No apple fell on Isaac Newton from a tree but he observed the gravity some other way

I have been obsessed with reading science and scientists for a while now and the scientist that fascinates me the most is none other than Sir Isaac Newton. There is no doubt that it was Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz who discovered Calculus but that doesn’t undermine the legend of Sir Isaac Newton. Saying that Sir Isaac Newton was the true discoverer of Calculus is like saying that Queen Isabella I of Castille was the true discoverer of the Americas and not the Christopher Columbus.

I have written to Peter Shukoff of Epic Rap Battles of History to create an Epic Rap Battle between Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz more than once but he never replied back to me and doesn’t seem to create one at least in the coming 4-5 years.

After reading Isaac Newton so much, I can surely claim that Isaac Newton was a lifelong celibate and an ardent lover of Jesus Christ; The people claiming that Sir Isaac Newton was a homosexual are Catholic conspirators that want to undermine the legend of Isaac Newton in order to save their Catholic religion as the researches, formulas and inventions of Sir Isaac Newton are extremely dangerous to the Catholic religion.

I am extremely amazed to know that they are looking for the descendants of Newton’s apple tree. There was no particular Newton’s tree, it is just a way to add romance to the story of Isaac Newton and his foundation of the theory of gravitation. Me and several other Isaac Newton lovers believe that Newton never observed the gravitation while sitting under a tree but rather observed the same happening in case of several trees and it is a myth that an apple fell on Newton while he was drinking a cup of tea with a friend of his under that tree.