Psychologist from Carson City, Nevada makes too many outrageous statements on her blog, some of which you would love to hate

Dr Jasmine Santiago is a Psychologist from Carson City, Nevada, who claims that eating bird meat (including chicken and duck) is bad for the overall psychological health of a person, she writes on her blog that she has always openly defied the earlier belief which was rather the opposite, i.e., earlier it was believed that eating bird meat is good for a person’s psychological health. Dr Jasmine Santiago further adds on her blog that eating fish is a lot worst for a person’s psychological health than eating bird meat and it is a pity that the unions of psychologists across the globe are silent about this fact and the overall population of earth has been eating more fishes than ever before.

Dr Jasmine Santiago writes on her blog that the taller people are more likely to be clinically depressed than their shorter counterparts. And also she adds that non-medicinal therapies like eating health food, spending more quality time with your partner like using truth or dare questions for couples for your entertainment, etc, seems to have more positive impact on the taller people than their shorter counterparts.

Dr Jasmine Santiago advises on her blog for not serving bland food to a patient suffering with some sort of psychological disorder. She adds that although there are no studies or surveys to back up her claim, she tells with 100% certainty that eating such foods for a psychological patient is never a good thing.

Dr Jasmine Santiago has always been fond of reading history and she claims that she has come to the conclusion that the adults belonging to the warrior tribes are the least likely to suffer with depression but most likely to suffer with schizophrenia. She also listed names of several countries and tribes, and the sort of highly persistent psychological illnesses there to back up her claim.