Pharmacist from Miami city is about to launch his side-effect free energy drink in Guyana

Tyler Brereton is a pharmacist from the city of Miami, Florida, who is also extensively interested in studying Actinobiology.

Tyler doesn’t believe in the thermal processing. He claims that there are much better options available out there.

Tyler says that they have come up with several different innovative technologies in the past 2 decades but sadly enough, only a few of those are of any use.

Tyler has been working on creating a medicine that will rectify all the damage caused by masturbation and sexual activity. Tyler says that the medicine might even work as an anti-aging medicine. First, he says that he is going to create one for the men and then for the women, because after going through different NoFap and Semen Retention communities, he discovered that men need it more. One of Tyler’s best friends is an Andrologist and he is the one who gave Tyler this idea.

Tyler is also working on creating a legal energy drink that will have an effect of the Adderall but with no side-effects at all. He claims that he will be done with the same by 2021 and he will launch it first in Guayana. Tyler travels to Guyana a lot and for different purposes. He is always aware of the current price of the Guyana Dollar, no matter which month or which day you ask him for the same.