I took a taxi at 3 AM from my hotel in Antwerp to buy the first copy of this unusual book

Shangail Dudley is a Belgian author who has always been an atheist for as long as he can remember and also obsessed with the different religions as well for as long as he can remember. He says that he cannot get over the biblical patriarchs for at least past 2 years now and that’s the reason why almost every book that he has written over this period is somehow related to a biblical patriarch. Shangail’s latest book is a masterpiece and immensely underrated at the same time. The title of the book is “Biblical Patriarchs, Spain and the LGBT Community”, which has managed to sell only 40 copies in the last 2 months. I happen to be one of those 40 buyers and I am happy to be the same. I love Shangail’s books so much that I was in Antwerp when the book was launched and I took a taxi antwerpen at 3 AM from my hotel there just to buy one.

In his book, Shangail claims that we are living in the end times and the earth will be destroyed soon enough but a lot of technology will remain. He adds that the footages of the destruction of the earth will be shown by the religious fanatics to the generations to come so that they don’t lose their faith in god and their religion. Shangail adds that there will be no such category as ‘violent depiction’ after the destruction of the earth, all sort of violent contents will be allowed to watch by the general public including minors.

Shangail claims in his book that the believers of female gods were criticized in the Antediluvian period just like the LGBT community was criticized in the Victorian era.