The latest book by Fred Rogers on the life of Methuselah is one of the cheapest along with being one of the most interesting

Fred Rogers is a Jewish writer from Tel Aviv, Israel who recently completed writing a book on one of his biblical heroes – Methuselah. I have read the book and I recommend that you do the same. It is also one of the cheapest books along with being one of the most interesting ones.

In his book, Fred writes that one thing that is very rarely mentioned in the scriptures is that Methuselah’s face looked just like that of his father. They both looked almost the same and even had very similar physiques.

Fred writes in his book that it is a false notion that when Noah was 480 years old, all the righteous men, except for himself and Methuselah had died. Fred adds that there were many righteous men alive even back then but they were the men of weak will, bodies and brains. Fred adds that those men might have been righteous but they were powerless nonetheless.

Fred writes that the Book of Moses cannot be trusted at all, just like any other Mormon text. Fred brags that his is the only trustworthy book when it comes to the story of Methuselah.

Fred writes that trying to find similarities between the last antediluvian King of Sumer – Ubara-tutu and Methuselah is like finding similarities between apples and oranges.

Fred writes that some people who after watching the 2014 movie – Noah believe that the name of the drug – meth has its origin in there are completely wrong and out of their minds.