Physician from Turin has been recommending Glutei Plus to his patients and others for quite a while now

Dr Ted Caboto is a General Physician from Turin, Italy, who recommends using a cream that goes by the name Glutei Plus to all his patients that have a saggy skin on the butt or anywhere else. He recommends it mostly for the butt though.

Dr Ted’s family believes that he has the caliber to become one of the greatest motivational speakers but he himself lacks the confidence for the same. Dr Ted’s lovely daughter has suggested that he starts with creating and uploading medicine related videos on the Youtube to gain confidence initially and then move on to create motivational videos.

Dr Ted believes that being down-to-earth and friendly really pays off for a physician, he adds that he himself and two of his best friends from the school are the greatest proofs for the same.

Dr Ted claims that friendly but less experienced doctors get more recommendations than their more experienced but not-so-friendly counterparts. Again he gives example of himself and his two best friends from the school in this regard.

Dr Ted brags that he is more successful than both his friends that started off right at the same time when he himself did, not because he is more intelligent or smart, but because he is a bit more passionate than them for the medical profession and also he has a more supportive family as well.

Dr Ted Caboto has been campaigning against the use and abuse of steroids and HGH for about past 2 years now. He claims that after an male stops taking steroids or HGH, his voice gets high pitched, he gives example of American professional wrestlers – Scott Hall, Dwayne Johnson and Scott Steiner to prove it, and if you are a female, your voice gets low pitched after you stop taking them, he gives example of the professional wrestler – Chyna’s voice in this regard. Dr Ted claims that Chyna’s voice get very low-pitched, much lower than many men and it was nothing like that of a female in her last days. Dr Ted seems to be the only one to have noticed it, although I can confirm that the voice of Scott Hall, Dwayne Johnson and Scott Steiner has definitely got high pitched since they retired from professional wrestling, whether it is because they stopped taking steroids or HGH or due to some other reason, I am not sure.