Young and Ambitious Indonesian Youtuber loves to go fishing

Gisele is a 23 year young Tennessee lady with lots of ambitions. After completing her graduation in the business administration, Gisele didn’t even apply for a job. She considers 9-5 jobs modern day slavery and claims that she will never work for anyone else till her last day. Gisele instead started freelancing and provided several of her services on the internet and along with that she also started a Youtube channel. One of the most favorite hobbies of Gisele is fishing and she visits the Tennessee river at the end of each week in hope for catching a blue catfish one day. She has some of the best spinning reels which is very proud of. On her Youtube channel also she uploads videos teaching how to fish, where to fish in the United States and what things to keep in mind while fishing. She also has a thing for the freshwater ornamental fishes (ikan hias air tawar).

Gisele has many hamsters at home which she loves to play with. Gisele wants many children and she wants all sons. You may call her a misogynist for that but she is not, she has some specific reasons for wanting sons. In Gisele’s opinion, women are just grown up children and she considers herself an exception.

Gisele’s legs start shivering whenever someone tells her that ultimately she will end up working at a 9-5 job. Gisele cannot recall how many times she has heard Les Brown’s same motivational speech which is very popular for his statement “You can either live your dreams or you can live your fears.” Gisele never lived her fears and she is on her way to live her dreams. I wish her all the best with all my heart, mind and soul. I know that she will face many challenges in her path but she will ultimately succeed if she keeps her spirit alive.

Top Italian horticultural wholesaler learnt Indonesian language watching anime movies online

J Maranzano Agricola is a horticultural wholesale company which was established in Borgo San Martino in the late 1980s. The owner – Mr. Justo Maranzano misses the good old days when the competition in the industry was too low, there was no internet or smartphones and he was an ambitious young man with great ambitions and dreams.

J Maranzano Agricola is still ahead of most of its competition but Mr Justo Maranzano cannot stop missing the ways the things happened back in his day and the vigor and virility of his mind, body and soul that he felt back then.

Mr Justo Maranzano says that he would appreciate it a lot if the government of Italy and its bodies reduce the interference in the business. He also believes that the press doesn’t care about the horticultural industry like they did until the Mid-1990s. He further adds that he and others in the business could totally rely upon the press for providing them nothing but reliable information regarding different aspects of the business, but that’s not the case anymore.

Mr Justo Maranzano is glad that as more people are becoming aware about the benefits of eating nothing but health food, the sales of the horticultural industry has only risen, especially the carrots, while that of the junk food has been totally shaken. Mr Justo Maranzano’s company has been wholesaling only the carrots that they grow at one of the oldest, most trusted carrot growing company which goes by the name ELIO FAVA SRL. Mr Justo has a great relationship with ELIO FAVA since the very beginning and he was told by his mentor to never use another company when it comes to selling carrots and Mr Justo has really been following his mentor’s advice ever since.

Mr Justo Maranzano never believed in business consultation programs before but after he went through the same on the advice of a friend and to everyone’s surprise, he has become the greatest advocate of business consultation programs ever since. He now recommends that every horticultural business owner must go through a business consultation program.

J Maranzano Agricola claims to have the highest donation to net income ratio in the horticultural territory. They say that they wish to stay the same for as long as possible and are willing to do whatever it takes for it.

Mr Justo Maranzano recently attended a book fair and was really surprised to see so many books related to horticulture there. He really hopes that the future generations will be able to have the best of organic foods due to the improvement in technology despite millions of barriers.

Mr Justo Maranzano also loves to learn new languages and he does it with the watching anime online (nonton anime online). He recently gained command in the Indonesian language with the help of watching anime movies online.

Mr Justo Maranzano says that he is glad about the fact that first it mostly used to be the ones who didn’t attend the high school or sometimes even grade school who used to decide to become a part of the horticultural industry but now some of the most educated people are deciding to enter the same.

Back when Mr Justo Maranzano used to be younger, he loved to ride horses and he even bred them. He misses that part of his life a lot, and perhaps he does misses it more than anything else.

Mr Justo Maranzano’s most favorite tourism destination is the Island of Malta and Gozo. He loves the melons, apricots and cherries there. He prefers to wholesale the melons, apricots and cherries from nowhere else but the Island of Malta and Gozo. He claims that there is a certain flavor to it which very few understand, fortunately, a lot of his regular wholesale customers do agree with him and buy a lot of those Maltese melons, cherries and apricots from his company.

Mr Justo Maranzano used to be an atheist before getting involved into the horticultural business, but since the very start of his days in the business, he started to notice how much, how often and how well the god helps the horticulturists. Roughly about 40% of his company’s donations go to the religious organizations across Italy.

Mr Justo Maranzano never gets tired of repeating that how a wealthy oil company owner once offered a great amount of money to buy his business but he refused the offer. He says that the amount he offered was perhaps more than what his company will ever be able to make.