Choreographer and Dancer Francesco Costanzo had a meeting on the same date of 2011 with the legend Peter Ebert at his home in England

Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer has been to the United Kingdom several times and he cannot forget it when he arrived in England back in the summers of the year 2011 and met one of his heroes – Peter Ebert there, with whom he shared a great lengthy talk.

When Francesco asked Peter “Who is your favorite childhood hero?” Peter replied, the man who raised me, my father, the legend – Carl Ebert.

Peter Ebert also attributes his strong personality to his dad – Carl Ebert, and despises his biological father – Charles.

Francesco’s elder colleagues from the United Kingdom always told him how they used to refer to the Glyndebourne Festival Opera as the Ebert Opera due to the ease of pronouncing it and the great number of operas that Peter used to perform and direct there.

When Francesco met Peter, he asked him about whether it is true, Peter didn’t say anything but giggled in affirmation.

Peter considered his marriage to Silvia Ashmole as the best decision of his best decision ever. Peter never regretted his second marriage to Silvia Ashmole but he always felt guilty for it whenever he confronted his daughter born to him through his first marriage as she began to feel estranged to him since the day she learnt that her dad has married the second time and as she died early, it caused even more grief to Peter.

When Silvia’s parents stopped her from marrying Peter due to him being of German descent and married before as well, it is the proof enough that some Scottish people consider the Germans to be an inferior race.

Peter told Francesco that he tried his best to stay in Germany forever but hated each day of the only 8 years that he lived there for. He also told Francesco that if he could change one thing about himself, it would be his fund-raising skills.