Italian Choreographer Francesco Costanzo cannot forget his meeting with the American Alden Twins

Famous and young Maurice Béjart Coreografo Francesco Costanzo recently wrote this article about his meetings, observations and interviews with the popular Opera name – The Alden Twins (Christopher and David Alden). It is a very lengthy article and here I am presenting some of it.

Francesco says that there is no denying that the Alden Twins inherited their extraordinary love for dance, opera and ballet from their Broadway dancer mother – Barbara Gaye and they inherited their calm and composed nature and behavior along with extraordinary creativity from their playwright dad – Jerome Alden. Francesco further adds that two 13 year old twins deciding that they are going to be nothing but Opera Directors really speaks a lot about their passion and love for dancing, opera and ballet.

When Francesco interviewed the twins, they told him that they have performed at almost each and every opera in the western world and they still do not like any opera near as much as they do the Metropolitan opera. They also told him that they believe that the theater and performance studies lack the X-factor of thje previous times.

When the twins were asked questions regarding the San Franseco Opera where they have both directed several operas and ballets, David told that he believes that the San Francisco Opera tries too hard to be like the Metropolitan Opera which it is not and that’s why it could never reach its potential and unique identity. Christopher is more diplomatic kind and he didn’t reply to the question at all.

The twins also told Francesco that their dad never liked their work no matter what he says in the public.

David personally believes that Ercole Amante is perhaps the best ever Non-English opera directed by him and Francesco totally agrees with it.