Professional volleyball player doesn’t let her kids play time wasters like cricket or golf but encourages them to watch movies made specifically for children

Queen Aymard (name changed) has an ultimate love story with the sports called Volley Ball. Queen was born in the port city called Piraeus and one of the most peculiar things about Piraeus is that it is responsible for winning the most titles, medals and trophies in the game called Volley Ball in all of Greece.

Queen is an international traveler and she can speak 9 languages fluently, perhaps more than any other citizen of the Piraeus city.

Queen is very strict with her children when it comes what sports they choose. Queen doesn’t let her kids play sports like cricket, table tennis, badminton, golf, etc. Queen’s kids are only allowed to play rugby, football, volleyball, etc. In short, sports that make you exercise rigorously. Queen is very lenient with her kids in certain ways too, for example, Queen loves to watch movies with her kids on the weekends (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) and she keeps a complete check on if her kids are watching anything that they shouldn’t, like anything lewd or violent.

As I mentioned earlier that Queen has traveled the world, she goes outside the Greece for the business, exploring other cultures, their history, art and more. Queen has certain specific claims to make about the places that she has traveled. For example, Queen says that the Punjabi Kshatriya people hail from the modern day Yemen and Syria and to back her claim up, she gives examples of the common names of the cities and towns of Punjab, Yemen and Syria, the physical stature of the people of both the countries, the common things about the cultures and traditions of the three and many other things as well which I will write about in an upcoming post, it is New Year time and my wife is waiting for me in our bedroom lying in my favorite red lingerie and stockings.