Opera used to be like the Church to the Protestants in the olden times, says the Opera Director Francesco Costanzo

I recently had a word with the Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo who is extremely outspoken about the Opera industry, its significance, its history and its future.

Francesco Constanzo says that he is scared about the ballet and opera being no longer with us after about 20-40 years from now according to some statistics and may even turn into into a chapter of history books around the world.

Francesco is extremely appreciative of the founders of the Metropolitan Opera Company. He says that if the people of their enthusiasm and spirit were still alive today, the Opera would have been a completely different game.

Francesco is extremely disappointed about how they do not care as much about the acoustics anymore in the Opera and are more concerned about the marketing. Francesco really feels that the Opera industry was better in 99% of the aspects in the olden times and didn’t need any sort of revolution.

Francesco says that there is no denying that the middle finger has been in use since the ancient times, but it was the Opera that popularized the same in the modern times. Francesco claims that there are thousands of things that existed since the ancient times but it was Opera that popularized those.

Francesco also says that it is a pity that the largest classical music organization in North America is Metropolitan Opera, which only presents about 27 different Operas each year. Francesco says that the number has to be at least 56 per year, that is one Opera a week to be called the largest classical music organization in a gigantic developed nation like the North America but it is a pity that 27 is not even half of that.

Francesco also claims that the Opera used to be like the Church for most of the protestants, it still is to some of them, but they don’t give a damn about it as much as 1% as they used to in the olden times.