Luca Holland doubts that Hindu Brahmins are ancient Jewish priests and he meets so many of them in his Lyft cab

Luca Holland (name changed) claims that all the Jewish patriarchs had some sort of an agenda behind their stories like talking with God, wrestling with God, etc. Luca says that they needed to create some sort of fear in the hearts and brains of the large masses that they were ruling over so they made those fake stories to befool the common men and women so that they themselves and their descendants could rule over the large masses of the Kingdom of Judah. Luca finds the similarities with the ancient kings of Bharat aka India where the kingsĀ  and even some queens used to act like the chosen people of the god and acted like the gods come down to advice them on different subjects. Luca is still not sure whether these 2 very different people used the same tactic to rule over large populations or they were the one and only in the ancient times or the Indians went to the ancient Kingdom of Judah sometime to tell their fairy tales to the Israelites or the Israelites ever came to the ancient India and told their fairy tales to the people of ancient India.

Luca lived in India in the 1990s and he claims that the real reason behind the success of the Khans in Bollywood including Shahrukh and Salman Khan were the calls and threats of the then undisputed Indian underworld don – Dawood Ibrahim to the Bollywood movie producers. Luca says that Dawood Ibrahim always listened to the Muslim actors and preferred them over the Hindu ones. Dawood Ibrahim himself used to be a major financier to almost all the Bollywood movie producers.

Luca claims that Dawood Ibrahim lives in somewhere in Idaho and he drives a Lyft cab in Idaho. After looking at someone like Dawood Ibrahim driving a Lyft cab, Luca himself decided to sign up for the Lyft as a driver and he also got Lyft driver bonus 2019.