Superfit grandma with a photographic memory can’t wait to watch Oscars 2019

Emma Klayman (name changed) is a woman but what got her interested in bodybuilding and fitness wasn’t a woman but Rocky Balboa from the movie Rocky – 1976. Emma is over 60 now but she still works out or 45 minutes each day of the week.

Emma Klayman is married to a Jew and she says that she can tell a Jew just by a glimpse, she claims that Talia Shire (the lead actress in the movie Rocky) is an Italian Jew and she lies about being a Christian.

Anyways, Emma is too excited about the upcoming Oscars 2019 and she cannot wait.

Emma is an amateur historian, she recently learnt to read and write Akkadian to understand the history of the ancient empire of Mesopotamia better. She says that she has been able to learn about the ancient Mesopotamia much easily and rapidly after learning the Akkadian.

Emma has raised 3 kids (all sons). Emma is married to a Jewish man for over 35 years but she was raised a catholic. Emma is very strict when it comes to certain things. She always kept a huge check on her children if they are indulging in any sort of Onanism or listening to the loud music. Emma claims that the children who indulge in loud music, onania, smoking, etc in their teens ruin their entire lives. Emma says that your typical general practitioner may tell you that onania is perfectly okay but it is not. Emma claims that the act of onanism does more harm to you than anything else.

Even at this age, Emma has a photographic memory and she remembers almost each and every significant person and thing that ever happened to her. It is marvelous. She remembers each and every car of hers, every friend’s cars details and almost everything else.