Choreographer and Dancer Francesco Costanzo had a meeting on the same date of 2011 with the legend Peter Ebert at his home in England

Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer has been to the United Kingdom several times and he cannot forget it when he arrived in England back in the summers of the year 2011 and met one of his heroes – Peter Ebert there, with whom he shared a great lengthy talk.

When Francesco asked Peter “Who is your favorite childhood hero?” Peter replied, the man who raised me, my father, the legend – Carl Ebert.

Peter Ebert also attributes his strong personality to his dad – Carl Ebert, and despises his biological father – Charles.

Francesco’s elder colleagues from the United Kingdom always told him how they used to refer to the Glyndebourne Festival Opera as the Ebert Opera due to the ease of pronouncing it and the great number of operas that Peter used to perform and direct there.

When Francesco met Peter, he asked him about whether it is true, Peter didn’t say anything but giggled in affirmation.

Peter considered his marriage to Silvia Ashmole as the best decision of his best decision ever. Peter never regretted his second marriage to Silvia Ashmole but he always felt guilty for it whenever he confronted his daughter born to him through his first marriage as she began to feel estranged to him since the day she learnt that her dad has married the second time and as she died early, it caused even more grief to Peter.

When Silvia’s parents stopped her from marrying Peter due to him being of German descent and married before as well, it is the proof enough that some Scottish people consider the Germans to be an inferior race.

Peter told Francesco that he tried his best to stay in Germany forever but hated each day of the only 8 years that he lived there for. He also told Francesco that if he could change one thing about himself, it would be his fund-raising skills.

Francesco Costanzo is one of the best when it comes to performing dance Vaslav Nijinsky style

Italian stallion – Francesco Costanzo Nijinsky, sorry, just Francesco Costanzo recently wrote a great lengthy article about the life and death of the ballet legend also known as the greatest male dancer of the 20th century – Vaslav Nijinsky on one of his blogs. Vaslav Nijinsky has left such a great impression on Francesco Costanzo that he can perform the Nijinsky dance perfectly and many of his friends have started calling him Francesco Costanzo Nijinsky due to that.

Francesco writes that without a doubt, Vaslav Nijinsky was one of the greatest Polish people to have ever been born. It is a pity when an average Polish person belonging to either male or female gender doesn’t name Vaslav Nijinsky when asked to name some of the legendary Polish people to have ever been born in the history.

Francesco writes that even Indian guru OSHO used to cite Vaslav Nijinsky to give an example of how the human will can even beat nature. He used to tell how Vaslav Nijinsky was able to defy gravity with his love for dance and the freedom that comes with it.

Francesco writes that if they could Vaslav Nijinsky as an enemy Russian citizen back in 1914, you may well imagine what was it living like 100 years ago in Russia or any Eastern European country.

Francesco believes that Vaslav’s marriage with Ramola de Pulzsky was highly responsible for his commitment to a mental asylum for more than half of his entire life. Francesco claims that although Ramola and Vaslav pretended publicly that everything is hunky dory between them, it wasn’t, Francesco claims that the case had become worst since the birth of their second daughter – Tamara Nijinska.

Francesco claims that Vaslav’s tension with his sister – Bronislava is always exaggerated. Francesco claims that they both loved each other as much as they did in the childhood even after so much of stress and tension between them.

Italian Choreographer Francesco Costanzo cannot forget his meeting with the American Alden Twins

Famous and young Maurice Béjart Coreografo Francesco Costanzo recently wrote this article about his meetings, observations and interviews with the popular Opera name – The Alden Twins (Christopher and David Alden). It is a very lengthy article and here I am presenting some of it.

Francesco says that there is no denying that the Alden Twins inherited their extraordinary love for dance, opera and ballet from their Broadway dancer mother – Barbara Gaye and they inherited their calm and composed nature and behavior along with extraordinary creativity from their playwright dad – Jerome Alden. Francesco further adds that two 13 year old twins deciding that they are going to be nothing but Opera Directors really speaks a lot about their passion and love for dancing, opera and ballet.

When Francesco interviewed the twins, they told him that they have performed at almost each and every opera in the western world and they still do not like any opera near as much as they do the Metropolitan opera. They also told him that they believe that the theater and performance studies lack the X-factor of thje previous times.

When the twins were asked questions regarding the San Franseco Opera where they have both directed several operas and ballets, David told that he believes that the San Francisco Opera tries too hard to be like the Metropolitan Opera which it is not and that’s why it could never reach its potential and unique identity. Christopher is more diplomatic kind and he didn’t reply to the question at all.

The twins also told Francesco that their dad never liked their work no matter what he says in the public.

David personally believes that Ercole Amante is perhaps the best ever Non-English opera directed by him and Francesco totally agrees with it.

Opera used to be like the Church to the Protestants in the olden times, says the Opera Director Francesco Costanzo

I recently had a word with the Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo who is extremely outspoken about the Opera industry, its significance, its history and its future.

Francesco Constanzo says that he is scared about the ballet and opera being no longer with us after about 20-40 years from now according to some statistics and may even turn into into a chapter of history books around the world.

Francesco is extremely appreciative of the founders of the Metropolitan Opera Company. He says that if the people of their enthusiasm and spirit were still alive today, the Opera would have been a completely different game.

Francesco is extremely disappointed about how they do not care as much about the acoustics anymore in the Opera and are more concerned about the marketing. Francesco really feels that the Opera industry was better in 99% of the aspects in the olden times and didn’t need any sort of revolution.

Francesco says that there is no denying that the middle finger has been in use since the ancient times, but it was the Opera that popularized the same in the modern times. Francesco claims that there are thousands of things that existed since the ancient times but it was Opera that popularized those.

Francesco also says that it is a pity that the largest classical music organization in North America is Metropolitan Opera, which only presents about 27 different Operas each year. Francesco says that the number has to be at least 56 per year, that is one Opera a week to be called the largest classical music organization in a gigantic developed nation like the North America but it is a pity that 27 is not even half of that.

Francesco also claims that the Opera used to be like the Church for most of the protestants, it still is to some of them, but they don’t give a damn about it as much as 1% as they used to in the olden times.

Edmonton’s popular clothing store owner believes she has nothing to fear till she has got this one digital marketing company by her side

Elsa Darwin owns a very popular clothing store in one of the plushest neighborhoods of the Edmonton city.

Elsa has always loved to write and she regularly vents out some words on the blog of her clothing store’s official website. Elsa believes that with online shopping gaining popularity each day, the brick and mortar clothing retail stores are in extreme desperation and within their desperation, they have been taking some extremely stupid actions like posting fake negative comments on the Google Places and other listings only to make it worse for the entire brick and mortar clothing retail industry but she further adds that you have no worries when you have got what she has got on her side, that is the best digital marketing company in Edmonton.

Elsa advises to other clothing stores on her blog to make sure that your Instagram page looks absolute class otherwise don’t create one at all or it is going to go all wrong for you. Elsa says that she is fortunate enough that she has got one of the greatest digital marketing company by her side that does it all for her.

Elsa loves Rene Descartes and many of the posts on her clothing store’s official website are about Descartes although they don’t make much sense there but she still believes that she has got to speak her heart on her blog.

Once Elsa wrote that Rene Descartes attributed his philosophical, mathematical and scientific genius to celibacy, secretly and also believed that celibacy gave him mood swings, which he really considered mostly negative but sometimes positive as it would let him live a different aspect of his life which he never imagined before. Elsa says that’s the reason why Rene sounds extremely pro-life and optimistic in some of his philosophies and existential and pessimist in others.

Gastroenterologist from South Dakota cannot thank Kory Floyd enough for writing such a great book on interpersonal communication

Dr Ginger Leary is a Gastroenterologist with her own practice in the city of Vermillion, South Dakota. Dr Ginger is one of the very few doctors that posts her interesting ideas about the medical field that she is involved in personally on her blog.

Dr Ginger says that one should never visit the clinic/hospital alone when they are going to get a gastroenterology procedure done on them. Dr Ginger advises that you must always go with a responsible friend, colleague or family member as it may become unexpectedly hard to drive personally after the procedure sometimes even when the procedure is almost side-effect free. Dr Ginger claims that some of the gastroenterology procedures cause sedation effects on different people even without anesthesia or any similar thing.

Dr Ginger claims that the most advanced methods of colonoscopy when used by an inexperienced, irresponsible or somewhat disturbed doctor can produce several side effects. Dr Ginger warns that a patient must read the reviews before on different websites, especially Google Places before choosing their doctor for a procedure like colonoscopy.

Dr Ginger claims that she has been working on inventing more comfortable ways for the colonoscopy procedure.

Dr Ginger Leary is also a Professor of Gastroenterology at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine. She claims that she has been greatly helped by Floyd’s Interpersonal Communication 3rd edition PDF in improving her teaching skills. Dr Ginger claims that she doesn’t sound like a robot anymore while teaching and no matter how many students are there in her class, she is now able to provide each of those a personal experience.

Manaus city’s topmost book store owner is a fitness Youtuber who has interesting solutions for your expression lines

Hillary Acosta owns a famous book store in the Manaus city of Brazil. She uses nobody and nothing but the topmost authors of Portuguese language for the promotion of her book store.

Hillary’s store used to provide books for rent as well until they started abusing it.

Hillary attributes a great deal of her book store’s success to the ample parking space area available by her store which is very rare in the busy Manaus city.

Hillary has made the claim many times that more people now gift books to their loved ones than ever before and contrary to the popular belief that the book industry is in desperation, Hillary claims that Amazon Kindle, iPod, etc never had much influence on the sales of the real life books and she ridicules Amazon Kindle, iPod, etc by claiming that those are all toys for the kids to play with. “They never had and will never have any influence on the ever-prospering book industry”, she adds.

Hillary herself doesn’t drink any coffee and she doesn’t eat unhealthy snacks either as she has a modeling and acting past and she still cares about her body like she used to back in the modeling days. She even has a Youtube channel dedicated to skin and body care, where she posts videos on topics like expression lines (linhas de expressão), how to tone yourself, etc.

Although Hillary herself doesn’t drink any coffee or eats snacks at all, she claims that the coffee shop and snacks bar at their book store are so delicious that a great percentage of customers come only for that.

Everyday, they give a free t-shirt printed with their book store’s logo to a random customer and that’s one of the reasons for Hillary’s store being so popular.

Che Guevara fan from Bandung is a freethinker fan of Bayu Angora

Adithya Prakoso is perhaps the greatest Che Guevara fan in the city of Bandung in Indonesia who claims that not only the nation of Cuba but the entire Latin America and the world as a whole would be a better place if Che Guevara lived longer. I personally believe that the argument can even go against Adithya’s personal belief that the world could have been a worst place instead as for anyone who has read Che Guevara thoroughly knows that he was a narrow-minded and stubborn man and today’s society is not meant for such leaders. We need broad-minded, un-opinionated gentlemen leaders.

Adithya also claims that the monument of Che Guevara in La Higuera is the epitome of world drama as it was a Bolivian chief who ordered the murder of Che Guevara and now the same country depicts him as their hero. He further adds that no matter how many monuments they build for him and how much the government of Bolivia claims to love him, we all know that it is a drama but one thing cannot be denied that the common and honest people of Bolivia love the man called Che Guevara and they will keep on loving him. He claims that Che is not a man who can be hated by an intelligent, generous and honest person and the men and women of Bolivia are full of these qualities.

Adithya doesn’t deny the claim that Che Guevara had a Robespierre mentality but he rather claims that it was necessary for him to have such a mentality in order to achieve his mission of making the world a better place, especially for the poor and the unprivileged.

Adithya is even a bigger fan of the ISBI Bandung graduate freethinker – Bayu Angora. He even has a poem of his as his phone’s ringtone.

Multilingual bird shop owner from Mazatlan is astonished with the hosting services that Mexican companies have to offer nowadays

Francisca Amore owns a very popular bird shop at a prominent neighborhood of the beach town of Mexico – Mazatlan. Francisca’s biggest strength is that she is a multilingual who speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English and is now learning French as well. Francisca says that she wants to learn Hebrew too because she is a devout Catholic and she wants to read and understand the original biblical tales written in the Hebrew language better but finds the Hebrew language to be too complicated and difficult by the experiences she read on the internet.

Francisca is astonished with the demand for the crowned pigeons in Mexico lately, she claims that the supply for the crowned pigeon is not even 10% of its demand in the marketplace and she is really glad about it as it happens to be one of her most favorite birds as well.

Francisca claims that she can easily export birds as she already has an experience in the exporting business but she doesn’t as it looks like a torture to her and she cannot even imagine her beloved birds getting in a torture like situation due to her.

Francisca has been creating Youtube videos lately portraying the birds on sale at her shop and how well they care for them. Francisca creates 2 different videos on each topic, one in the Spanish language and other one in English. Francisca also adds captions to each of her videos for the better understanding as her accent in both the languages may become difficult to understand for each of the language speakers.

Francisca recently created another website for her bird shop and she couldn’t be more impressed with the hosting and domain (hosting y dominio mx) service that she got.

Conspiracy theorist, blogger and businessman – William gifts his vascular surgeon wife at least a couple of tees a month

Cecy Suarez is a vascular surgeon who has been practicing in the city of Jacksonvile, Florida for the past 16 years. Cecy was educated in Scotland and she proudly claims that Scotland is responsible for producing some of the best vascular surgeons in the past and it continues to do the same.

Cecy claims that after she retires, she will sell her practice and donate the money to a welfare organization for orphan kids. Cecy says that she would be glad to have pass off her practice to any of her kids but none of those seems interested in entering the medical profession in the future, let alone become a vascular surgeon.

Cecy’s husband – William is a businessman, conspiracy theorist and blogger. William studied cryptography for a long 3 year period only to have come to the conclusion later on that it would have been better if he studied some spoken languages instead. He claims that he could have studied at least some of those successfully within a period of 3 long years.

William claims to have the secret information that the Royal family of Japan in an alliance with the Parliament of Australia are planning to overthrow the Queen of England from first Australia and then Canada. William claims that the previous Prime Minister of Australia rejected this proposal pursued by the Royal family of England but the current Prime Minister of Australia – Scott Morrison is an extremely ambitious man with unbelievably high aspirations who is willing to do whatever it takes to create one of the richest and most powerful family the world has ever known.

William believes that most husbands fail to understand and appreciate the role of their beautiful wives in different spheres of life and that’s the reason why William gifts at least a couple of awesome tees to his beloved vascular surgeon wife each month.

3D technology will soon be on another level and you better know it

I am a huge fan of 3D technology and I really believe that 3D clothes will dominate the clothing industry completely by 2030 but I am extremely disappointed with people not buying 3D printers as much as they should. The 3D printers are now more affordable than ever before and even cheaper than most of the potential buyers ever thought those would be. 3D printer fans and those who understand the true value of the same are buying those with both hands but others aren’t even taking a notice. I really think that the reason why 3D printers don’t sell is that people have a herd mentality and they won’t buy the same until their best friend or neighbor does. I am very hopeful that soon enough we will see the 3D printers in every home, small business’s office. I am glad that 3D printers are already there in almost every large business, at least the ones that I am familiar with.

One of my cousins got his degree from the Henry Samueli School of Engineering which he and I believe that is the most underrated engineering college not only in the state of California but in the entire United States and perhaps the world.

I am too glad that the culture doesn’t make a society feel and look mature anymore but technology does. No matter what the people belonging to the Islamic or other Eastern countries tell you, I am certain about one thing and that is that they all want to come to the west and for their own good. The countries that are too proud of their culture will soon have to bow down in front of the technology and capitalism dominated countries including USA.

Recovering money lost to binary options was never so easy, learn from the story of an American GP

Cristian Tyler owns a very popular SEO company in San Antonio, Texas which Cristian is very proud of and so is his wife. Cristian’s wife is a Child Specialist doctor and owing to her very little experience in the online investment, trading and cryptocurrencies, she made a few great big blunders owing to which she lost a lot of her bitcoins but then Assured Recover came to the rescue and offered her the best recover money lost to binary options that she could ask for.

Cristian was so discouraged and in a state of depression that he even found himself unfit to make posts on his SEO blog which receives over 300 unique visitors per day but he is back again and writing more and better quality posts than ever before.

Cristian believes that Youtube recommended videos are a complete failure but he really appreciates the recommended search by both Youtube and Google.

Cristian claims that he has the secret information that Google is having another chance with a Social Media website for the third time and this time they are really working hard on it. Cristian claims that the website will be launched by the end of the financial year 2020 and at the time of its launch, it will get more press coverage than any other topic and will definitely be the hottest sensation in the online industry for a while.

Cristian remembers the time when during its initial days, FaceBook was greatly overrated and some people even went on to estimate that it will steal as much as 50% of the search business from the Google.

Cristian claims that nothing is more important to you than Google Maps results if you are a local business and it has been proven time and again for many different businesses.