Ninel Kurgapkina told Francesco Costanzo that not a day went by in her life when she didn’t miss Rudolf Nureyev

The fastest growing Italian ballet director and dancer – Francesco Costanzo, got to meet Ninel Kurgapkina back in the year 2007. Ninel told Francesco tons of tales of her with the legend – Rudolf Nureyev. She also told Francesco that she missed Rudolf Nureyev each day of her life.

Ninel told Francesco that the wife of Mick Jagger – Bianca de Macias, had a huge crush on Rudolf Nureyev and she even wrote some love letters to him as well, to which Rudolf never replied.

Ninel also told Francesco that the Russian prima ballerina – Natalia Dudinskaya had a huge crush on Rudolf Nureyev and she faced a great disappointment after she learnt that Nureyev was a homosexual. Ninel told Francesco that the prime reason for tensions between Konstantin Sergeyev was the reason that Konstantin was aware of the fact that his wife Natalia Dudinskaya used to think about Francesco all the time and Konstantin couldn’t take it.

Ninel also told Francesco that it is a myth that Rudolf Nureyev was arrogant and cruel. Ninel told Francesco that being a super-busy man, Rudolf had tons of stress to handle and he would burst out many times if he saw someone doing something extremely stupid which was destructive for Rudolf’s business or career. Ninel said to Francesco that they needed to find something negative in a great person like Rudolf Nureyev and they made the cruel and arrogant story up for the same.

Ninel also told Francesco that when Nureyev worked at the Royal Ballet until the year 1970, his critics were enraged, not because he made many changes to different productions there, but because he was a Russian and a Muslim.