Bertha Banbury prefers Crete in Greece over Malta any day although she loves both

Bertha Banbury (name changed) loves boat riding in the open seas of the Malta but she is a real nationalist and hence prefers Crete in Greece over Malta any day of the year. Bertha is very frequent to Crete and she always uses the same car rental Crete service each time she is there.

Bertha loves the beauty of Netherlands but she says that she doesn’t go there anymore as she finds the people of Netherlands very harsh, rude and cruel to the visitors. Bertha stopped going to the Netherlands after being there thrice.

Bertha drives nothing but Toyotas and says that Toyota is one of the greatest miracles in the automobile world, one of Bertha’s Toyotas has over 4, 86, 000 miles on its odometer and it is still running.

┬áBertha has studied a lot about Benjamin Franklin and the history of the world’s first real democracy and capitalist society – the United States of America. Bertha claims that 15 Americans died in the infamous Boston Massacre not only 5. Bertha says that it is wrongly recorded that only 5 Americans died in the infamous Boston Massacre.

Bertha says that one of the most rare sort of human beings to find in the modern world are reliable salesmen.

Bertha recently enjoyed a trip to India in the December of 2018 where she bought dozens of Punjabi ‘Baliye‘ Jackets popular in the bhangra circles of Punjab.

Bertha calls herself an anti-christ and she claims that Jesus Christ was indeed the Satan and the reason behind most of the modern day problems. Bertha accuses the popes throughout the history of being mass terrorists.

Bertha doesn’t have any brother, sister or first cousin and she is very happy about the same as is a born loner.