Automotive engineer loves cars, boxing and Indoxxi movies

Michelle Fleet is an automotive engineer with a craze for boxing. Michelle wants to invent a car in the near future that will resemble a boxing bag.

Michelle also has a blog on the subject of automobiles. Michelle claims that the automobiles made in China and the Indian subcontinent are no match to the ones made in Europe, Japan or US and that’s the reason why most Brazilian cars nowadays suck, they are mostly imported from India, namely – Honda WR-V, Toyota Etios Cross.

Michelle doesn’t like cars made in India but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like Indian food. Michelle loves Indian food and it was only 2 days ago when she learnt how to bake Sooji-Khoya Ladoo with the help of a Youtube video. Sooji-Khoya Ladoo is an Indian sweet which is very popular in North India.

Michelle claims that soon enough the average American income per capita will be so low that an average American will only take fuel consumption as the foremost factor while buying a car.

Michelle claims that the critics of Chevrolet Trucks have several points but the ones that critique Ford or Toyota trucks don’t other than they are very common or boring. According to Michelle, Chevrolet trucks are very interesting sight as they are often seen being towed by the Ford or Toyota trucks.

Michelle applauds the Pakistani automobile manufacturer – United for coming up with a 800cc master car – Bravo. Michelle believes that United kept it name so in  a hope that there will come a time when India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal will unite and form the ‘Akhanda Bharata’ once again and United will sell its products in millions where it currently sells in thousands.

By now, you may have come to know that Michelle is a total car freak and there is only one thing that she likes more than the cars and that is watching movies on Indoxxi.

Online grocery store owner is extremely conscious about his F-150’s bedliner spray

Guru’s Online Groceries (name changed) was founded in the end of 2017 by a husband – Jacob and his wife – Mia. Prior to finding Guru’s Online Groceries, the husband used to be a part of a delivery franchise for a major e-commerce company and his wife used to manage a local grocery store that she inherited after her father’s death. The founder of this grocery store – Mia’s dad, used to be such a great fan of the popular Nickelodeon show – Kenan and Kel that he had the store completely designed as Chris Potter’s Rigby’s in the show Kenan and Kel. The store is still there and designed the same way, the only change that occurred is that now it is being managed by the person to whom Mia gave it to on rent.

Neither Mia nor Jacob had any prior experience with e-commerce but hard-work pays off. They are yet to have an employee in their company but the team of two is enough to handle the number of orders that they currently get. Mia manages the business stuff and Jacob delivers the groceries within 3 hours of the order in his Ford F-150. Jacob has their brand’s name written all over his Ford F-150 and he is too conscious about his truck that he uses the best bedliner spray on his truck. The brand has a 97.4% on-time delivery rate and they operate from 9 AM to 11:30 PM.

The couple is extremely curious to expand their business and they aspire to be the first online grocery business in the United States that will be able to serve each and every small town, village and major city in the United States within a matter of hours. The task may seem impossible to many but to Jacob and Mia – Sky is the limit.