Most modern history writers are just like the rare alloys that change their shape according to the magnetic field

Arthur Valkan is a Maltese author who has been obsessed with the Russian history for the past 6-7 years now and has written over 15 books on different Russian historical characters till date. His latest book was on Sviatopolk I of Kiev. I have read the book and while reading it, I found the condition and situation of Arthur just like the rare metal alloy that changes its shape in the magnetic field.

In his book, Arthur writes that Sviatopolk regretted the murder of his brothers to a level that it affected his mental, psychological and physical health. Arthur claims that before Sviatopolk murdered his brothers, he was as good as a motivational speaker as Zig Ziglar or Les Brown, but after committing the murders of his brothers, he became extremely paranoid, schizophrenic and feared that their ghosts will come and kill him. Sviatopolk started doubting his near and dear ones, because of two reasons, first, he felt that the ghosts of his brothers will enter the bodies of Sviatopolk’s near and dear ones and plot the killing of Sviatopolk, second, Sviatopolk felt that he had become completely unreliable to his near and dear ones and they fear that he might kill them anytime just like he did his brothers.

Arthur writes that Sviatopolk used to believe in staying fit and healthy. He exercised everyday, ate like a bull and was strong as a bull too.

Arthur claims that Sviatopolk loved palaces so much that he would have been a real estate agent if born in the current times.

Arthur claims that the notion that Vladimir the Great liked Boris and Gleb more than this children has no basis in it and is just a myth.