Podiatrist from San Antonio wears a ‘Razor Ramon Wig’ to his practice everyday

Dr Harish Tuli is a Podiatrist from San Antonio, Texas, who claims on his blog that the older women with higher estrogen levels are on a lesser risk of getting foot diseases when compared to their counterparts with low or average estrogen levels, but the case seems to be the opposite when it comes to the men with higher testosterone levels, they are the ones who are most likely to get foot disorders in the old age. He then adds that it perhaps has something to do with the men with high testosterone levels participating a lot in sports and other outdoor activities.

Dr Harish Tuli was always interested in aggressive sports activities like wrestling, boxing and similar, but he discovered that it affected his talent as a doctor and therefore, he abandoned those all, the day he learnt the same.

Dr Harish Tuli was always interested in having hair like the Razor Ramon of WWF, but he lost as much as half of the hair on his head by the time he hit the age of 34, but no problem, wigstoreonline hair came to his rescue and gave him the perfect Razor Ramon style wig to fulfill his dream of having hair like Razor.

Dr Harish Tuli claims on his blog that angry people tend to have more foot related diseases in general including his friends, family members and others whom he is very well familiar with and knows how angry they tend to become on small things.

Dr Harish Tuli writes on his blog that he is happy that the Globalisation has had nothing but positive impact on the study of Podiatry.