75 year old Czech woman is proud to have some of the most advanced job portals in her country

Tereza Svobodová is a 75 year old Czech woman who used to work for Skoda Motors’s HR department from the first day of her career till the day that she retires. Tereza remembers how hard it used to be to recruit new people back in the day and when she was shown a modern Czech job advertising portal (inzerce práce) last week, she was amazed and felt both good and bad simultaneously. She felt bad about the fact that such great stuff didn’t exist back in her day and she felt good about the fact that her grandchildren and other country-fellows are taking advantage of technology in the ways that they couldn’t even imagine back in the day.

Most of the times when Tereza uses internet, it is either for connecting with her college or school friends or following politics but now she says that she is also going to use the internet to learn the latest technology and use the same for building something like www.nejlepsibrigady.cz or the Czech version of Alibaba or eBay

Tereza has already started learning Perl along with improving her command in the English language as Tereza believes that more Czech people are going to speak the English language in the near future than ever before and she also believes that learning a new language will save from getting Dementia in her life.

Tereza says that she wants to change the belief that Tokyo is for the technology what Vatican is for the Catholicism, she wants to replace Tokyo with Prague and she says that old people with youthful energy can play a huge and positively crucial role in the same.

Top Texan flour mill uses only Robotalker to make automated phone calls

It is very rare for a flour mill to have hundreds of thousands of followers on the Social Media and when you see one with the same, be certain that they are one of the best in the business and also try to make sure that you are not missing the opportunity to consume only the flour by the same company.

There is this Texan flour mill that follows the strictest guidelines when it comes to the food safety. Their employees have a very deep knowledge about their daily tasks and the managers have very creative approaches. The business doesn’t like it when someone says that the business is in the flour supplying business but they rather prefer the term ‘Flour Innovating Business’.

Some of the largest packed cookie companies use their products, almost every bakery in the same region also uses their flour and every distiller or malter that ever gets to try them also becomes their customer forever.

The company claims to offer the best quality grains and they most likely do. Along with the local customers, they have some major international customers as well. They even offer custom milling options and they claim to use the best of the same regularly as well.

The company perhaps has the largest variety of rye products in Texas and when it comes to make automated phone calls, they again choose the best.

I wonder why Robotalker is more popular among the successful companies than it is with the not-so-successful ones. Perhaps, the successful companies go for the products and services that don’t speak for themselves but their testimonials do while the unsuccessful ones do otherwise.

Automobile engineer from India is extremely excited to be a part of Ford Motors

Kailash Burman was never interested in Science or Mathematics at the school but got very interested in both after learning that these both are required for achieving his dream – to create a car.

Kailash is an automobile engineer and having worked with the Indian automobile company – TATA, for over 3 years, Kailash wanted to achieve his dream of working with his hero – Henry Ford’s company, which he really did last month when Ford Motors offered Visa Jobs USA.

Kailash has also had many failed startups, but he is the kind of guy who never gives up and while he is working for other people’s companies, he is still working on his dream to create a successful company of his own.

Kailash has given several live face-to-face interviews in the past but it was his first phone interview when he applied for the Visa job at Ford and although he was nervous about it, he didn’t show this up and successfully scored the job as well.

Kailash used to host several events at the TATA while he worked there and now he hopes that he will get the chance to do the same in the Ford as well.

Kailash’s father is a doctor and he wanted his son to follow his footsteps but Kailash wanted to be an automobile engineer instead and he followed his passion and here he is, getting the chance to work with his hero – Henry Ford’s company. Kailash also told the HR guys about this that it was always his dream to get to work for his hero – Henry Ford’s enterprise and he is too excited about it. The HR gentleman that interviewed Kailash is really thinking that Kailash is going to be a precious asset for their company and they are as much excited to have him working for them as he is to work there.

Coffee made with using the best of the best percolators far exceed the espresso in terms of taste – Rick Bedingfield

Rick Bedingfield is a car enthusiast who uses all the tools suggested by Scotty Kilmer for his cars although he never repaired any of his cars ever by himself and only uses his favorite mechanic’s services for the same.

Along with cars, a bodyrub by his wife, a kiss and much more with her, Rick loves another thing so much that he can’t imagine living without it and that is his routine coffee.

Rick used to believe that nobody can make a better coffee than your neighborhood Starbucks or Costa but his belief came to an end after he bought the best coffee percolator available in the marketplace.

Rick didn’t ever notice before buying a coffee percolator for himself that all of his friends have a coffee percolator in their kitchen and he happened to be the last to buy one. Rick says that coffee percolators aren’t underrated anymore like they once used to be and Rick completely disagrees with those that say that a coffee made using a percolator cannot be as delicious as an espresso.

Rick loves neon and he has it installed everywhere on his cars and now throughout his kitchen as well.

Rick only buys the most expensive fresh ground beans for his coffee and along with learning how to make a better tasting coffee at home than an espresso, Rick recently learnt Urdu language as well. After Rick heard some Urdu poetry by a Pakistani immigrant friend of his, he decided to learn Urdu for himself and traveled all the way to Lucknow, India for the purpose.

Rick owns an online marketing and video production company and his wife is a songwriter and music composer and together they live very happily.