Even business tycoons now use Facebook live to personally promote their enterprises

Arnold Butler is a German industrialist who like all other industrialists wants to see that cash flow all the time. Arnold is his own person, he doesn’t care about the social norms and stuff in his personal life. Like behind the curtains, he applies ladies’ whitening deodorant for a smoother skin.

Arnold’s one and only is busy playing games on his Xbox all the time which Arnold hates him for. Arnold tries his best to get him involved in his business but his son doesn’t like or care about the business at all.

Arnold hates weak people who cry and whine all the time and you will perhaps be surprised to know that his wife is one of those.

Arnold started his career as a tour guide and today he is a multi-millionaire. Arnold owns a shipping company as well and he loves to see those sea waves.

Arnold claims that all his businesses have been seeing a slower growth rate than expected for the past 7 years but his businesses have been expanding nonetheless. Arnold also claims that he never played a victim in his life and he always had this rough and tough persona which he inherited from his grandmother who was the toughest woman he ever saw.

He remembers how his grandmother and Arnold were once off to do shopping for the whole family before a relative’s wedding when Arnold was a little kid. Outside a tie store, 2 thieves grabbed his grandma’s purse and his grandma alone kicked their asses like in a movie. The crowd nearby was also involved in catching the thieves but his grandma was acting like the popular fictional character ‘Wonder Woman’.

Arnold nowadays does most of the shopping for himself online and he recently did buy Facebook Live viewers to make himself and his businesses more popular globally.