This CEO of a top Canadian cosmetic company claims to identify the management of a company by its receptionist

Ginger Ashford (name changed) recently came back to her hometown – Newmarket, Ontario from Tel Aviv, Israel after living there for 3 years. Ginger affirms the belief that the people of Israel drinking a lot more water compared to the people of other deserts and especially Palestine but Ginger rejects the claim that they do it in order to keep the Palestinians thirsty, weak and deflated from work.

Ginger says that full-time writers, scientists and inventors drink 3 times as much water than the people who are not writers, scientists or inventors. Ginger doesn’t believe in political correctness and she is not ashamed or embarrassed to accept the fact that the Palestine is short of  talented, skilled and creative people and hence they need less water to drink.

Ginger says that the war between the major religions is about to occur and it has come to the point of no return. Ginger says that the victor will be the protestant and Jewish alliance, other countries stand no chance compared to this alliance. Ginger says that the Protestant-Jewish alliance will first use India and Indians as assistants to crush their enemies as the Indians are already over 1.4 billion in numbers and after they are done, they will nuke India.

Ginger is a CEO of one of the most successful Canadian companies that manufactures makeup and cosmetic products for the women. Ginger started her career as a saleswoman for the same company and rose to the top within only 5 years. Ginger is an academic, she was already a graduate even when she was a saleswoman and she kept pursuing her education along with her career. Ginger says that mismanagement in a company is like a drought for a farmer and that’s what she is most strict at and that’s what her job is, to manage the company in the best way possible.

Ginger says that she can tell just talking to the person on the reception of a company whether the company is rightly managed or not, when Ginger wanted her kitchen to go through kitchen renovation Newmarket, she spoke to several different companies and picked the one that had the most polite receptionist.