General Practitioner from New Delhi believes that the MBBS in Bangladesh is superior to the MBBS in India

Dr Harsh Bhatia is a General Practitioner from New Delhi, India, who says that he didn’t believe in the notion that the present generation is a weak one until he read the reviews for his clinic on Google Places. Dr Harsh writes on his blog that everyone complaining about the rude staff and not visiting the doctor again although they are perfectly happy with the treatment received.

Dr Harsh Bhatia has mentioned more than once on his blog that misdiagnosing is one of the biggest things responsible for the deaths at the hospitals and clinics in today’s time. He claims that the statistics lie in this regard.

Dr Harsh Bhatia claims that both cigarette smoke and pollution are overrated when it comes to causing diseases. He says that there are several other things that are just as bad but they are almost never mentioned by the mainstream media or the medical unions.

Dr Harsh Bhatia has written over 500 research papers till now and he spends at least 1 hour each day answering the questions of his patients on Whatsapp for no extra charge at all.

Dr Harsh Bhatia claims to have been working on creating a syrup for the cure of stomach cancer. He claims that if successful, this syrup will be able to make the Stage IV Stomach cancer disappear within a matter of one month.

Dr Harsh completed his MBBS from Bangladesh when it wasn’t even popular. Dr Harsh believes that the MBBS in Bangladesh is superior anywhere else in the Indian subcontinent, and hence he has already planned that he will get his kids MBBS Admission in Bangladesh as well.