Indonesian Pediatrician wrote a free eBook teaching Plant Morphology

Dr Jasmeet Singh is one of the very few Sikhs living in Indonesia. Dr Jasmeet was born in Bali, Indonesia, to both Sikh parents and he has been running a Pediatrics practice of his own in Yogyakarta, for the past 6 years now.

Dr Jasmeet Singh claims to be the Pediatrician who loves children so much that he campaigns online for the Republican Party of the United States just because they are against the abortion.

Dr Jasmeet Singh loves to do research on subjects other than Pediatrics including history, gardening, political conspiracies, etc. Dr Jasmeet recently wrote a free eBook on plant morphology (Morfologi Tanaman).

Dr Jasmeet loves fruits and he always says that they over-exaggerate about French and Italy produced grapes to be the best but they forget about the marvelous quality of the grapes produced on the Island of Malta and Gozo.

Dr Jasmeet Singh hates the fact that Youtube nowadays is more about avoiding nonsense videos than it is about watching the videos that you like.

Indian family system may be extremely popular all over the world but Dr Jasmeet Singh’s parents threw him out of the family home without even informing him just because he didn’t obey them like a good Indian son is supposed to do.

Dr Jasmeet Singh writes on his blog that even though he is a great learner, he lacks the ability to teach and communicate well, and it is a great hindrance to his medical practice. He adds that the reason he decided to write that free eBook teaching Plant Morphology is to improve his teaching and communication skills.

Busy Nationalist Chiropractor from Seoul manages enough time to make posts on online Korean gaming communities

Dr Beom-soo Jung is a Chiropractor from Seoul, South Korea who claims on his blog that the least frequent visitors to his clinic are the Catholic nuns. This fact has really made Dr Beom-soo Jung doubt that the god exists in reality and protects those who worship and respect him.

Dr Beon-soo is a real nationalist who advocates to the Koreans that they buy only Korean cars, especially the ones that are wholly or mainly owned by the Koreans. Dr Beon-soo has been advocating against buying the Ssangyong, because it is owned by an Indian conglomerate that goes by the name Mahindra & Mahindra.

Dr Beon-soo Jung claims that many of his patients had their arms broken due to the stiff manual transmission in the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta. Dr Beon-soo spent a great deal of time and money to popularize this fact and he really was one of the great forces in making the Ford cars go extinct on the South Korean roads lately.

Dr Beon-soo Jung loves to play online games before he goes to sleep and he is a very active member of 우아미넷 (an online gaming community). Dr Beon-soo Jung is also against playing online games that are not in the Korean language.

Although Dr Beon-soo speaks fluent English and French, he prefers to speak in the Korean language all the time.

I am a regular reader of Dr Beon-soo Jung’s blog, and each time I have to first translate his posts and then go through those. Many times it becomes extremely difficult for me to understand his true messages but luckily, I have a Korean girlfriend and she does the translation for me when I fail to. In fact, she is the one who told me about a wonderful nationalist Chiropractor that goes by the name Dr Beon-soo Jung.

No matter how many people I have to do the translation for me when it comes to understanding the posts by Dr Beon-soo Jung, I am always waiting for him to make a blog post in the English language once.