Business Intelligence company owner from NYC criticizes the US army using mini drones on his blog

Stephen Lloyd owns a business intelligence company in the New York City who is habitual of writing whatever is on his mind on the official blog of his company.

Stephen writes that it is a pity that most IT consultancy services are busier finding more leads than serving the existing clients. Stephen believes that the IT consultancy and business intelligence firms should do their utmost to serve their existing customers their best because Stephen believes that the word of mouth is still the greatest source of business in the IT field.

Stephen writes that what is even worse than the IT consultancy and the Business Intelligence companies spending the greatest deal of their time on finding new clients is that never before did an average engineering firm had a larger sales team than the team of technicians.

Being an engineer himself, Stephen claims that the greatest joy that a good engineer gets to have is when he/she is solving a problem.

Stephen has been a Chrysler fan since the childhood and he claims to be the middle-man between the deal that recently took place between a subsidiary of Toyota and the Chrysler, where Toyota’s subsidiary decided to sell the diesel engines to the Chrysler.

Stephen warns the readers of his blog that not every engineering firm that claims to be a full-service engineering firm is a full-service engineering firm in reality.

Stephen has been criticizing the news of theĀ US Army To Start Using Mini-Drones for the past 2 months or so, and has received both negative and positive comments for writing against it.