Bertha Banbury prefers Crete in Greece over Malta any day although she loves both

Bertha Banbury (name changed) loves boat riding in the open seas of the Malta but she is a real nationalist and hence prefers Crete in Greece over Malta any day of the year. Bertha is very frequent to Crete and she always uses the same car rental Crete service each time she is there.

Bertha loves the beauty of Netherlands but she says that she doesn’t go there anymore as she finds the people of Netherlands very harsh, rude and cruel to the visitors. Bertha stopped going to the Netherlands after being there thrice.

Bertha drives nothing but Toyotas and says that Toyota is one of the greatest miracles in the automobile world, one of Bertha’s Toyotas has over 4, 86, 000 miles on its odometer and it is still running.

 Bertha has studied a lot about Benjamin Franklin and the history of the world’s first real democracy and capitalist society – the United States of America. Bertha claims that 15 Americans died in the infamous Boston Massacre not only 5. Bertha says that it is wrongly recorded that only 5 Americans died in the infamous Boston Massacre.

Bertha says that one of the most rare sort of human beings to find in the modern world are reliable salesmen.

Bertha recently enjoyed a trip to India in the December of 2018 where she bought dozens of Punjabi ‘Baliye‘ Jackets popular in the bhangra circles of Punjab.

Bertha calls herself an anti-christ and she claims that Jesus Christ was indeed the Satan and the reason behind most of the modern day problems. Bertha accuses the popes throughout the history of being mass terrorists.

Bertha doesn’t have any brother, sister or first cousin and she is very happy about the same as is a born loner.

Luca Holland doubts that Hindu Brahmins are ancient Jewish priests and he meets so many of them in his Lyft cab

Luca Holland (name changed) claims that all the Jewish patriarchs had some sort of an agenda behind their stories like talking with God, wrestling with God, etc. Luca says that they needed to create some sort of fear in the hearts and brains of the large masses that they were ruling over so they made those fake stories to befool the common men and women so that they themselves and their descendants could rule over the large masses of the Kingdom of Judah. Luca finds the similarities with the ancient kings of Bharat aka India where the kings  and even some queens used to act like the chosen people of the god and acted like the gods come down to advice them on different subjects. Luca is still not sure whether these 2 very different people used the same tactic to rule over large populations or they were the one and only in the ancient times or the Indians went to the ancient Kingdom of Judah sometime to tell their fairy tales to the Israelites or the Israelites ever came to the ancient India and told their fairy tales to the people of ancient India.

Luca lived in India in the 1990s and he claims that the real reason behind the success of the Khans in Bollywood including Shahrukh and Salman Khan were the calls and threats of the then undisputed Indian underworld don – Dawood Ibrahim to the Bollywood movie producers. Luca says that Dawood Ibrahim always listened to the Muslim actors and preferred them over the Hindu ones. Dawood Ibrahim himself used to be a major financier to almost all the Bollywood movie producers.

Luca claims that Dawood Ibrahim lives in somewhere in Idaho and he drives a Lyft cab in Idaho. After looking at someone like Dawood Ibrahim driving a Lyft cab, Luca himself decided to sign up for the Lyft as a driver and he also got Lyft driver bonus 2019.

Comparing Hanoi to Bangkok is like comparing Kia Motors to Mercedes Benz – Neta Chevrolet

Neta Chevrolet (name changed) says that comparing Vietnam’s capital – Hanoi to Thailand’s capital – Bangkok is like comparing Kia Motors to the Mercedes Benz. Neta doesn’t have anything against Vietnam or Hanoi but she is tired of seeing people everywhere on the internet that keep commenting that Vietnam is better than Thailand in almost every aspect without ever having been to either Vietnam or Thailand.

Neta recently enjoyed a trip of almost all of Thailand and she really loved it. She landed in Bangkok first, then from there she went to Ratchaburi and then finally she took a taxi to Hua Hin.

On her way from Ratchaburi to Hua Hin, Neta kept listening to the so-called motivational speaker Denis Waitley, Neta calls Denis Waitley as her sleep motivational speaker as his boring motivational speeches make her fall asleep most of the times and once in a while put some positive motivational idea in her mind as well.

Neta claims that she can tell by looking at the face of a woman whether she has PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or not. Neta says that she herself suffered from the PCOS in her teens and early 20s as well and she did so much of research on the subject that she never fails to identify someone with the same. Neta claims that the actress Dakota Johnson (daughter of the popular actor Don Johnson of Miami Vice) also has PCOS. Neta says that Dakota Johnson may look very attractive and appealing to millions of men around the world but the reality is that she is infertile and she will remain infertile as long as she doesn’t do anything about her PCOS.

This CEO of a top Canadian cosmetic company claims to identify the management of a company by its receptionist

Ginger Ashford (name changed) recently came back to her hometown – Newmarket, Ontario from Tel Aviv, Israel after living there for 3 years. Ginger affirms the belief that the people of Israel drinking a lot more water compared to the people of other deserts and especially Palestine but Ginger rejects the claim that they do it in order to keep the Palestinians thirsty, weak and deflated from work.

Ginger says that full-time writers, scientists and inventors drink 3 times as much water than the people who are not writers, scientists or inventors. Ginger doesn’t believe in political correctness and she is not ashamed or embarrassed to accept the fact that the Palestine is short of  talented, skilled and creative people and hence they need less water to drink.

Ginger says that the war between the major religions is about to occur and it has come to the point of no return. Ginger says that the victor will be the protestant and Jewish alliance, other countries stand no chance compared to this alliance. Ginger says that the Protestant-Jewish alliance will first use India and Indians as assistants to crush their enemies as the Indians are already over 1.4 billion in numbers and after they are done, they will nuke India.

Ginger is a CEO of one of the most successful Canadian companies that manufactures makeup and cosmetic products for the women. Ginger started her career as a saleswoman for the same company and rose to the top within only 5 years. Ginger is an academic, she was already a graduate even when she was a saleswoman and she kept pursuing her education along with her career. Ginger says that mismanagement in a company is like a drought for a farmer and that’s what she is most strict at and that’s what her job is, to manage the company in the best way possible.

Ginger says that she can tell just talking to the person on the reception of a company whether the company is rightly managed or not, when Ginger wanted her kitchen to go through kitchen renovation Newmarket, she spoke to several different companies and picked the one that had the most polite receptionist.

Ms Tanaka wants to make money with the knowledge she has acquired about the religions

Karalina Tanaka (name changed) claims that the history of all the religions is full of turbulence. Karalina has studied almost all the Dharmic, Abrahamic religions and many of the extinct religions as well. Karalina says that there is a notion among the scholars of many different religions that Babylonia’s Marduk shows traits and characteristics just like the Hindu god Shiva but according to Karalina he is equivalent to the Hindu god Brahma instead. Karalina rejects the belief totally that Abraham and Sarai of the Judaism are equivalent to the Brahma and Saraswati of Hinduism. Karalina rather says that Abraham of Judaism shows many similarities to the Krishna of Hinduism, Sarai shows similarities to Rukmini and Hagar to Radha. Karalina says that the Moses of Judaism shows tons of similarities to the Bhima of Mahabharata.

Anyways, Karalina wants to make some money with her obsession with the religions and hence she has ordered an ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios) company from Indonesia to create a wonderful app that will help enlighten the users of the app about their own religion and other religions as well.

Karalina claims that air travel existed in pre-historic times. She claims that trained people used to use winged dragons as aeroplanes and helicopters back then. She says that these people were as rare as trained pilots in the modern day. They used to be physically very strong, brave, courageous and adventurous and many of them were wrestlers.

Karalina used to be a strict catholic until the day she read about the catholic priests’s atrocities in South Africa. Until Karalina read about the atrocities done by the catholic priests in South Africa, she used to believe that catholicism was never responsible for any violence. Now, Karalina is a pantheist and very happy with it.

Superfit grandma with a photographic memory can’t wait to watch Oscars 2019

Emma Klayman (name changed) is a woman but what got her interested in bodybuilding and fitness wasn’t a woman but Rocky Balboa from the movie Rocky – 1976. Emma is over 60 now but she still works out or 45 minutes each day of the week.

Emma Klayman is married to a Jew and she says that she can tell a Jew just by a glimpse, she claims that Talia Shire (the lead actress in the movie Rocky) is an Italian Jew and she lies about being a Christian.

Anyways, Emma is too excited about the upcoming Oscars 2019 and she cannot wait.

Emma is an amateur historian, she recently learnt to read and write Akkadian to understand the history of the ancient empire of Mesopotamia better. She says that she has been able to learn about the ancient Mesopotamia much easily and rapidly after learning the Akkadian.

Emma has raised 3 kids (all sons). Emma is married to a Jewish man for over 35 years but she was raised a catholic. Emma is very strict when it comes to certain things. She always kept a huge check on her children if they are indulging in any sort of Onanism or listening to the loud music. Emma claims that the children who indulge in loud music, onania, smoking, etc in their teens ruin their entire lives. Emma says that your typical general practitioner may tell you that onania is perfectly okay but it is not. Emma claims that the act of onanism does more harm to you than anything else.

Even at this age, Emma has a photographic memory and she remembers almost each and every significant person and thing that ever happened to her. It is marvelous. She remembers each and every car of hers, every friend’s cars details and almost everything else.

Professional volleyball player doesn’t let her kids play time wasters like cricket or golf but encourages them to watch movies made specifically for children

Queen Aymard (name changed) has an ultimate love story with the sports called Volley Ball. Queen was born in the port city called Piraeus and one of the most peculiar things about Piraeus is that it is responsible for winning the most titles, medals and trophies in the game called Volley Ball in all of Greece.

Queen is an international traveler and she can speak 9 languages fluently, perhaps more than any other citizen of the Piraeus city.

Queen is very strict with her children when it comes what sports they choose. Queen doesn’t let her kids play sports like cricket, table tennis, badminton, golf, etc. Queen’s kids are only allowed to play rugby, football, volleyball, etc. In short, sports that make you exercise rigorously. Queen is very lenient with her kids in certain ways too, for example, Queen loves to watch movies with her kids on the weekends (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) and she keeps a complete check on if her kids are watching anything that they shouldn’t, like anything lewd or violent.

As I mentioned earlier that Queen has traveled the world, she goes outside the Greece for the business, exploring other cultures, their history, art and more. Queen has certain specific claims to make about the places that she has traveled. For example, Queen says that the Punjabi Kshatriya people hail from the modern day Yemen and Syria and to back her claim up, she gives examples of the common names of the cities and towns of Punjab, Yemen and Syria, the physical stature of the people of both the countries, the common things about the cultures and traditions of the three and many other things as well which I will write about in an upcoming post, it is New Year time and my wife is waiting for me in our bedroom lying in my favorite red lingerie and stockings.