy Taxi provided him with.