Even business tycoons now use Facebook live to personally promote their enterprises

Arnold Butler is a German industrialist who like all other industrialists wants to see that cash flow all the time. Arnold is his own person, he doesn’t care about the social norms and stuff in his personal life. Like behind the curtains, he applies ladies’ whitening deodorant for a smoother skin.

Arnold’s one and only is busy playing games on his Xbox all the time which Arnold hates him for. Arnold tries his best to get him involved in his business but his son doesn’t like or care about the business at all.

Arnold hates weak people who cry and whine all the time and you will perhaps be surprised to know that his wife is one of those.

Arnold started his career as a tour guide and today he is a multi-millionaire. Arnold owns a shipping company as well and he loves to see those sea waves.

Arnold claims that all his businesses have been seeing a slower growth rate than expected for the past 7 years but his businesses have been expanding nonetheless. Arnold also claims that he never played a victim in his life and he always had this rough and tough persona which he inherited from his grandmother who was the toughest woman he ever saw.

He remembers how his grandmother and Arnold were once off to do shopping for the whole family before a relative’s wedding when Arnold was a little kid. Outside a tie store, 2 thieves grabbed his grandma’s purse and his grandma alone kicked their asses like in a movie. The crowd nearby was also involved in catching the thieves but his grandma was acting like the popular fictional character ‘Wonder Woman’.

Arnold nowadays does most of the shopping for himself online and he recently did buy Facebook Live viewers to make himself and his businesses more popular globally.

This high achiever loves his Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue

Deborah Esposito sleeps at least 12 hours a day. She barely saves any penny. According to Deborah, “Winning attitude can sometimes lead to disasters”. She says that a human being’s personality is sculptured by the age of 7 and she was nothing but a sloth loser before that and it is impossible for her to be anything else.

Depressive Eastern religions attract Deborah a lot, once Deborah traveled all the way to Himalayas, India to meet yoga, bhakti and meditation gurus, but she discovered that they were all rapists. She immediately came back as she realized that and got back to her lazy sloth life. If ever Deborah tries to push herself harder, she hits the verge of insanity so she says it is better for her to not try it at all.

Deborah’s husband – Vince is quite the opposite. Vince says that money is just a part of the success, the real success to him is the feeling of contentment and fulfillment that comes to him from achieving his goals. He says that money is just an icing on the cake.

Vince always starts with making unrealistic goals. His favorite quote is “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

Vince says that fantasy thinking is what leads to inventions most of the times. He daydreams a lot and has tried several times to invent things but never succeeded. Like most high achievers nowadays, Vince only prefers his bathing water to be heated with natural gas tankless water heater and he likes nothing but best Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue when it comes to bicycling to keep himself fit.

Vince attributes his success and high achievement to his father’s superb efforts to make his studious. His father used to try his best to make Vince study hard and Vince never disappointed him.

Physician from Turin has been recommending Glutei Plus to his patients and others for quite a while now

Dr Ted Caboto is a General Physician from Turin, Italy, who recommends using a cream that goes by the name Glutei Plus to all his patients that have a saggy skin on the butt or anywhere else. He recommends it mostly for the butt though.

Dr Ted’s family believes that he has the caliber to become one of the greatest motivational speakers but he himself lacks the confidence for the same. Dr Ted’s lovely daughter has suggested that he starts with creating and uploading medicine related videos on the Youtube to gain confidence initially and then move on to create motivational videos.

Dr Ted believes that being down-to-earth and friendly really pays off for a physician, he adds that he himself and two of his best friends from the school are the greatest proofs for the same.

Dr Ted claims that friendly but less experienced doctors get more recommendations than their more experienced but not-so-friendly counterparts. Again he gives example of himself and his two best friends from the school in this regard.

Dr Ted brags that he is more successful than both his friends that started off right at the same time when he himself did, not because he is more intelligent or smart, but because he is a bit more passionate than them for the medical profession and also he has a more supportive family as well.

Dr Ted Caboto has been campaigning against the use and abuse of steroids and HGH for about past 2 years now. He claims that after an male stops taking steroids or HGH, his voice gets high pitched, he gives example of American professional wrestlers – Scott Hall, Dwayne Johnson and Scott Steiner to prove it, and if you are a female, your voice gets low pitched after you stop taking them, he gives example of the professional wrestler – Chyna’s voice in this regard. Dr Ted claims that Chyna’s voice get very low-pitched, much lower than many men and it was nothing like that of a female in her last days. Dr Ted seems to be the only one to have noticed it, although I can confirm that the voice of Scott Hall, Dwayne Johnson and Scott Steiner has definitely got high pitched since they retired from professional wrestling, whether it is because they stopped taking steroids or HGH or due to some other reason, I am not sure.

I took a taxi at 3 AM from my hotel in Antwerp to buy the first copy of this unusual book

Shangail Dudley is a Belgian author who has always been an atheist for as long as he can remember and also obsessed with the different religions as well for as long as he can remember. He says that he cannot get over the biblical patriarchs for at least past 2 years now and that’s the reason why almost every book that he has written over this period is somehow related to a biblical patriarch. Shangail’s latest book is a masterpiece and immensely underrated at the same time. The title of the book is “Biblical Patriarchs, Spain and the LGBT Community”, which has managed to sell only 40 copies in the last 2 months. I happen to be one of those 40 buyers and I am happy to be the same. I love Shangail’s books so much that I was in Antwerp when the book was launched and I took a taxi antwerpen at 3 AM from my hotel there just to buy one.

In his book, Shangail claims that we are living in the end times and the earth will be destroyed soon enough but a lot of technology will remain. He adds that the footages of the destruction of the earth will be shown by the religious fanatics to the generations to come so that they don’t lose their faith in god and their religion. Shangail adds that there will be no such category as ‘violent depiction’ after the destruction of the earth, all sort of violent contents will be allowed to watch by the general public including minors.

Shangail claims in his book that the believers of female gods were criticized in the Antediluvian period just like the LGBT community was criticized in the Victorian era.

Most modern history writers are just like the rare alloys that change their shape according to the magnetic field

Arthur Valkan is a Maltese author who has been obsessed with the Russian history for the past 6-7 years now and has written over 15 books on different Russian historical characters till date. His latest book was on Sviatopolk I of Kiev. I have read the book and while reading it, I found the condition and situation of Arthur just like the rare metal alloy that changes its shape in the magnetic field.

In his book, Arthur writes that Sviatopolk regretted the murder of his brothers to a level that it affected his mental, psychological and physical health. Arthur claims that before Sviatopolk murdered his brothers, he was as good as a motivational speaker as Zig Ziglar or Les Brown, but after committing the murders of his brothers, he became extremely paranoid, schizophrenic and feared that their ghosts will come and kill him. Sviatopolk started doubting his near and dear ones, because of two reasons, first, he felt that the ghosts of his brothers will enter the bodies of Sviatopolk’s near and dear ones and plot the killing of Sviatopolk, second, Sviatopolk felt that he had become completely unreliable to his near and dear ones and they fear that he might kill them anytime just like he did his brothers.

Arthur writes that Sviatopolk used to believe in staying fit and healthy. He exercised everyday, ate like a bull and was strong as a bull too.

Arthur claims that Sviatopolk loved palaces so much that he would have been a real estate agent if born in the current times.

Arthur claims that the notion that Vladimir the Great liked Boris and Gleb more than this children has no basis in it and is just a myth.