Amanda is not a feminist but she says that there is no gender equality, Amanda is not a white supremacist but she says that white people’s contributions are underrated

Amanda Costa (name changed) is not a hardcore lunatic feminist which she is normally perceived to be but she says that gender equality is not yet achieved. Amanda says that all the Jewish princesses and queens of the ancient times should be recognized as Jewish matriarchs. Amanda accuses supposedly the most feminist religion – Judaism of having only 4 matriarchs but hundreds of patriarchs. Amanda says that most of the patriarchs of the Jewish religion do not deserved to be called patriarchs of any religion, they were very flawed people who were even worse than the average common man of today.

Amanda says that it is her personal observation that sexually abstinent people turn into angry and bitter maniacs in the old age. Amanda says that she knows several of these angry and bitter maniac old freaks including some in her neighborhood and a boss of hers.

Amanda likes to read a lot of scientific studies and she claims that the study done on the monkeys on the effect of marijuana where the cell structure of the offspring of the marijuana user monkeys was abnormal and different than the cell structure of a normal and sober monkey. Amanda claims that those monkeys were fed cocaine and amphetamine instead of the marijuana and she says that she has the evidence to prove that the offspring of a marijuana user is normally healthier than the non-user.

Amanda is not a white supremacist but she is proud of being a white French. Amanda says that if it weren’t for the white people, the world would still be living in the iron ages. Amanda says that the world must learn to show more respect to the white people for their contributions to the humanity in all the fields including technology, philosophy, education. Amanda says that the world only remembers and recognizes the white people for producing fanatics like Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, British empire, French empire and Portuguese empire but they very rarely remember the Nikola Tesla, Michelangelo, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Kant.

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