Coffee made with using the best of the best percolators far exceed the espresso in terms of taste – Rick Bedingfield

Rick Bedingfield is a car enthusiast who uses all the tools suggested by Scotty Kilmer for his cars although he never repaired any of his cars ever by himself and only uses his favorite mechanic’s services for the same.

Along with cars, a bodyrub by his wife, a kiss and much more with her, Rick loves another thing so much that he can’t imagine living without it and that is his routine coffee.

Rick used to believe that nobody can make a better coffee than your neighborhood Starbucks or Costa but his belief came to an end after he bought the best coffee percolator available in the marketplace.

Rick didn’t ever notice before buying a coffee percolator for himself that all of his friends have a coffee percolator in their kitchen and he happened to be the last to buy one. Rick says that coffee percolators aren’t underrated anymore like they once used to be and Rick completely disagrees with those that say that a coffee made using a percolator cannot be as delicious as an espresso.

Rick loves neon and he has it installed everywhere on his cars and now throughout his kitchen as well.

Rick only buys the most expensive fresh ground beans for his coffee and along with learning how to make a better tasting coffee at home than an espresso, Rick recently learnt Urdu language as well. After Rick heard some Urdu poetry by a Pakistani immigrant friend of his, he decided to learn Urdu for himself and traveled all the way to Lucknow, India for the purpose.

Rick owns an online marketing and video production company and his wife is a songwriter and music composer and together they live very happily.