General Practitioner from New Delhi believes that the MBBS in Bangladesh is superior to the MBBS in India

Dr Harsh Bhatia is a General Practitioner from New Delhi, India, who says that he didn’t believe in the notion that the present generation is a weak one until he read the reviews for his clinic on Google Places. Dr Harsh writes on his blog that everyone complaining about the rude staff and not visiting the doctor again although they are perfectly happy with the treatment received.

Dr Harsh Bhatia has mentioned more than once on his blog that misdiagnosing is one of the biggest things responsible for the deaths at the hospitals and clinics in today’s time. He claims that the statistics lie in this regard.

Dr Harsh Bhatia claims that both cigarette smoke and pollution are overrated when it comes to causing diseases. He says that there are several other things that are just as bad but they are almost never mentioned by the mainstream media or the medical unions.

Dr Harsh Bhatia has written over 500 research papers till now and he spends at least 1 hour each day answering the questions of his patients on Whatsapp for no extra charge at all.

Dr Harsh Bhatia claims to have been working on creating a syrup for the cure of stomach cancer. He claims that if successful, this syrup will be able to make the Stage IV Stomach cancer disappear within a matter of one month.

Dr Harsh completed his MBBS from Bangladesh when it wasn’t even popular. Dr Harsh believes that the MBBS in Bangladesh is superior anywhere else in the Indian subcontinent, and hence he has already planned that he will get his kids MBBS Admission in Bangladesh as well.

German-American optometrist is very proud of his genius and fine looking clinic

Dr Herr Fischer is a German-born American optometrist who is extremely outspoken on his blog. Dr Herr claims that one of the reasons why he maintains that blog is to improve his command in the English language.

Dr Herr writes on his blog that those belonging to the hotter regions are prone to getting different eye disorders than the ones who belong to the colder regions.

Dr Herr writes that contrary to the popular belief, the teenagers of the current generation have healthier eyes than their peers had during their teenage years. Dr Herr believes that the unions of optometrists and other interest holders have been spreading these lies to make money.

Dr Herr writes on his blog that it is a pity that the modern optometry related mass companies care more about their profits than the health of their patient’s eyes.

Dr Herr has an optometrist friend in Germany who hasn’t been going to his clinic for the past 2 years, she has been working full-time from her home to find cures for the eye diseases which are believed to be incurable by the modern optometrists.

Dr Herr believes that there is a lot more that the auto refractors of the future will be able to do that most cannot even imagine now. Just like nobody could imagine that an optometrist’s clinic could look so good because of the Fine Art, just a couple of decades ago.

Dr Herr claims that there are several eye disorders and diseases that are mostly a result of wearing contact lenses regularly for months, years or decades, but due to the influence of the super-wealthy and powerful contact lens manufacturers, nobody is raising a brow on them. Dr Herr claims that one of the most overlooked side-effects of wearing contact lenses is its sedative effect of it, which can even lead to instant sleep for some and without a doubt results in several car accidents across the globe each year.

Business Intelligence company owner from NYC criticizes the US army using mini drones on his blog

Stephen Lloyd owns a business intelligence company in the New York City who is habitual of writing whatever is on his mind on the official blog of his company.

Stephen writes that it is a pity that most IT consultancy services are busier finding more leads than serving the existing clients. Stephen believes that the IT consultancy and business intelligence firms should do their utmost to serve their existing customers their best because Stephen believes that the word of mouth is still the greatest source of business in the IT field.

Stephen writes that what is even worse than the IT consultancy and the Business Intelligence companies spending the greatest deal of their time on finding new clients is that never before did an average engineering firm had a larger sales team than the team of technicians.

Being an engineer himself, Stephen claims that the greatest joy that a good engineer gets to have is when he/she is solving a problem.

Stephen has been a Chrysler fan since the childhood and he claims to be the middle-man between the deal that recently took place between a subsidiary of Toyota and the Chrysler, where Toyota’s subsidiary decided to sell the diesel engines to the Chrysler.

Stephen warns the readers of his blog that not every engineering firm that claims to be a full-service engineering firm is a full-service engineering firm in reality.

Stephen has been criticizing the news of the US Army To Start Using Mini-Drones for the past 2 months or so, and has received both negative and positive comments for writing against it.

The latest book by Fred Rogers on the life of Methuselah is one of the cheapest along with being one of the most interesting

Fred Rogers is a Jewish writer from Tel Aviv, Israel who recently completed writing a book on one of his biblical heroes – Methuselah. I have read the book and I recommend that you do the same. It is also one of the cheapest books along with being one of the most interesting ones.

In his book, Fred writes that one thing that is very rarely mentioned in the scriptures is that Methuselah’s face looked just like that of his father. They both looked almost the same and even had very similar physiques.

Fred writes in his book that it is a false notion that when Noah was 480 years old, all the righteous men, except for himself and Methuselah had died. Fred adds that there were many righteous men alive even back then but they were the men of weak will, bodies and brains. Fred adds that those men might have been righteous but they were powerless nonetheless.

Fred writes that the Book of Moses cannot be trusted at all, just like any other Mormon text. Fred brags that his is the only trustworthy book when it comes to the story of Methuselah.

Fred writes that trying to find similarities between the last antediluvian King of Sumer – Ubara-tutu and Methuselah is like finding similarities between apples and oranges.

Fred writes that some people who after watching the 2014 movie – Noah believe that the name of the drug – meth has its origin in there are completely wrong and out of their minds.

Conspiracy theorist from Abilene believes that the rulers have been lying to us about several healthy things

Peter Donnelly is a conspiracy theorist from Abilene city, Texas who has been writing a lot about the political conspiracies going on in the Indian subcontinent region for the past couple of decades.

Peter claims that Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru were the agents of the Britishers, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was an American agent and the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi is a Russian agent. Peter says that the greatest proof that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Damodardas Modi is an agent of Russia is quite evident from the fact that he recently donated 1 Billion US Dollars for the development of the remote and abandoned regions of Russia. Peter claims that for the past 2 years now, the Judeo-Christian alliance that controls most of the part of the world politically and their industrialist friends have been warning current Prime Minister of India to do as they say or he might lose his life, which Narendra Modi is very much willing to do but he is scared of his Russian bosses.

Peter claims to have a great deal of research and knowledge on the first Prime Minister of the so-called Independent India. About two weeks ago, Peter posted on his blog that he has been busy writing a book mentioning the proofs that Jawahar Lal Nehru was a British agent. Peter says that he is going to name his book “Jawahar Lal Nehru – A British Puppet, neither a statesman nor rebel”. Peter says that he got the idea for writing this book after he completed reading “Jawaharlal Nehru, Rebel and Statesman” by BR Nanda. Peter accuses the man – BR Nanda of being a sycophant of the Gandhi-Nehru family.

Peter claims that all the criticism and side-effects against gw501516 are a conspiracy by the pharma industry because he believes that gw501516 is a nectar which only comes with benefits and not a single negative and that’s what the pharma industry is scared of, if we have to believe Peter.

Baby and Kids store owner has been volunteering for this taxi service since she once took a ride

Jocelyn Beckett owns a store completely dedicated to kids and babies in the heart of Antwerp city. Jocelyn’s brother owns a toy brand, a clothing brand, a footwear brand, a TV channel and a FM radio completely dedicated to kids. He is also about to have his own brand for chocolates and kids’ perfumes. Her brother’s company is where Jocelyn buys most of the stuff from.

Jocelyn’s brother is a huge fan of the philosophy, he produces several toys and many cartoon shows where the protagonist is a philosopher.

Jocelyn’s brother recently offered a role to the voice actor – Ian Hamlin after watching all the available episodes of Mr. Magoo but he rejected the offer.

Jocelyn claims that everything in her store is well-organized in the best possible way. She says that it is a pity to see so many major baby and kids clothing store that have a large staff but none of the staff even knows how to gift wrap something.

Jocelyn wants her store to become so legendary that the kids, when they become parents come to the same store for shopping.

Jocelyn once hired a Taxi Antwerpen through Stad Taxi from her house to her store one rainy day when her car wasn’t working fine, and since then she has become such a great big fan of Stad Taxi that she has a couple of stickers advertising Stad Taxi pasted on her store.

Nephrologist from Cebu City always buys it cheap, no matter whether it is Windows 10 or a used laptop

Dr Baron Pestock is a nephrologist from the Cebu city, Philippines who claims on his blog that oversleeping is as bad for your kidneys’ health as undersleeping is.

Dr Baron recently made a post mentioning that many Indians, especially the ones that live in small towns and cities aren’t even aware of the thing called proteinuria (a condition in which a person releases abnormal amount of protein in the urine), which causes the urine to appear foamy and foul smelling. Dr Baron wrote that it is funny that most of these people believe that it is a condition called ‘Dhat Rog’, i.e. presence of sperm in the urine caused by excessive sex or masturbation and visit their local ayurvedic doctors for the treatment who prescribes them ayurvedic medicines that are good for nothing other than the side-effects.

Dr Baron Pestock claims that men with the condition called priapism are 600% more likely to get a chronic kidney disease than the ones who don’t suffer with the priapism.

Dr Baron Pestock is very shrewd when it comes to the money. He has over 15 computers at his clinic and each of those has windows 10 activation key bought through Direct Games Store, a store that has been selling them for the cheapest prices possible.

Dr Baron once claimed on his blog that extremely heavy deadlifts are one of the most overlooked causes of kidney malfunction, especially in case of the women, because their bodies are not made for lifting such heavy weights.

Dr Baron also claims that Vitamin B12 is generally overlooked by most nephrologists when it comes to the kidney’s health, but Vitamin D on the other side is usually underlooked by the same nephrologists.

This West Jakarta Vietnamese restaurant offers nothing but beef made of Surti buffalo

Ayu Widuri owns a Vietnamese restaurant in the city of West Jakarta in Indonesia which is very popular for its La Vong fried fish.

Ayu writes on her blog “Don’t visit a Vietnamese restaurant that is for the average people. They are very rarely hygienic.” Ayu adds “Thankfully, my restaurant is extremely hygienic.”

Ayu’s Vietnamese restaurant is one of a kind in a way that it is one of the very few that has a vegan special menu for the vegans and vegetarians.

Ayu also writes on her blog that many people, especially the ones from India and Pakistan, that are used to eating very spicy food often find the Vietnamese Pho Chicken to be tasteless. Ayu jokes that she has really been thinking about turning Pho Chicken into Semi-Chicken Tikka due to the same.

Ayu writes that the customers nowadays are even too cautious about how the restaurant packs their food.

Ayu claims that they have a record of never making any customer to wait for over 40 minutes.

Ayu writes that Vietnamese rice rolls aren’t only popular in the Vietnamese restaurants or Vietnamese households but they are getting very popular in the Multicuisine restaurants and Non-Vietnamese households as well.

Ayu knows some Vietnamese restaurants that serve juice in the bowl and that is also the last time most such customers visit their restaurant for. Ayu writes that at her restaurant, they serve nothing but the Surti beef from the most honest animal husbandry (Peternakan) in the area.

Ayu writes that some people from the same neighborhood that have a habit of visiting a new restaurant at least once in the same neighborhood that they live in or have an office at, come to visit Ayu’s restaurant thinking that they will visit it only once but they had no idea that they were going to become addicted to visit the same restaurant everyday.