Ninel Kurgapkina told Francesco Costanzo that not a day went by in her life when she didn’t miss Rudolf Nureyev

The fastest growing Italian ballet director and dancer – Francesco Costanzo, got to meet Ninel Kurgapkina back in the year 2007. Ninel told Francesco tons of tales of her with the legend – Rudolf Nureyev. She also told Francesco that she missed Rudolf Nureyev each day of her life.

Ninel told Francesco that the wife of Mick Jagger – Bianca de Macias, had a huge crush on Rudolf Nureyev and she even wrote some love letters to him as well, to which Rudolf never replied.

Ninel also told Francesco that the Russian prima ballerina – Natalia Dudinskaya had a huge crush on Rudolf Nureyev and she faced a great disappointment after she learnt that Nureyev was a homosexual. Ninel told Francesco that the prime reason for tensions between Konstantin Sergeyev was the reason that Konstantin was aware of the fact that his wife Natalia Dudinskaya used to think about Francesco all the time and Konstantin couldn’t take it.

Ninel also told Francesco that it is a myth that Rudolf Nureyev was arrogant and cruel. Ninel told Francesco that being a super-busy man, Rudolf had tons of stress to handle and he would burst out many times if he saw someone doing something extremely stupid which was destructive for Rudolf’s business or career. Ninel said to Francesco that they needed to find something negative in a great person like Rudolf Nureyev and they made the cruel and arrogant story up for the same.

Ninel also told Francesco that when Nureyev worked at the Royal Ballet until the year 1970, his critics were enraged, not because he made many changes to different productions there, but because he was a Russian and a Muslim.

Pharmacist from Miami city is about to launch his side-effect free energy drink in Guyana

Tyler Brereton is a pharmacist from the city of Miami, Florida, who is also extensively interested in studying Actinobiology.

Tyler doesn’t believe in the thermal processing. He claims that there are much better options available out there.

Tyler says that they have come up with several different innovative technologies in the past 2 decades but sadly enough, only a few of those are of any use.

Tyler has been working on creating a medicine that will rectify all the damage caused by masturbation and sexual activity. Tyler says that the medicine might even work as an anti-aging medicine. First, he says that he is going to create one for the men and then for the women, because after going through different NoFap and Semen Retention communities, he discovered that men need it more. One of Tyler’s best friends is an Andrologist and he is the one who gave Tyler this idea.

Tyler is also working on creating a legal energy drink that will have an effect of the Adderall but with no side-effects at all. He claims that he will be done with the same by 2021 and he will launch it first in Guayana. Tyler travels to Guyana a lot and for different purposes. He is always aware of the current price of the Guyana Dollar, no matter which month or which day you ask him for the same.

Hip and cool clothes for babies are in demand more than ever before, claims baby sleepsuit queen from Lithuania

Samantha White is the owner of a baby clothing brand situated in Lithuania. Although Samantha never got into the retail business, she keeps giving regular advice to the companies that are already in baby clothing retail business about how they can improve their business. Samantha believes that having great sales persons is one of the greatest requirements for a successful baby clothing store. Samantha believes that they need more helpful, friendly and expert sales people when they are out for buying clothes not for themselves but their babies.

Samantha’s company believes in creating each and every piece unique. She has some of the most expensive designers working for her brand that are responsible for creating some unique and most popular baby sleepsuits designs.

Samantha’s brand is very rare in the way that they have a website where you can create custom design and submit it to Samantha’s team, who will then see if it is good enough for them to work on.

Samantha writes on her blog that hip and cool clothes are most in trend for babies nowadays, so much so that these weren’t so popular even back in the 1980s.

Samantha has also been planning to launch a separate brand for baby car seats for a while now and she says that she will most likely launch the same by 2021.

Samantha’s clothing brand is mainly targeted on the middle-income and upper-middle-income households but Samantha works her butt-off like she creates clothes only for the baby celebrities.

Samantha claims that believing in Taoism has resulted in increased productivity, creativity and good luck for herself. Samantha has always been an agnostic but believing in Taoism gave her a sort of social security and also a clearly defined path.

Dance School owner from Chicago claims that Razer Blade 15 delighted the most boring of her friends

“Nobody tells us that Newton predicted, one day we will be able to see the atoms, hell, nobody predicted 50 years ago that there will be such a thing as Razers New Blade 15, which will delight the most boring of the people on earth”, says a dance acrobatic dance school owner – Letty Lee from the city of Chicago whose acrobatic dance school is nearing 7 years now.

Letty Lee writes on her blog that she gets flattered each time some student tells her that her dance school helped them more than the academic school that they attended as a child.

Letty Lee writes on her blog that it is always a better option to choose a specifically under 15 dance school for your child if he/she is an under-performer and an expert dance school where they teach kids and adults both if he/she is a great performer.

For the dance school owners and operators, Letty Lee writes that if you teach dance to the children, you need to ensure that their safety is of foremost superiority to you, even more superior than how good and well they learn to dance.

Letty believes that the tuition fee for dancing is one of the most affordable things in the present times but agrees that the costume prices have gone far higher during the recent times and also the emphasis of the dance schools on specific costumes is a very recent phenomenon.

Letty Lee is a very big fan of the Miami Vice Series Protagonist Don Johnson but she hates the way he sings and dances.

Letty Lee writes on her blog that old and outdatedly-styled buildings do not in any way mean a bad dance school, it can be quite the opposite many times.

The Great Bonobo Kanzi’s viral talking video is a Deepfake stunt

If you watch Youtube a lot or if you are an ape, bonobos or animal lover, then there are 99% of the chances that you know about the genius of an ape – Kanzi.

There is no denying that Kanzi is perhaps the most intelligent and wise bonobo that they have been teaching and studying at the Ape Cognition and Conservative Initiative (ACCI), formerly known as the Great Ape Trust. The case of Kanzi proves that many other apes, especially bonobos, have a huge potential of learning language and other things that specifically us humans do.

I personally believe that the apes had the same potential as us homo sapiens sapiens in terms of the advancement, they just went another way than us.

I personally believe that it is easier to teach the Apes African Sign Language than the American Sign Language, and they just need to give it a try to verify my point. I have already written to Sue Savage Rumbaugh regarding this and I really hope that she takes some action.

Many evolution deniers use the Apes having a different vocal tract as an excuse and proof to deny the evolution as a myth and then when the same evolution deniers are asked to pronounce some Arabic or French words and being unable to do so, they are told by people like me that a couple of thousand years of evolution can do so much to you , wonder what difference did the millions and millions of years could have made.

I really applaud Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh for her extreme hard work, patience and effort but I also think that she should take action against the trolls that are making the videos of Kanzi talking to humans and apes viral. These are all fake videos creating using deepfakes technology and people making fun of a great ape like Kanzi using this technology must be punished for doing so.

Opera Director Francesco Costanzo aka Neo Giorgio Strehler recently met this Dallas Dance School Owner and it was a pleasure for both of them

If you are regular to reading my blog then you must be well aware of the fact that I am a huge fan of the young Italian Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo.

Francesco gets to meet new top notch dance instructors and school owners all the time and he posts his chit chat with them on his blog frequently as well. Francesco recently met this young Dallas dance school owner when he was in Dallas as well who told him several interesting things during their chit chat.

The Dallas Dance School owner told Francesco that he traveled to Tibet to teach hip-hop, ballet and contemporary dance to the monks and surprisingly enough, the monks learnt it faster than most ordinary people do.

This Dallas Dance School owner has also been teaching dance to different apes including gorillas, bonobos and chimpanzees for the past few years now and again surprisingly, these apes also learn it faster than he expected them to be.

He is now heading to Taiwan to teach Tango dance to the married monks and he is extremely excited about it.

This Dallas Dance School owner claims that his dance school is the first one to teach bhangra form of dance belonging to Punjab, India in all of Dallas.

The Dallas Dance School owner believes that Creative Dance Programs increase your creativity in every aspect as they activate the frontal lobe of your brain. He claims that creative dance has an effect similar to creative writing, reading and composing music to the brain and he claims that there are studies to prove that.

He also claims that his dance school is the only one in Dallas that gives refunds for the missed classes.

Hamburg city’s prominent SEO company owner is obsessed with gardening

Lee Prosser has been running a SEO company in the heart of the Hamburg city in Germany for past 6 years now. Lee is very outspoken in his blog, especially about his love and enthusiasm for gardening other than SEO.

Lee belives that .info domains are highly underrated but correctly priced and at this price, there should have been more registrations done for the same than .com domains.

Lee also says that, in Germany, .info gained attention and registrations mainly after the popular German Magazine – SAP INFO registered their domain name – and also complimented the .info TLD on their official blog. Lee says that very few people knew about .info before this event happened including the internet marketing people.

Lee claims that one of the reasons why it seems that 9/11 was an inside job is that they launched a TLD – .info specifically inspired by the same event within a matter of about only one month which makes things look sketchy. Lee claims that he doesn’t believe in any conspiracy theories but he is not sure about this one.

Lee writes that who could have thought that once undisputed 1&1 will become pretty unknown and insignificant within such a short span of time. He writes that the example of 1&1 just shows that how having the latest and the best technology is integral for even the most popular of the businesses. And he also adds that any business in the modern day shouldn’t conclude that they can get away with not being the best, no matter how popular and aged they are.

As a SEO guy, Lee says that he doesn’t feel that a compliment like “I don’t regret hiring this SEO company” is what he expects. He says that he doesn’t feel good until he totally amazes his clients.

Maternity clothing retail chain owner claims that the demand for the maternity business casuals is growing like never before

Kate Bernard has been running a maternity clothing retail chain. Kate’s maternity clothing retail chain is only 6 year old but it already has 15 stores and each one generates profits.

Kate writes on the official blog of her business that it is a pity that some maternity clothing stores know nothing other than boobs, especially their sales people. Kate adds that a maternity clothing store or brand has to care for the complete body of the woman, not just her boobs.

Kate writes that the demand for the business casuals is growing like never before in the maternity clothing industry and this is something which Kate herself personally and her marketing segmentation (Segmentasi Pasar) company both simultaneously observed.

Kate finds it very unprofessional that some maternity clothing chains have different prices for the same merchandise at different stores depending upon where the store is located. Kate claims that this never happens with any of her stores and she is proud of it.

Kate was not too much interested in selling her merchandise online, she used to sell the same only on Amazon and eBay but now they have a official online clothing store for the company as well.

Kate offers free gifts from time to time for honest feedback from real customers; And these customers have been a great source of business for Kate as many of them cannot recommend Kate’s maternity stores enough.

Kate writes on her blog that it doesn’t matter much if your store is not very modern looking, it just needs to be more stroller friendly.

Gift retail chain owner from the UK claims that he brings his wife nothing but the best books to read during her third pregnancy

Susan Caverly is an accountant from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who is expecting her third child by the midst of December this year. Susan has been married to her spouse and the father of her children for the past 7 years now and they both claim to have learnt a lot from having two children already and the things which Susan did that had a positive or negative affect on the children’s health while she was pregnant the first two times. The couple claims that they are doing all things right this time including that Susan does nothing but spends her time with Best Books to Read During Pregnancy.

Susan’s husband – Daniel owns a gift retail chain that is spread throughout the United Kingdom which he himself founded and he claims that it has had a great impact on everything in their marriage including Susan’s pregnancies and raising up their children better.

They used to sell Music and Movie VCDs and DVDs as well at Daniel’s stores but Daniel claims that selling VCDs and DVDs is nothing but inviting losses nowadays, especially for the past 3 years.

Daniel claims that they are not going to hand out franchise for his business, no matter what because he sees a huge potential in the future for his business and he also claims to have several innovative ideas regarding the business which none of his competitors (both major and minor) is capable of thinking.

Daniel claims that he believes more in ‘serving’ than ‘scheming’ and although he claims to have a lot of strategies to take care of the upcoming competition, he claims that his topmost priority has always been serving the customers best.

Mexicali dentist can now converse in fluent English with his patients, thanks to KOE Mexico

Dr Nacho Rodriguez is a dentist who was born, raised and still practices in the city of Mexicali in Mexico. Dr Nacho was always weak in speaking English (hablar ingles) although he could write it well, but thanks to KOE Mexico that helped him speak fluent English.

Now, Dr Nacho’s official blog is full of posts in the English language.

Dr Nacho writes that people are too conscious about their teeth nowadays, they want the best dentist to perform best dental procedures on their teeth that has no side effects at all. Dr Nacho adds that the patients want their dentist to also be honest and reliable and they also want the staff of the dentist to be the same.

Dr Nacho Rodriguez claims that the dentists of Mexico are no less experts than their USA counterparts and this has been proven time and again. He claims that several patients of his that had bad experience with their trusted dentist in the USA get astonished when they see that some dentists like Dr Nacho Rodriguez use even more latest and better technology than their USA counterparts.

Dr Nacho writes that he remembers the time when most people, especially teenagers would come to him because they had their teeth knocked off by a horse but those cases are rare nowadays.

Dr Nacho claims that once a kid came to him who had his teeth knocked off completely by a horse, the father of this kid was a bad guy (if you know what they mean by a bad guy in Mexico for the past 4 decades) and he punished the horse by knocking all his teeth down as well.

Dr Nacho claims that becoming fluent in the English language has really made him even a superior dentist because of the confidence he attained because of it.

Festival Clown D’Oro (1992) Francesco Costanzo Pippo Baudo TV is really worth watching 10 times in a row

My favorite young Italian opera director, choreographer and ballet dancer – Francesco Costanzo has a great respect for the Italian opera director, set and costume designer – Pier Luigi Pizzi.

Francesco writes on his blog that even after achieving a degree in architecture, it is crazy how then young man only aged 21 year old – Pier Luigi Pizzi instead chose to work in the theater.

Francesco believes that if you are passionate about something, it doesn’t matter whether your father is skeptical about that or not, you just do it. He also likes to give the example of his favorite comedian – Jackie Mason, whose father was against him becoming a comedian and cursed him for hours when he told his father that he wanted to become a comedian but no damn way to stop this little funny man called Jackie Mason, he went on to become one of the topmost comedians in the world. He was a real sensation in the 1980s and 1990s, and this was also the time period when one of the greatest opera took place – Festival Clown D’Oro (1992) Francesco Costanzo Pippo Baudo TV.

Francesco also loves the costumes by Pier Luigi Pizzi, he says that Pier has a great sense of choosing the most magnificent possible costumes for the right occasion.

Francesco was really stunned by the costumes that Pier Luigi Pizzi designed for the opera – Orlando furioso and he believes that nobody other than Pier Luigi could have chose such great costumes for a complex opera like that.

Francesco writes on his blog that he has been waiting for a new opera by Pier Luigi Pizzi since 2008, he says that if he could transform one man into a youth again, that would be Pier Luigi Pizzi, and Francesco also believes that if Pier Luigi Pizzi were born in these times, he would have been at least 10 times better because of the latest technology, information and other facilities that the people belonging to modern era have access to.