75 year old Czech woman is proud to have some of the most advanced job portals in her country

Tereza Svobodová is a 75 year old Czech woman who used to work for Skoda Motors’s HR department from the first day of her career till the day that she retires. Tereza remembers how hard it used to be to recruit new people back in the day and when she was shown a modern Czech job advertising portal (inzerce práce) last week, she was amazed and felt both good and bad simultaneously. She felt bad about the fact that such great stuff didn’t exist back in her day and she felt good about the fact that her grandchildren and other country-fellows are taking advantage of technology in the ways that they couldn’t even imagine back in the day.

Most of the times when Tereza uses internet, it is either for connecting with her college or school friends or following politics but now she says that she is also going to use the internet to learn the latest technology and use the same for building something like www.nejlepsibrigady.cz or the Czech version of Alibaba or eBay

Tereza has already started learning Perl along with improving her command in the English language as Tereza believes that more Czech people are going to speak the English language in the near future than ever before and she also believes that learning a new language will save from getting Dementia in her life.

Tereza says that she wants to change the belief that Tokyo is for the technology what Vatican is for the Catholicism, she wants to replace Tokyo with Prague and she says that old people with youthful energy can play a huge and positively crucial role in the same.