Psychologist from Carson City, Nevada makes too many outrageous statements on her blog, some of which you would love to hate

Dr Jasmine Santiago is a Psychologist from Carson City, Nevada, who claims that eating bird meat (including chicken and duck) is bad for the overall psychological health of a person, she writes on her blog that she has always openly defied the earlier belief which was rather the opposite, i.e., earlier it was believed that eating bird meat is good for a person’s psychological health. Dr Jasmine Santiago further adds on her blog that eating fish is a lot worst for a person’s psychological health than eating bird meat and it is a pity that the unions of psychologists across the globe are silent about this fact and the overall population of earth has been eating more fishes than ever before.

Dr Jasmine Santiago writes on her blog that the taller people are more likely to be clinically depressed than their shorter counterparts. And also she adds that non-medicinal therapies like eating health food, spending more quality time with your partner like using truth or dare questions for couples for your entertainment, etc, seems to have more positive impact on the taller people than their shorter counterparts.

Dr Jasmine Santiago advises on her blog for not serving bland food to a patient suffering with some sort of psychological disorder. She adds that although there are no studies or surveys to back up her claim, she tells with 100% certainty that eating such foods for a psychological patient is never a good thing.

Dr Jasmine Santiago has always been fond of reading history and she claims that she has come to the conclusion that the adults belonging to the warrior tribes are the least likely to suffer with depression but most likely to suffer with schizophrenia. She also listed names of several countries and tribes, and the sort of highly persistent psychological illnesses there to back up her claim.

Podiatrist from San Antonio wears a ‘Razor Ramon Wig’ to his practice everyday

Dr Harish Tuli is a Podiatrist from San Antonio, Texas, who claims on his blog that the older women with higher estrogen levels are on a lesser risk of getting foot diseases when compared to their counterparts with low or average estrogen levels, but the case seems to be the opposite when it comes to the men with higher testosterone levels, they are the ones who are most likely to get foot disorders in the old age. He then adds that it perhaps has something to do with the men with high testosterone levels participating a lot in sports and other outdoor activities.

Dr Harish Tuli was always interested in aggressive sports activities like wrestling, boxing and similar, but he discovered that it affected his talent as a doctor and therefore, he abandoned those all, the day he learnt the same.

Dr Harish Tuli was always interested in having hair like the Razor Ramon of WWF, but he lost as much as half of the hair on his head by the time he hit the age of 34, but no problem, wigstoreonline hair came to his rescue and gave him the perfect Razor Ramon style wig to fulfill his dream of having hair like Razor.

Dr Harish Tuli claims on his blog that angry people tend to have more foot related diseases in general including his friends, family members and others whom he is very well familiar with and knows how angry they tend to become on small things.

Dr Harish Tuli writes on his blog that he is happy that the Globalisation has had nothing but positive impact on the study of Podiatry.

Podiatrist from Indore, India, claims that more Grandparents than ever before enjoy WatchSeries with their Grandchildren on a regular basis

Dr Lakhan Badola is a Podiatrist from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that many people from the big cities of India have too much confidence on their big city doctors and too little confidence on the small town doctors.

Well, Indore is neither a big city, nor a small town, but Dr Lakhan Badola writes on his blog that when Indian patients belonging to the major cities of India, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc come to Indore and all of a sudden, they get some issue on their foot while still in the Indore city, instead of seeing a Podiatrist in Indore, they wait till they get back to their hometown.

Dr Lakhan Badola writes on his blog that it is really a pity that in many Southeast Asian countries, including India, most people aren’t even aware of the term ‘Podiatrist’.

Dr Lakhan writes on his blog that it is fascinating to him that how average modern grandparents of India care so much more about their grandbabies, many times a lot more than the parents themselves, he adds. They play with their grandchildren, watch their favorite watchseries with them, etc.

Dr Lakhan claims on his blog that he lived in the nation of Ghana for a couple of years, and he was shocked to see that most people there believe that certain foot diseases are a sign of demonic possession. He claims that he tried his best to make the average people of Ghana about those certain foot diseases by different campaigns, only to find them offending him in dangerous ways. He adds that the ones who were a little educated were incorrigible in this regard, while the uneducated ones took it as an offense and became sometimes violent as well to the person destroying their beliefs.

Makassar’s Passionate GP’s Passionate Online Businesswoman Wife makes more Money than he does with his Medical Practice

Dr Badrul Warraich is a General Practitioner from Makassar, Indonesia, who claims to have been working on finding a foolproof prevention to all the gynecologic cancers. He writes on his blog that once he is able to find a foolproof prevention of one gynecologic cancer, he is certain that to find the prevention for all the rest is not going to be a big deal from thereon. He writes that his gut feeling tells him that the uterine cancer will be the first of those.

Dr Badrul claims that the usage of gadgets is highly responsible for Renal Artery Stenosis and it is a pity that the Nephrologists in any part of the world, don’t seem to be much concerned about it. He adds that he really wished if he could practice all different branches of medical science in this short life and make the world a better and healthier place.

Dr Badrul also wishes if he could find enough time to run his own bisnis online, just like his wife, who makes more money than himself running an online business of hers.

Dr Badrul claims to have recently came across an African tribe that believes it to be a sign of giving birth to a demonic child if the mother of the child out of a sudden starts suffering with an Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) during pregnancy.

Dr Badrul claims to know many social reformers on his blog. He writes that each of them is always having one health issue or another. He adds that they are the most prone to getting common cold in the winters. He adds that seeing such kind-hearted social reformers suffering with different diseases and/or disorders all the time, really makes him question the concept of god. He writes that his disbelief in god strengthens each time he sees such lovely people suffering so much in this so-called most beautiful creation of the so-called god.

Indonesian Pediatrician wrote a free eBook teaching Plant Morphology

Dr Jasmeet Singh is one of the very few Sikhs living in Indonesia. Dr Jasmeet was born in Bali, Indonesia, to both Sikh parents and he has been running a Pediatrics practice of his own in Yogyakarta, for the past 6 years now.

Dr Jasmeet Singh claims to be the Pediatrician who loves children so much that he campaigns online for the Republican Party of the United States just because they are against the abortion.

Dr Jasmeet Singh loves to do research on subjects other than Pediatrics including history, gardening, political conspiracies, etc. Dr Jasmeet recently wrote a free eBook on plant morphology (Morfologi Tanaman).

Dr Jasmeet loves fruits and he always says that they over-exaggerate about French and Italy produced grapes to be the best but they forget about the marvelous quality of the grapes produced on the Island of Malta and Gozo.

Dr Jasmeet Singh hates the fact that Youtube nowadays is more about avoiding nonsense videos than it is about watching the videos that you like.

Indian family system may be extremely popular all over the world but Dr Jasmeet Singh’s parents threw him out of the family home without even informing him just because he didn’t obey them like a good Indian son is supposed to do.

Dr Jasmeet Singh writes on his blog that even though he is a great learner, he lacks the ability to teach and communicate well, and it is a great hindrance to his medical practice. He adds that the reason he decided to write that free eBook teaching Plant Morphology is to improve his teaching and communication skills.

Busy Nationalist Chiropractor from Seoul manages enough time to make posts on online Korean gaming communities

Dr Beom-soo Jung is a Chiropractor from Seoul, South Korea who claims on his blog that the least frequent visitors to his clinic are the Catholic nuns. This fact has really made Dr Beom-soo Jung doubt that the god exists in reality and protects those who worship and respect him.

Dr Beon-soo is a real nationalist who advocates to the Koreans that they buy only Korean cars, especially the ones that are wholly or mainly owned by the Koreans. Dr Beon-soo has been advocating against buying the Ssangyong, because it is owned by an Indian conglomerate that goes by the name Mahindra & Mahindra.

Dr Beon-soo Jung claims that many of his patients had their arms broken due to the stiff manual transmission in the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta. Dr Beon-soo spent a great deal of time and money to popularize this fact and he really was one of the great forces in making the Ford cars go extinct on the South Korean roads lately.

Dr Beon-soo Jung loves to play online games before he goes to sleep and he is a very active member of 우아미넷 (an online gaming community). Dr Beon-soo Jung is also against playing online games that are not in the Korean language.

Although Dr Beon-soo speaks fluent English and French, he prefers to speak in the Korean language all the time.

I am a regular reader of Dr Beon-soo Jung’s blog, and each time I have to first translate his posts and then go through those. Many times it becomes extremely difficult for me to understand his true messages but luckily, I have a Korean girlfriend and she does the translation for me when I fail to. In fact, she is the one who told me about a wonderful nationalist Chiropractor that goes by the name Dr Beon-soo Jung.

No matter how many people I have to do the translation for me when it comes to understanding the posts by Dr Beon-soo Jung, I am always waiting for him to make a blog post in the English language once.

Young and Ambitious Indonesian Youtuber loves to go fishing

Gisele is a 23 year young Tennessee lady with lots of ambitions. After completing her graduation in the business administration, Gisele didn’t even apply for a job. She considers 9-5 jobs modern day slavery and claims that she will never work for anyone else till her last day. Gisele instead started freelancing and provided several of her services on the internet and along with that she also started a Youtube channel. One of the most favorite hobbies of Gisele is fishing and she visits the Tennessee river at the end of each week in hope for catching a blue catfish one day. She has some of the best spinning reels which is very proud of. On her Youtube channel also she uploads videos teaching how to fish, where to fish in the United States and what things to keep in mind while fishing. She also has a thing for the freshwater ornamental fishes (ikan hias air tawar).

Gisele has many hamsters at home which she loves to play with. Gisele wants many children and she wants all sons. You may call her a misogynist for that but she is not, she has some specific reasons for wanting sons. In Gisele’s opinion, women are just grown up children and she considers herself an exception.

Gisele’s legs start shivering whenever someone tells her that ultimately she will end up working at a 9-5 job. Gisele cannot recall how many times she has heard Les Brown’s same motivational speech which is very popular for his statement “You can either live your dreams or you can live your fears.” Gisele never lived her fears and she is on her way to live her dreams. I wish her all the best with all my heart, mind and soul. I know that she will face many challenges in her path but she will ultimately succeed if she keeps her spirit alive.

Top Italian horticultural wholesaler learnt Indonesian language watching anime movies online

J Maranzano Agricola is a horticultural wholesale company which was established in Borgo San Martino in the late 1980s. The owner – Mr. Justo Maranzano misses the good old days when the competition in the industry was too low, there was no internet or smartphones and he was an ambitious young man with great ambitions and dreams.

J Maranzano Agricola is still ahead of most of its competition but Mr Justo Maranzano cannot stop missing the ways the things happened back in his day and the vigor and virility of his mind, body and soul that he felt back then.

Mr Justo Maranzano says that he would appreciate it a lot if the government of Italy and its bodies reduce the interference in the business. He also believes that the press doesn’t care about the horticultural industry like they did until the Mid-1990s. He further adds that he and others in the business could totally rely upon the press for providing them nothing but reliable information regarding different aspects of the business, but that’s not the case anymore.

Mr Justo Maranzano is glad that as more people are becoming aware about the benefits of eating nothing but health food, the sales of the horticultural industry has only risen, especially the carrots, while that of the junk food has been totally shaken. Mr Justo Maranzano’s company has been wholesaling only the carrots that they grow at one of the oldest, most trusted carrot growing company which goes by the name ELIO FAVA SRL. Mr Justo has a great relationship with ELIO FAVA since the very beginning and he was told by his mentor to never use another company when it comes to selling carrots and Mr Justo has really been following his mentor’s advice ever since.

Mr Justo Maranzano never believed in business consultation programs before but after he went through the same on the advice of a friend and to everyone’s surprise, he has become the greatest advocate of business consultation programs ever since. He now recommends that every horticultural business owner must go through a business consultation program.

J Maranzano Agricola claims to have the highest donation to net income ratio in the horticultural territory. They say that they wish to stay the same for as long as possible and are willing to do whatever it takes for it.

Mr Justo Maranzano recently attended a book fair and was really surprised to see so many books related to horticulture there. He really hopes that the future generations will be able to have the best of organic foods due to the improvement in technology despite millions of barriers.

Mr Justo Maranzano also loves to learn new languages and he does it with the watching anime online (nonton anime online). He recently gained command in the Indonesian language with the help of watching anime movies online.

Mr Justo Maranzano says that he is glad about the fact that first it mostly used to be the ones who didn’t attend the high school or sometimes even grade school who used to decide to become a part of the horticultural industry but now some of the most educated people are deciding to enter the same.

Back when Mr Justo Maranzano used to be younger, he loved to ride horses and he even bred them. He misses that part of his life a lot, and perhaps he does misses it more than anything else.

Mr Justo Maranzano’s most favorite tourism destination is the Island of Malta and Gozo. He loves the melons, apricots and cherries there. He prefers to wholesale the melons, apricots and cherries from nowhere else but the Island of Malta and Gozo. He claims that there is a certain flavor to it which very few understand, fortunately, a lot of his regular wholesale customers do agree with him and buy a lot of those Maltese melons, cherries and apricots from his company.

Mr Justo Maranzano used to be an atheist before getting involved into the horticultural business, but since the very start of his days in the business, he started to notice how much, how often and how well the god helps the horticulturists. Roughly about 40% of his company’s donations go to the religious organizations across Italy.

Mr Justo Maranzano never gets tired of repeating that how a wealthy oil company owner once offered a great amount of money to buy his business but he refused the offer. He says that the amount he offered was perhaps more than what his company will ever be able to make.

Even business tycoons now use Facebook live to personally promote their enterprises

Arnold Butler is a German industrialist who like all other industrialists wants to see that cash flow all the time. Arnold is his own person, he doesn’t care about the social norms and stuff in his personal life. Like behind the curtains, he applies ladies’ whitening deodorant for a smoother skin.

Arnold’s one and only is busy playing games on his Xbox all the time which Arnold hates him for. Arnold tries his best to get him involved in his business but his son doesn’t like or care about the business at all.

Arnold hates weak people who cry and whine all the time and you will perhaps be surprised to know that his wife is one of those.

Arnold started his career as a tour guide and today he is a multi-millionaire. Arnold owns a shipping company as well and he loves to see those sea waves.

Arnold claims that all his businesses have been seeing a slower growth rate than expected for the past 7 years but his businesses have been expanding nonetheless. Arnold also claims that he never played a victim in his life and he always had this rough and tough persona which he inherited from his grandmother who was the toughest woman he ever saw.

He remembers how his grandmother and Arnold were once off to do shopping for the whole family before a relative’s wedding when Arnold was a little kid. Outside a tie store, 2 thieves grabbed his grandma’s purse and his grandma alone kicked their asses like in a movie. The crowd nearby was also involved in catching the thieves but his grandma was acting like the popular fictional character ‘Wonder Woman’.

Arnold nowadays does most of the shopping for himself online and he recently did buy Facebook Live viewers to make himself and his businesses more popular globally.

This high achiever loves his Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue

Deborah Esposito sleeps at least 12 hours a day. She barely saves any penny. According to Deborah, “Winning attitude can sometimes lead to disasters”. She says that a human being’s personality is sculptured by the age of 7 and she was nothing but a sloth loser before that and it is impossible for her to be anything else.

Depressive Eastern religions attract Deborah a lot, once Deborah traveled all the way to Himalayas, India to meet yoga, bhakti and meditation gurus, but she discovered that they were all rapists. She immediately came back as she realized that and got back to her lazy sloth life. If ever Deborah tries to push herself harder, she hits the verge of insanity so she says it is better for her to not try it at all.

Deborah’s husband – Vince is quite the opposite. Vince says that money is just a part of the success, the real success to him is the feeling of contentment and fulfillment that comes to him from achieving his goals. He says that money is just an icing on the cake.

Vince always starts with making unrealistic goals. His favorite quote is “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

Vince says that fantasy thinking is what leads to inventions most of the times. He daydreams a lot and has tried several times to invent things but never succeeded. Like most high achievers nowadays, Vince only prefers his bathing water to be heated with natural gas tankless water heater and he likes nothing but best Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue when it comes to bicycling to keep himself fit.

Vince attributes his success and high achievement to his father’s superb efforts to make his studious. His father used to try his best to make Vince study hard and Vince never disappointed him.

Physician from Turin has been recommending Glutei Plus to his patients and others for quite a while now

Dr Ted Caboto is a General Physician from Turin, Italy, who recommends using a cream that goes by the name Glutei Plus to all his patients that have a saggy skin on the butt or anywhere else. He recommends it mostly for the butt though.

Dr Ted’s family believes that he has the caliber to become one of the greatest motivational speakers but he himself lacks the confidence for the same. Dr Ted’s lovely daughter has suggested that he starts with creating and uploading medicine related videos on the Youtube to gain confidence initially and then move on to create motivational videos.

Dr Ted believes that being down-to-earth and friendly really pays off for a physician, he adds that he himself and two of his best friends from the school are the greatest proofs for the same.

Dr Ted claims that friendly but less experienced doctors get more recommendations than their more experienced but not-so-friendly counterparts. Again he gives example of himself and his two best friends from the school in this regard.

Dr Ted brags that he is more successful than both his friends that started off right at the same time when he himself did, not because he is more intelligent or smart, but because he is a bit more passionate than them for the medical profession and also he has a more supportive family as well.

Dr Ted Caboto has been campaigning against the use and abuse of steroids and HGH for about past 2 years now. He claims that after an male stops taking steroids or HGH, his voice gets high pitched, he gives example of American professional wrestlers – Scott Hall, Dwayne Johnson and Scott Steiner to prove it, and if you are a female, your voice gets low pitched after you stop taking them, he gives example of the professional wrestler – Chyna’s voice in this regard. Dr Ted claims that Chyna’s voice get very low-pitched, much lower than many men and it was nothing like that of a female in her last days. Dr Ted seems to be the only one to have noticed it, although I can confirm that the voice of Scott Hall, Dwayne Johnson and Scott Steiner has definitely got high pitched since they retired from professional wrestling, whether it is because they stopped taking steroids or HGH or due to some other reason, I am not sure.

I took a taxi at 3 AM from my hotel in Antwerp to buy the first copy of this unusual book

Shangail Dudley is a Belgian author who has always been an atheist for as long as he can remember and also obsessed with the different religions as well for as long as he can remember. He says that he cannot get over the biblical patriarchs for at least past 2 years now and that’s the reason why almost every book that he has written over this period is somehow related to a biblical patriarch. Shangail’s latest book is a masterpiece and immensely underrated at the same time. The title of the book is “Biblical Patriarchs, Spain and the LGBT Community”, which has managed to sell only 40 copies in the last 2 months. I happen to be one of those 40 buyers and I am happy to be the same. I love Shangail’s books so much that I was in Antwerp when the book was launched and I took a taxi antwerpen at 3 AM from my hotel there just to buy one.

In his book, Shangail claims that we are living in the end times and the earth will be destroyed soon enough but a lot of technology will remain. He adds that the footages of the destruction of the earth will be shown by the religious fanatics to the generations to come so that they don’t lose their faith in god and their religion. Shangail adds that there will be no such category as ‘violent depiction’ after the destruction of the earth, all sort of violent contents will be allowed to watch by the general public including minors.

Shangail claims in his book that the believers of female gods were criticized in the Antediluvian period just like the LGBT community was criticized in the Victorian era.

Most modern history writers are just like the rare alloys that change their shape according to the magnetic field

Arthur Valkan is a Maltese author who has been obsessed with the Russian history for the past 6-7 years now and has written over 15 books on different Russian historical characters till date. His latest book was on Sviatopolk I of Kiev. I have read the book and while reading it, I found the condition and situation of Arthur just like the rare metal alloy that changes its shape in the magnetic field.

In his book, Arthur writes that Sviatopolk regretted the murder of his brothers to a level that it affected his mental, psychological and physical health. Arthur claims that before Sviatopolk murdered his brothers, he was as good as a motivational speaker as Zig Ziglar or Les Brown, but after committing the murders of his brothers, he became extremely paranoid, schizophrenic and feared that their ghosts will come and kill him. Sviatopolk started doubting his near and dear ones, because of two reasons, first, he felt that the ghosts of his brothers will enter the bodies of Sviatopolk’s near and dear ones and plot the killing of Sviatopolk, second, Sviatopolk felt that he had become completely unreliable to his near and dear ones and they fear that he might kill them anytime just like he did his brothers.

Arthur writes that Sviatopolk used to believe in staying fit and healthy. He exercised everyday, ate like a bull and was strong as a bull too.

Arthur claims that Sviatopolk loved palaces so much that he would have been a real estate agent if born in the current times.

Arthur claims that the notion that Vladimir the Great liked Boris and Gleb more than this children has no basis in it and is just a myth.

General Practitioner from New Delhi believes that the MBBS in Bangladesh is superior to the MBBS in India

Dr Harsh Bhatia is a General Practitioner from New Delhi, India, who says that he didn’t believe in the notion that the present generation is a weak one until he read the reviews for his clinic on Google Places. Dr Harsh writes on his blog that everyone complaining about the rude staff and not visiting the doctor again although they are perfectly happy with the treatment received.

Dr Harsh Bhatia has mentioned more than once on his blog that misdiagnosing is one of the biggest things responsible for the deaths at the hospitals and clinics in today’s time. He claims that the statistics lie in this regard.

Dr Harsh Bhatia claims that both cigarette smoke and pollution are overrated when it comes to causing diseases. He says that there are several other things that are just as bad but they are almost never mentioned by the mainstream media or the medical unions.

Dr Harsh Bhatia has written over 500 research papers till now and he spends at least 1 hour each day answering the questions of his patients on Whatsapp for no extra charge at all.

Dr Harsh Bhatia claims to have been working on creating a syrup for the cure of stomach cancer. He claims that if successful, this syrup will be able to make the Stage IV Stomach cancer disappear within a matter of one month.

Dr Harsh completed his MBBS from Bangladesh when it wasn’t even popular. Dr Harsh believes that the MBBS in Bangladesh is superior anywhere else in the Indian subcontinent, and hence he has already planned that he will get his kids MBBS Admission in Bangladesh as well.

German-American optometrist is very proud of his genius and fine looking clinic

Dr Herr Fischer is a German-born American optometrist who is extremely outspoken on his blog. Dr Herr claims that one of the reasons why he maintains that blog is to improve his command in the English language.

Dr Herr writes on his blog that those belonging to the hotter regions are prone to getting different eye disorders than the ones who belong to the colder regions.

Dr Herr writes that contrary to the popular belief, the teenagers of the current generation have healthier eyes than their peers had during their teenage years. Dr Herr believes that the unions of optometrists and other interest holders have been spreading these lies to make money.

Dr Herr writes on his blog that it is a pity that the modern optometry related mass companies care more about their profits than the health of their patient’s eyes.

Dr Herr has an optometrist friend in Germany who hasn’t been going to his clinic for the past 2 years, she has been working full-time from her home to find cures for the eye diseases which are believed to be incurable by the modern optometrists.

Dr Herr believes that there is a lot more that the auto refractors of the future will be able to do that most cannot even imagine now. Just like nobody could imagine that an optometrist’s clinic could look so good because of the Fine Art, just a couple of decades ago.

Dr Herr claims that there are several eye disorders and diseases that are mostly a result of wearing contact lenses regularly for months, years or decades, but due to the influence of the super-wealthy and powerful contact lens manufacturers, nobody is raising a brow on them. Dr Herr claims that one of the most overlooked side-effects of wearing contact lenses is its sedative effect of it, which can even lead to instant sleep for some and without a doubt results in several car accidents across the globe each year.

Business Intelligence company owner from NYC criticizes the US army using mini drones on his blog

Stephen Lloyd owns a business intelligence company in the New York City who is habitual of writing whatever is on his mind on the official blog of his company.

Stephen writes that it is a pity that most IT consultancy services are busier finding more leads than serving the existing clients. Stephen believes that the IT consultancy and business intelligence firms should do their utmost to serve their existing customers their best because Stephen believes that the word of mouth is still the greatest source of business in the IT field.

Stephen writes that what is even worse than the IT consultancy and the Business Intelligence companies spending the greatest deal of their time on finding new clients is that never before did an average engineering firm had a larger sales team than the team of technicians.

Being an engineer himself, Stephen claims that the greatest joy that a good engineer gets to have is when he/she is solving a problem.

Stephen has been a Chrysler fan since the childhood and he claims to be the middle-man between the deal that recently took place between a subsidiary of Toyota and the Chrysler, where Toyota’s subsidiary decided to sell the diesel engines to the Chrysler.

Stephen warns the readers of his blog that not every engineering firm that claims to be a full-service engineering firm is a full-service engineering firm in reality.

Stephen has been criticizing the news of the US Army To Start Using Mini-Drones for the past 2 months or so, and has received both negative and positive comments for writing against it.

The latest book by Fred Rogers on the life of Methuselah is one of the cheapest along with being one of the most interesting

Fred Rogers is a Jewish writer from Tel Aviv, Israel who recently completed writing a book on one of his biblical heroes – Methuselah. I have read the book and I recommend that you do the same. It is also one of the cheapest books along with being one of the most interesting ones.

In his book, Fred writes that one thing that is very rarely mentioned in the scriptures is that Methuselah’s face looked just like that of his father. They both looked almost the same and even had very similar physiques.

Fred writes in his book that it is a false notion that when Noah was 480 years old, all the righteous men, except for himself and Methuselah had died. Fred adds that there were many righteous men alive even back then but they were the men of weak will, bodies and brains. Fred adds that those men might have been righteous but they were powerless nonetheless.

Fred writes that the Book of Moses cannot be trusted at all, just like any other Mormon text. Fred brags that his is the only trustworthy book when it comes to the story of Methuselah.

Fred writes that trying to find similarities between the last antediluvian King of Sumer – Ubara-tutu and Methuselah is like finding similarities between apples and oranges.

Fred writes that some people who after watching the 2014 movie – Noah believe that the name of the drug – meth has its origin in there are completely wrong and out of their minds.

Conspiracy theorist from Abilene believes that the rulers have been lying to us about several healthy things

Peter Donnelly is a conspiracy theorist from Abilene city, Texas who has been writing a lot about the political conspiracies going on in the Indian subcontinent region for the past couple of decades.

Peter claims that Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru were the agents of the Britishers, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was an American agent and the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi is a Russian agent. Peter says that the greatest proof that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Damodardas Modi is an agent of Russia is quite evident from the fact that he recently donated 1 Billion US Dollars for the development of the remote and abandoned regions of Russia. Peter claims that for the past 2 years now, the Judeo-Christian alliance that controls most of the part of the world politically and their industrialist friends have been warning current Prime Minister of India to do as they say or he might lose his life, which Narendra Modi is very much willing to do but he is scared of his Russian bosses.

Peter claims to have a great deal of research and knowledge on the first Prime Minister of the so-called Independent India. About two weeks ago, Peter posted on his blog that he has been busy writing a book mentioning the proofs that Jawahar Lal Nehru was a British agent. Peter says that he is going to name his book “Jawahar Lal Nehru – A British Puppet, neither a statesman nor rebel”. Peter says that he got the idea for writing this book after he completed reading “Jawaharlal Nehru, Rebel and Statesman” by BR Nanda. Peter accuses the man – BR Nanda of being a sycophant of the Gandhi-Nehru family.

Peter claims that all the criticism and side-effects against gw501516 are a conspiracy by the pharma industry because he believes that gw501516 is a nectar which only comes with benefits and not a single negative and that’s what the pharma industry is scared of, if we have to believe Peter.

Baby and Kids store owner has been volunteering for this taxi service since she once took a ride

Jocelyn Beckett owns a store completely dedicated to kids and babies in the heart of Antwerp city. Jocelyn’s brother owns a toy brand, a clothing brand, a footwear brand, a TV channel and a FM radio completely dedicated to kids. He is also about to have his own brand for chocolates and kids’ perfumes. Her brother’s company is where Jocelyn buys most of the stuff from.

Jocelyn’s brother is a huge fan of the philosophy, he produces several toys and many cartoon shows where the protagonist is a philosopher.

Jocelyn’s brother recently offered a role to the voice actor – Ian Hamlin after watching all the available episodes of Mr. Magoo but he rejected the offer.

Jocelyn claims that everything in her store is well-organized in the best possible way. She says that it is a pity to see so many major baby and kids clothing store that have a large staff but none of the staff even knows how to gift wrap something.

Jocelyn wants her store to become so legendary that the kids, when they become parents come to the same store for shopping.

Jocelyn once hired a Taxi Antwerpen through Stad Taxi from her house to her store one rainy day when her car wasn’t working fine, and since then she has become such a great big fan of Stad Taxi that she has a couple of stickers advertising Stad Taxi pasted on her store.

Nephrologist from Cebu City always buys it cheap, no matter whether it is Windows 10 or a used laptop

Dr Baron Pestock is a nephrologist from the Cebu city, Philippines who claims on his blog that oversleeping is as bad for your kidneys’ health as undersleeping is.

Dr Baron recently made a post mentioning that many Indians, especially the ones that live in small towns and cities aren’t even aware of the thing called proteinuria (a condition in which a person releases abnormal amount of protein in the urine), which causes the urine to appear foamy and foul smelling. Dr Baron wrote that it is funny that most of these people believe that it is a condition called ‘Dhat Rog’, i.e. presence of sperm in the urine caused by excessive sex or masturbation and visit their local ayurvedic doctors for the treatment who prescribes them ayurvedic medicines that are good for nothing other than the side-effects.

Dr Baron Pestock claims that men with the condition called priapism are 600% more likely to get a chronic kidney disease than the ones who don’t suffer with the priapism.

Dr Baron Pestock is very shrewd when it comes to the money. He has over 15 computers at his clinic and each of those has windows 10 activation key bought through Direct Games Store, a store that has been selling them for the cheapest prices possible.

Dr Baron once claimed on his blog that extremely heavy deadlifts are one of the most overlooked causes of kidney malfunction, especially in case of the women, because their bodies are not made for lifting such heavy weights.

Dr Baron also claims that Vitamin B12 is generally overlooked by most nephrologists when it comes to the kidney’s health, but Vitamin D on the other side is usually underlooked by the same nephrologists.

This West Jakarta Vietnamese restaurant offers nothing but beef made of Surti buffalo

Ayu Widuri owns a Vietnamese restaurant in the city of West Jakarta in Indonesia which is very popular for its La Vong fried fish.

Ayu writes on her blog “Don’t visit a Vietnamese restaurant that is for the average people. They are very rarely hygienic.” Ayu adds “Thankfully, my restaurant is extremely hygienic.”

Ayu’s Vietnamese restaurant is one of a kind in a way that it is one of the very few that has a vegan special menu for the vegans and vegetarians.

Ayu also writes on her blog that many people, especially the ones from India and Pakistan, that are used to eating very spicy food often find the Vietnamese Pho Chicken to be tasteless. Ayu jokes that she has really been thinking about turning Pho Chicken into Semi-Chicken Tikka due to the same.

Ayu writes that the customers nowadays are even too cautious about how the restaurant packs their food.

Ayu claims that they have a record of never making any customer to wait for over 40 minutes.

Ayu writes that Vietnamese rice rolls aren’t only popular in the Vietnamese restaurants or Vietnamese households but they are getting very popular in the Multicuisine restaurants and Non-Vietnamese households as well.

Ayu knows some Vietnamese restaurants that serve juice in the bowl and that is also the last time most such customers visit their restaurant for. Ayu writes that at her restaurant, they serve nothing but the Surti beef from the most honest animal husbandry (Peternakan) in the area.

Ayu writes that some people from the same neighborhood that have a habit of visiting a new restaurant at least once in the same neighborhood that they live in or have an office at, come to visit Ayu’s restaurant thinking that they will visit it only once but they had no idea that they were going to become addicted to visit the same restaurant everyday.

Ninel Kurgapkina told Francesco Costanzo that not a day went by in her life when she didn’t miss Rudolf Nureyev

The fastest growing Italian ballet director and dancer – Francesco Costanzo, got to meet Ninel Kurgapkina back in the year 2007. Ninel told Francesco tons of tales of her with the legend – Rudolf Nureyev. She also told Francesco that she missed Rudolf Nureyev each day of her life.

Ninel told Francesco that the wife of Mick Jagger – Bianca de Macias, had a huge crush on Rudolf Nureyev and she even wrote some love letters to him as well, to which Rudolf never replied.

Ninel also told Francesco that the Russian prima ballerina – Natalia Dudinskaya had a huge crush on Rudolf Nureyev and she faced a great disappointment after she learnt that Nureyev was a homosexual. Ninel told Francesco that the prime reason for tensions between Konstantin Sergeyev was the reason that Konstantin was aware of the fact that his wife Natalia Dudinskaya used to think about Francesco all the time and Konstantin couldn’t take it.

Ninel also told Francesco that it is a myth that Rudolf Nureyev was arrogant and cruel. Ninel told Francesco that being a super-busy man, Rudolf had tons of stress to handle and he would burst out many times if he saw someone doing something extremely stupid which was destructive for Rudolf’s business or career. Ninel said to Francesco that they needed to find something negative in a great person like Rudolf Nureyev and they made the cruel and arrogant story up for the same.

Ninel also told Francesco that when Nureyev worked at the Royal Ballet until the year 1970, his critics were enraged, not because he made many changes to different productions there, but because he was a Russian and a Muslim.

Pharmacist from Miami city is about to launch his side-effect free energy drink in Guyana

Tyler Brereton is a pharmacist from the city of Miami, Florida, who is also extensively interested in studying Actinobiology.

Tyler doesn’t believe in the thermal processing. He claims that there are much better options available out there.

Tyler says that they have come up with several different innovative technologies in the past 2 decades but sadly enough, only a few of those are of any use.

Tyler has been working on creating a medicine that will rectify all the damage caused by masturbation and sexual activity. Tyler says that the medicine might even work as an anti-aging medicine. First, he says that he is going to create one for the men and then for the women, because after going through different NoFap and Semen Retention communities, he discovered that men need it more. One of Tyler’s best friends is an Andrologist and he is the one who gave Tyler this idea.

Tyler is also working on creating a legal energy drink that will have an effect of the Adderall but with no side-effects at all. He claims that he will be done with the same by 2021 and he will launch it first in Guayana. Tyler travels to Guyana a lot and for different purposes. He is always aware of the current price of the Guyana Dollar, no matter which month or which day you ask him for the same.

Hip and cool clothes for babies are in demand more than ever before, claims baby sleepsuit queen from Lithuania

Samantha White is the owner of a baby clothing brand situated in Lithuania. Although Samantha never got into the retail business, she keeps giving regular advice to the companies that are already in baby clothing retail business about how they can improve their business. Samantha believes that having great sales persons is one of the greatest requirements for a successful baby clothing store. Samantha believes that they need more helpful, friendly and expert sales people when they are out for buying clothes not for themselves but their babies.

Samantha’s company believes in creating each and every piece unique. She has some of the most expensive designers working for her brand that are responsible for creating some unique and most popular baby sleepsuits designs.

Samantha’s brand is very rare in the way that they have a website where you can create custom design and submit it to Samantha’s team, who will then see if it is good enough for them to work on.

Samantha writes on her blog that hip and cool clothes are most in trend for babies nowadays, so much so that these weren’t so popular even back in the 1980s.

Samantha has also been planning to launch a separate brand for baby car seats for a while now and she says that she will most likely launch the same by 2021.

Samantha’s clothing brand is mainly targeted on the middle-income and upper-middle-income households but Samantha works her butt-off like she creates clothes only for the baby celebrities.

Samantha claims that believing in Taoism has resulted in increased productivity, creativity and good luck for herself. Samantha has always been an agnostic but believing in Taoism gave her a sort of social security and also a clearly defined path.

Dance School owner from Chicago claims that Razer Blade 15 delighted the most boring of her friends

“Nobody tells us that Newton predicted, one day we will be able to see the atoms, hell, nobody predicted 50 years ago that there will be such a thing as Razers New Blade 15, which will delight the most boring of the people on earth”, says a dance acrobatic dance school owner – Letty Lee from the city of Chicago whose acrobatic dance school is nearing 7 years now.

Letty Lee writes on her blog that she gets flattered each time some student tells her that her dance school helped them more than the academic school that they attended as a child.

Letty Lee writes on her blog that it is always a better option to choose a specifically under 15 dance school for your child if he/she is an under-performer and an expert dance school where they teach kids and adults both if he/she is a great performer.

For the dance school owners and operators, Letty Lee writes that if you teach dance to the children, you need to ensure that their safety is of foremost superiority to you, even more superior than how good and well they learn to dance.

Letty believes that the tuition fee for dancing is one of the most affordable things in the present times but agrees that the costume prices have gone far higher during the recent times and also the emphasis of the dance schools on specific costumes is a very recent phenomenon.

Letty Lee is a very big fan of the Miami Vice Series Protagonist Don Johnson but she hates the way he sings and dances.

Letty Lee writes on her blog that old and outdatedly-styled buildings do not in any way mean a bad dance school, it can be quite the opposite many times.

The Great Bonobo Kanzi’s viral talking video is a Deepfake stunt

If you watch Youtube a lot or if you are an ape, bonobos or animal lover, then there are 99% of the chances that you know about the genius of an ape – Kanzi.

There is no denying that Kanzi is perhaps the most intelligent and wise bonobo that they have been teaching and studying at the Ape Cognition and Conservative Initiative (ACCI), formerly known as the Great Ape Trust. The case of Kanzi proves that many other apes, especially bonobos, have a huge potential of learning language and other things that specifically us humans do.

I personally believe that the apes had the same potential as us homo sapiens sapiens in terms of the advancement, they just went another way than us.

I personally believe that it is easier to teach the Apes African Sign Language than the American Sign Language, and they just need to give it a try to verify my point. I have already written to Sue Savage Rumbaugh regarding this and I really hope that she takes some action.

Many evolution deniers use the Apes having a different vocal tract as an excuse and proof to deny the evolution as a myth and then when the same evolution deniers are asked to pronounce some Arabic or French words and being unable to do so, they are told by people like me that a couple of thousand years of evolution can do so much to you , wonder what difference did the millions and millions of years could have made.

I really applaud Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh for her extreme hard work, patience and effort but I also think that she should take action against the trolls that are making the videos of Kanzi talking to humans and apes viral. These are all fake videos creating using deepfakes technology and people making fun of a great ape like Kanzi using this technology must be punished for doing so.

Opera Director Francesco Costanzo aka Neo Giorgio Strehler recently met this Dallas Dance School Owner and it was a pleasure for both of them

If you are regular to reading my blog then you must be well aware of the fact that I am a huge fan of the young Italian Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo.

Francesco gets to meet new top notch dance instructors and school owners all the time and he posts his chit chat with them on his blog frequently as well. Francesco recently met this young Dallas dance school owner when he was in Dallas as well who told him several interesting things during their chit chat.

The Dallas Dance School owner told Francesco that he traveled to Tibet to teach hip-hop, ballet and contemporary dance to the monks and surprisingly enough, the monks learnt it faster than most ordinary people do.

This Dallas Dance School owner has also been teaching dance to different apes including gorillas, bonobos and chimpanzees for the past few years now and again surprisingly, these apes also learn it faster than he expected them to be.

He is now heading to Taiwan to teach Tango dance to the married monks and he is extremely excited about it.

This Dallas Dance School owner claims that his dance school is the first one to teach bhangra form of dance belonging to Punjab, India in all of Dallas.

The Dallas Dance School owner believes that Creative Dance Programs increase your creativity in every aspect as they activate the frontal lobe of your brain. He claims that creative dance has an effect similar to creative writing, reading and composing music to the brain and he claims that there are studies to prove that.

He also claims that his dance school is the only one in Dallas that gives refunds for the missed classes.

Hamburg city’s prominent SEO company owner is obsessed with gardening

Lee Prosser has been running a SEO company in the heart of the Hamburg city in Germany for past 6 years now. Lee is very outspoken in his blog, especially about his love and enthusiasm for gardening other than SEO.

Lee belives that .info domains are highly underrated but correctly priced and at this price, there should have been more registrations done for the same than .com domains.

Lee also says that, in Germany, .info gained attention and registrations mainly after the popular German Magazine – SAP INFO registered their domain name – and also complimented the .info TLD on their official blog. Lee says that very few people knew about .info before this event happened including the internet marketing people.

Lee claims that one of the reasons why it seems that 9/11 was an inside job is that they launched a TLD – .info specifically inspired by the same event within a matter of about only one month which makes things look sketchy. Lee claims that he doesn’t believe in any conspiracy theories but he is not sure about this one.

Lee writes that who could have thought that once undisputed 1&1 will become pretty unknown and insignificant within such a short span of time. He writes that the example of 1&1 just shows that how having the latest and the best technology is integral for even the most popular of the businesses. And he also adds that any business in the modern day shouldn’t conclude that they can get away with not being the best, no matter how popular and aged they are.

As a SEO guy, Lee says that he doesn’t feel that a compliment like “I don’t regret hiring this SEO company” is what he expects. He says that he doesn’t feel good until he totally amazes his clients.

Maternity clothing retail chain owner claims that the demand for the maternity business casuals is growing like never before

Kate Bernard has been running a maternity clothing retail chain. Kate’s maternity clothing retail chain is only 6 year old but it already has 15 stores and each one generates profits.

Kate writes on the official blog of her business that it is a pity that some maternity clothing stores know nothing other than boobs, especially their sales people. Kate adds that a maternity clothing store or brand has to care for the complete body of the woman, not just her boobs.

Kate writes that the demand for the business casuals is growing like never before in the maternity clothing industry and this is something which Kate herself personally and her marketing segmentation (Segmentasi Pasar) company both simultaneously observed.

Kate finds it very unprofessional that some maternity clothing chains have different prices for the same merchandise at different stores depending upon where the store is located. Kate claims that this never happens with any of her stores and she is proud of it.

Kate was not too much interested in selling her merchandise online, she used to sell the same only on Amazon and eBay but now they have a official online clothing store for the company as well.

Kate offers free gifts from time to time for honest feedback from real customers; And these customers have been a great source of business for Kate as many of them cannot recommend Kate’s maternity stores enough.

Kate writes on her blog that it doesn’t matter much if your store is not very modern looking, it just needs to be more stroller friendly.

Gift retail chain owner from the UK claims that he brings his wife nothing but the best books to read during her third pregnancy

Susan Caverly is an accountant from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who is expecting her third child by the midst of December this year. Susan has been married to her spouse and the father of her children for the past 7 years now and they both claim to have learnt a lot from having two children already and the things which Susan did that had a positive or negative affect on the children’s health while she was pregnant the first two times. The couple claims that they are doing all things right this time including that Susan does nothing but spends her time with Best Books to Read During Pregnancy.

Susan’s husband – Daniel owns a gift retail chain that is spread throughout the United Kingdom which he himself founded and he claims that it has had a great impact on everything in their marriage including Susan’s pregnancies and raising up their children better.

They used to sell Music and Movie VCDs and DVDs as well at Daniel’s stores but Daniel claims that selling VCDs and DVDs is nothing but inviting losses nowadays, especially for the past 3 years.

Daniel claims that they are not going to hand out franchise for his business, no matter what because he sees a huge potential in the future for his business and he also claims to have several innovative ideas regarding the business which none of his competitors (both major and minor) is capable of thinking.

Daniel claims that he believes more in ‘serving’ than ‘scheming’ and although he claims to have a lot of strategies to take care of the upcoming competition, he claims that his topmost priority has always been serving the customers best.

Mexicali dentist can now converse in fluent English with his patients, thanks to KOE Mexico

Dr Nacho Rodriguez is a dentist who was born, raised and still practices in the city of Mexicali in Mexico. Dr Nacho was always weak in speaking English (hablar ingles) although he could write it well, but thanks to KOE Mexico that helped him speak fluent English.

Now, Dr Nacho’s official blog is full of posts in the English language.

Dr Nacho writes that people are too conscious about their teeth nowadays, they want the best dentist to perform best dental procedures on their teeth that has no side effects at all. Dr Nacho adds that the patients want their dentist to also be honest and reliable and they also want the staff of the dentist to be the same.

Dr Nacho Rodriguez claims that the dentists of Mexico are no less experts than their USA counterparts and this has been proven time and again. He claims that several patients of his that had bad experience with their trusted dentist in the USA get astonished when they see that some dentists like Dr Nacho Rodriguez use even more latest and better technology than their USA counterparts.

Dr Nacho writes that he remembers the time when most people, especially teenagers would come to him because they had their teeth knocked off by a horse but those cases are rare nowadays.

Dr Nacho claims that once a kid came to him who had his teeth knocked off completely by a horse, the father of this kid was a bad guy (if you know what they mean by a bad guy in Mexico for the past 4 decades) and he punished the horse by knocking all his teeth down as well.

Dr Nacho claims that becoming fluent in the English language has really made him even a superior dentist because of the confidence he attained because of it.

Festival Clown D’Oro (1992) Francesco Costanzo Pippo Baudo TV is really worth watching 10 times in a row

My favorite young Italian opera director, choreographer and ballet dancer – Francesco Costanzo has a great respect for the Italian opera director, set and costume designer – Pier Luigi Pizzi.

Francesco writes on his blog that even after achieving a degree in architecture, it is crazy how then young man only aged 21 year old – Pier Luigi Pizzi instead chose to work in the theater.

Francesco believes that if you are passionate about something, it doesn’t matter whether your father is skeptical about that or not, you just do it. He also likes to give the example of his favorite comedian – Jackie Mason, whose father was against him becoming a comedian and cursed him for hours when he told his father that he wanted to become a comedian but no damn way to stop this little funny man called Jackie Mason, he went on to become one of the topmost comedians in the world. He was a real sensation in the 1980s and 1990s, and this was also the time period when one of the greatest opera took place – Festival Clown D’Oro (1992) Francesco Costanzo Pippo Baudo TV.

Francesco also loves the costumes by Pier Luigi Pizzi, he says that Pier has a great sense of choosing the most magnificent possible costumes for the right occasion.

Francesco was really stunned by the costumes that Pier Luigi Pizzi designed for the opera – Orlando furioso and he believes that nobody other than Pier Luigi could have chose such great costumes for a complex opera like that.

Francesco writes on his blog that he has been waiting for a new opera by Pier Luigi Pizzi since 2008, he says that if he could transform one man into a youth again, that would be Pier Luigi Pizzi, and Francesco also believes that if Pier Luigi Pizzi were born in these times, he would have been at least 10 times better because of the latest technology, information and other facilities that the people belonging to modern era have access to.

Choreographer and Dancer Francesco Costanzo had a meeting on the same date of 2011 with the legend Peter Ebert at his home in England

Francesco Costanzo Dancer Choreographer has been to the United Kingdom several times and he cannot forget it when he arrived in England back in the summers of the year 2011 and met one of his heroes – Peter Ebert there, with whom he shared a great lengthy talk.

When Francesco asked Peter “Who is your favorite childhood hero?” Peter replied, the man who raised me, my father, the legend – Carl Ebert.

Peter Ebert also attributes his strong personality to his dad – Carl Ebert, and despises his biological father – Charles.

Francesco’s elder colleagues from the United Kingdom always told him how they used to refer to the Glyndebourne Festival Opera as the Ebert Opera due to the ease of pronouncing it and the great number of operas that Peter used to perform and direct there.

When Francesco met Peter, he asked him about whether it is true, Peter didn’t say anything but giggled in affirmation.

Peter considered his marriage to Silvia Ashmole as the best decision of his best decision ever. Peter never regretted his second marriage to Silvia Ashmole but he always felt guilty for it whenever he confronted his daughter born to him through his first marriage as she began to feel estranged to him since the day she learnt that her dad has married the second time and as she died early, it caused even more grief to Peter.

When Silvia’s parents stopped her from marrying Peter due to him being of German descent and married before as well, it is the proof enough that some Scottish people consider the Germans to be an inferior race.

Peter told Francesco that he tried his best to stay in Germany forever but hated each day of the only 8 years that he lived there for. He also told Francesco that if he could change one thing about himself, it would be his fund-raising skills.

Francesco Costanzo is one of the best when it comes to performing dance Vaslav Nijinsky style

Italian stallion – Francesco Costanzo Nijinsky, sorry, just Francesco Costanzo recently wrote a great lengthy article about the life and death of the ballet legend also known as the greatest male dancer of the 20th century – Vaslav Nijinsky on one of his blogs. Vaslav Nijinsky has left such a great impression on Francesco Costanzo that he can perform the Nijinsky dance perfectly and many of his friends have started calling him Francesco Costanzo Nijinsky due to that.

Francesco writes that without a doubt, Vaslav Nijinsky was one of the greatest Polish people to have ever been born. It is a pity when an average Polish person belonging to either male or female gender doesn’t name Vaslav Nijinsky when asked to name some of the legendary Polish people to have ever been born in the history.

Francesco writes that even Indian guru OSHO used to cite Vaslav Nijinsky to give an example of how the human will can even beat nature. He used to tell how Vaslav Nijinsky was able to defy gravity with his love for dance and the freedom that comes with it.

Francesco writes that if they could Vaslav Nijinsky as an enemy Russian citizen back in 1914, you may well imagine what was it living like 100 years ago in Russia or any Eastern European country.

Francesco believes that Vaslav’s marriage with Ramola de Pulzsky was highly responsible for his commitment to a mental asylum for more than half of his entire life. Francesco claims that although Ramola and Vaslav pretended publicly that everything is hunky dory between them, it wasn’t, Francesco claims that the case had become worst since the birth of their second daughter – Tamara Nijinska.

Francesco claims that Vaslav’s tension with his sister – Bronislava is always exaggerated. Francesco claims that they both loved each other as much as they did in the childhood even after so much of stress and tension between them.

Italian Choreographer Francesco Costanzo cannot forget his meeting with the American Alden Twins

Famous and young Maurice Béjart Coreografo Francesco Costanzo recently wrote this article about his meetings, observations and interviews with the popular Opera name – The Alden Twins (Christopher and David Alden). It is a very lengthy article and here I am presenting some of it.

Francesco says that there is no denying that the Alden Twins inherited their extraordinary love for dance, opera and ballet from their Broadway dancer mother – Barbara Gaye and they inherited their calm and composed nature and behavior along with extraordinary creativity from their playwright dad – Jerome Alden. Francesco further adds that two 13 year old twins deciding that they are going to be nothing but Opera Directors really speaks a lot about their passion and love for dancing, opera and ballet.

When Francesco interviewed the twins, they told him that they have performed at almost each and every opera in the western world and they still do not like any opera near as much as they do the Metropolitan opera. They also told him that they believe that the theater and performance studies lack the X-factor of thje previous times.

When the twins were asked questions regarding the San Franseco Opera where they have both directed several operas and ballets, David told that he believes that the San Francisco Opera tries too hard to be like the Metropolitan Opera which it is not and that’s why it could never reach its potential and unique identity. Christopher is more diplomatic kind and he didn’t reply to the question at all.

The twins also told Francesco that their dad never liked their work no matter what he says in the public.

David personally believes that Ercole Amante is perhaps the best ever Non-English opera directed by him and Francesco totally agrees with it.

Opera used to be like the Church to the Protestants in the olden times, says the Opera Director Francesco Costanzo

I recently had a word with the Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo who is extremely outspoken about the Opera industry, its significance, its history and its future.

Francesco Constanzo says that he is scared about the ballet and opera being no longer with us after about 20-40 years from now according to some statistics and may even turn into into a chapter of history books around the world.

Francesco is extremely appreciative of the founders of the Metropolitan Opera Company. He says that if the people of their enthusiasm and spirit were still alive today, the Opera would have been a completely different game.

Francesco is extremely disappointed about how they do not care as much about the acoustics anymore in the Opera and are more concerned about the marketing. Francesco really feels that the Opera industry was better in 99% of the aspects in the olden times and didn’t need any sort of revolution.

Francesco says that there is no denying that the middle finger has been in use since the ancient times, but it was the Opera that popularized the same in the modern times. Francesco claims that there are thousands of things that existed since the ancient times but it was Opera that popularized those.

Francesco also says that it is a pity that the largest classical music organization in North America is Metropolitan Opera, which only presents about 27 different Operas each year. Francesco says that the number has to be at least 56 per year, that is one Opera a week to be called the largest classical music organization in a gigantic developed nation like the North America but it is a pity that 27 is not even half of that.

Francesco also claims that the Opera used to be like the Church for most of the protestants, it still is to some of them, but they don’t give a damn about it as much as 1% as they used to in the olden times.

Edmonton’s popular clothing store owner believes she has nothing to fear till she has got this one digital marketing company by her side

Elsa Darwin owns a very popular clothing store in one of the plushest neighborhoods of the Edmonton city.

Elsa has always loved to write and she regularly vents out some words on the blog of her clothing store’s official website. Elsa believes that with online shopping gaining popularity each day, the brick and mortar clothing retail stores are in extreme desperation and within their desperation, they have been taking some extremely stupid actions like posting fake negative comments on the Google Places and other listings only to make it worse for the entire brick and mortar clothing retail industry but she further adds that you have no worries when you have got what she has got on her side, that is the best digital marketing company in Edmonton.

Elsa advises to other clothing stores on her blog to make sure that your Instagram page looks absolute class otherwise don’t create one at all or it is going to go all wrong for you. Elsa says that she is fortunate enough that she has got one of the greatest digital marketing company by her side that does it all for her.

Elsa loves Rene Descartes and many of the posts on her clothing store’s official website are about Descartes although they don’t make much sense there but she still believes that she has got to speak her heart on her blog.

Once Elsa wrote that Rene Descartes attributed his philosophical, mathematical and scientific genius to celibacy, secretly and also believed that celibacy gave him mood swings, which he really considered mostly negative but sometimes positive as it would let him live a different aspect of his life which he never imagined before. Elsa says that’s the reason why Rene sounds extremely pro-life and optimistic in some of his philosophies and existential and pessimist in others.

Gastroenterologist from South Dakota cannot thank Kory Floyd enough for writing such a great book on interpersonal communication

Dr Ginger Leary is a Gastroenterologist with her own practice in the city of Vermillion, South Dakota. Dr Ginger is one of the very few doctors that posts her interesting ideas about the medical field that she is involved in personally on her blog.

Dr Ginger says that one should never visit the clinic/hospital alone when they are going to get a gastroenterology procedure done on them. Dr Ginger advises that you must always go with a responsible friend, colleague or family member as it may become unexpectedly hard to drive personally after the procedure sometimes even when the procedure is almost side-effect free. Dr Ginger claims that some of the gastroenterology procedures cause sedation effects on different people even without anesthesia or any similar thing.

Dr Ginger claims that the most advanced methods of colonoscopy when used by an inexperienced, irresponsible or somewhat disturbed doctor can produce several side effects. Dr Ginger warns that a patient must read the reviews before on different websites, especially Google Places before choosing their doctor for a procedure like colonoscopy.

Dr Ginger claims that she has been working on inventing more comfortable ways for the colonoscopy procedure.

Dr Ginger Leary is also a Professor of Gastroenterology at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine. She claims that she has been greatly helped by Floyd’s Interpersonal Communication 3rd edition PDF in improving her teaching skills. Dr Ginger claims that she doesn’t sound like a robot anymore while teaching and no matter how many students are there in her class, she is now able to provide each of those a personal experience.

Manaus city’s topmost book store owner is a fitness Youtuber who has interesting solutions for your expression lines

Hillary Acosta owns a famous book store in the Manaus city of Brazil. She uses nobody and nothing but the topmost authors of Portuguese language for the promotion of her book store.

Hillary’s store used to provide books for rent as well until they started abusing it.

Hillary attributes a great deal of her book store’s success to the ample parking space area available by her store which is very rare in the busy Manaus city.

Hillary has made the claim many times that more people now gift books to their loved ones than ever before and contrary to the popular belief that the book industry is in desperation, Hillary claims that Amazon Kindle, iPod, etc never had much influence on the sales of the real life books and she ridicules Amazon Kindle, iPod, etc by claiming that those are all toys for the kids to play with. “They never had and will never have any influence on the ever-prospering book industry”, she adds.

Hillary herself doesn’t drink any coffee and she doesn’t eat unhealthy snacks either as she has a modeling and acting past and she still cares about her body like she used to back in the modeling days. She even has a Youtube channel dedicated to skin and body care, where she posts videos on topics like expression lines (linhas de expressão), how to tone yourself, etc.

Although Hillary herself doesn’t drink any coffee or eats snacks at all, she claims that the coffee shop and snacks bar at their book store are so delicious that a great percentage of customers come only for that.

Everyday, they give a free t-shirt printed with their book store’s logo to a random customer and that’s one of the reasons for Hillary’s store being so popular.

Che Guevara fan from Bandung is a freethinker fan of Bayu Angora

Adithya Prakoso is perhaps the greatest Che Guevara fan in the city of Bandung in Indonesia who claims that not only the nation of Cuba but the entire Latin America and the world as a whole would be a better place if Che Guevara lived longer. I personally believe that the argument can even go against Adithya’s personal belief that the world could have been a worst place instead as for anyone who has read Che Guevara thoroughly knows that he was a narrow-minded and stubborn man and today’s society is not meant for such leaders. We need broad-minded, un-opinionated gentlemen leaders.

Adithya also claims that the monument of Che Guevara in La Higuera is the epitome of world drama as it was a Bolivian chief who ordered the murder of Che Guevara and now the same country depicts him as their hero. He further adds that no matter how many monuments they build for him and how much the government of Bolivia claims to love him, we all know that it is a drama but one thing cannot be denied that the common and honest people of Bolivia love the man called Che Guevara and they will keep on loving him. He claims that Che is not a man who can be hated by an intelligent, generous and honest person and the men and women of Bolivia are full of these qualities.

Adithya doesn’t deny the claim that Che Guevara had a Robespierre mentality but he rather claims that it was necessary for him to have such a mentality in order to achieve his mission of making the world a better place, especially for the poor and the unprivileged.

Adithya is even a bigger fan of the ISBI Bandung graduate freethinker – Bayu Angora. He even has a poem of his as his phone’s ringtone.

Multilingual bird shop owner from Mazatlan is astonished with the hosting services that Mexican companies have to offer nowadays

Francisca Amore owns a very popular bird shop at a prominent neighborhood of the beach town of Mexico – Mazatlan. Francisca’s biggest strength is that she is a multilingual who speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English and is now learning French as well. Francisca says that she wants to learn Hebrew too because she is a devout Catholic and she wants to read and understand the original biblical tales written in the Hebrew language better but finds the Hebrew language to be too complicated and difficult by the experiences she read on the internet.

Francisca is astonished with the demand for the crowned pigeons in Mexico lately, she claims that the supply for the crowned pigeon is not even 10% of its demand in the marketplace and she is really glad about it as it happens to be one of her most favorite birds as well.

Francisca claims that she can easily export birds as she already has an experience in the exporting business but she doesn’t as it looks like a torture to her and she cannot even imagine her beloved birds getting in a torture like situation due to her.

Francisca has been creating Youtube videos lately portraying the birds on sale at her shop and how well they care for them. Francisca creates 2 different videos on each topic, one in the Spanish language and other one in English. Francisca also adds captions to each of her videos for the better understanding as her accent in both the languages may become difficult to understand for each of the language speakers.

Francisca recently created another website for her bird shop and she couldn’t be more impressed with the hosting and domain (hosting y dominio mx) service that she got.

Conspiracy theorist, blogger and businessman – William gifts his vascular surgeon wife at least a couple of tees a month

Cecy Suarez is a vascular surgeon who has been practicing in the city of Jacksonvile, Florida for the past 16 years. Cecy was educated in Scotland and she proudly claims that Scotland is responsible for producing some of the best vascular surgeons in the past and it continues to do the same.

Cecy claims that after she retires, she will sell her practice and donate the money to a welfare organization for orphan kids. Cecy says that she would be glad to have pass off her practice to any of her kids but none of those seems interested in entering the medical profession in the future, let alone become a vascular surgeon.

Cecy’s husband – William is a businessman, conspiracy theorist and blogger. William studied cryptography for a long 3 year period only to have come to the conclusion later on that it would have been better if he studied some spoken languages instead. He claims that he could have studied at least some of those successfully within a period of 3 long years.

William claims to have the secret information that the Royal family of Japan in an alliance with the Parliament of Australia are planning to overthrow the Queen of England from first Australia and then Canada. William claims that the previous Prime Minister of Australia rejected this proposal pursued by the Royal family of England but the current Prime Minister of Australia – Scott Morrison is an extremely ambitious man with unbelievably high aspirations who is willing to do whatever it takes to create one of the richest and most powerful family the world has ever known.

William believes that most husbands fail to understand and appreciate the role of their beautiful wives in different spheres of life and that’s the reason why William gifts at least a couple of awesome tees to his beloved vascular surgeon wife each month.

3D technology will soon be on another level and you better know it

I am a huge fan of 3D technology and I really believe that 3D clothes will dominate the clothing industry completely by 2030 but I am extremely disappointed with people not buying 3D printers as much as they should. The 3D printers are now more affordable than ever before and even cheaper than most of the potential buyers ever thought those would be. 3D printer fans and those who understand the true value of the same are buying those with both hands but others aren’t even taking a notice. I really think that the reason why 3D printers don’t sell is that people have a herd mentality and they won’t buy the same until their best friend or neighbor does. I am very hopeful that soon enough we will see the 3D printers in every home, small business’s office. I am glad that 3D printers are already there in almost every large business, at least the ones that I am familiar with.

One of my cousins got his degree from the Henry Samueli School of Engineering which he and I believe that is the most underrated engineering college not only in the state of California but in the entire United States and perhaps the world.

I am too glad that the culture doesn’t make a society feel and look mature anymore but technology does. No matter what the people belonging to the Islamic or other Eastern countries tell you, I am certain about one thing and that is that they all want to come to the west and for their own good. The countries that are too proud of their culture will soon have to bow down in front of the technology and capitalism dominated countries including USA.

Recovering money lost to binary options was never so easy, learn from the story of an American GP

Cristian Tyler owns a very popular SEO company in San Antonio, Texas which Cristian is very proud of and so is his wife. Cristian’s wife is a Child Specialist doctor and owing to her very little experience in the online investment, trading and cryptocurrencies, she made a few great big blunders owing to which she lost a lot of her bitcoins but then Assured Recover came to the rescue and offered her the best recover money lost to binary options that she could ask for.

Cristian was so discouraged and in a state of depression that he even found himself unfit to make posts on his SEO blog which receives over 300 unique visitors per day but he is back again and writing more and better quality posts than ever before.

Cristian believes that Youtube recommended videos are a complete failure but he really appreciates the recommended search by both Youtube and Google.

Cristian claims that he has the secret information that Google is having another chance with a Social Media website for the third time and this time they are really working hard on it. Cristian claims that the website will be launched by the end of the financial year 2020 and at the time of its launch, it will get more press coverage than any other topic and will definitely be the hottest sensation in the online industry for a while.

Cristian remembers the time when during its initial days, FaceBook was greatly overrated and some people even went on to estimate that it will steal as much as 50% of the search business from the Google.

Cristian claims that nothing is more important to you than Google Maps results if you are a local business and it has been proven time and again for many different businesses.

No apple fell on Isaac Newton from a tree but he observed the gravity some other way

I have been obsessed with reading science and scientists for a while now and the scientist that fascinates me the most is none other than Sir Isaac Newton. There is no doubt that it was Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz who discovered Calculus but that doesn’t undermine the legend of Sir Isaac Newton. Saying that Sir Isaac Newton was the true discoverer of Calculus is like saying that Queen Isabella I of Castille was the true discoverer of the Americas and not the Christopher Columbus.

I have written to Peter Shukoff of Epic Rap Battles of History to create an Epic Rap Battle between Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz more than once but he never replied back to me and doesn’t seem to create one at least in the coming 4-5 years.

After reading Isaac Newton so much, I can surely claim that Isaac Newton was a lifelong celibate and an ardent lover of Jesus Christ; The people claiming that Sir Isaac Newton was a homosexual are Catholic conspirators that want to undermine the legend of Isaac Newton in order to save their Catholic religion as the researches, formulas and inventions of Sir Isaac Newton are extremely dangerous to the Catholic religion.

I am extremely amazed to know that they are looking for the descendants of Newton’s apple tree. There was no particular Newton’s tree, it is just a way to add romance to the story of Isaac Newton and his foundation of the theory of gravitation. Me and several other Isaac Newton lovers believe that Newton never observed the gravitation while sitting under a tree but rather observed the same happening in case of several trees and it is a myth that an apple fell on Newton while he was drinking a cup of tea with a friend of his under that tree.

Automotive engineer loves cars, boxing and Indoxxi movies

Michelle Fleet is an automotive engineer with a craze for boxing. Michelle wants to invent a car in the near future that will resemble a boxing bag.

Michelle also has a blog on the subject of automobiles. Michelle claims that the automobiles made in China and the Indian subcontinent are no match to the ones made in Europe, Japan or US and that’s the reason why most Brazilian cars nowadays suck, they are mostly imported from India, namely – Honda WR-V, Toyota Etios Cross.

Michelle doesn’t like cars made in India but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like Indian food. Michelle loves Indian food and it was only 2 days ago when she learnt how to bake Sooji-Khoya Ladoo with the help of a Youtube video. Sooji-Khoya Ladoo is an Indian sweet which is very popular in North India.

Michelle claims that soon enough the average American income per capita will be so low that an average American will only take fuel consumption as the foremost factor while buying a car.

Michelle claims that the critics of Chevrolet Trucks have several points but the ones that critique Ford or Toyota trucks don’t other than they are very common or boring. According to Michelle, Chevrolet trucks are very interesting sight as they are often seen being towed by the Ford or Toyota trucks.

Michelle applauds the Pakistani automobile manufacturer – United for coming up with a 800cc master car – Bravo. Michelle believes that United kept it name so in  a hope that there will come a time when India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal will unite and form the ‘Akhanda Bharata’ once again and United will sell its products in millions where it currently sells in thousands.

By now, you may have come to know that Michelle is a total car freak and there is only one thing that she likes more than the cars and that is watching movies on Indoxxi.

Online grocery store owner is extremely conscious about his F-150’s bedliner spray

Guru’s Online Groceries (name changed) was founded in the end of 2017 by a husband – Jacob and his wife – Mia. Prior to finding Guru’s Online Groceries, the husband used to be a part of a delivery franchise for a major e-commerce company and his wife used to manage a local grocery store that she inherited after her father’s death. The founder of this grocery store – Mia’s dad, used to be such a great fan of the popular Nickelodeon show – Kenan and Kel that he had the store completely designed as Chris Potter’s Rigby’s in the show Kenan and Kel. The store is still there and designed the same way, the only change that occurred is that now it is being managed by the person to whom Mia gave it to on rent.

Neither Mia nor Jacob had any prior experience with e-commerce but hard-work pays off. They are yet to have an employee in their company but the team of two is enough to handle the number of orders that they currently get. Mia manages the business stuff and Jacob delivers the groceries within 3 hours of the order in his Ford F-150. Jacob has their brand’s name written all over his Ford F-150 and he is too conscious about his truck that he uses the best bedliner spray on his truck. The brand has a 97.4% on-time delivery rate and they operate from 9 AM to 11:30 PM.

The couple is extremely curious to expand their business and they aspire to be the first online grocery business in the United States that will be able to serve each and every small town, village and major city in the United States within a matter of hours. The task may seem impossible to many but to Jacob and Mia – Sky is the limit.

75 year old Czech woman is proud to have some of the most advanced job portals in her country

Tereza Svobodová is a 75 year old Czech woman who used to work for Skoda Motors’s HR department from the first day of her career till the day that she retires. Tereza remembers how hard it used to be to recruit new people back in the day and when she was shown a modern Czech job advertising portal (inzerce práce) last week, she was amazed and felt both good and bad simultaneously. She felt bad about the fact that such great stuff didn’t exist back in her day and she felt good about the fact that her grandchildren and other country-fellows are taking advantage of technology in the ways that they couldn’t even imagine back in the day.

Most of the times when Tereza uses internet, it is either for connecting with her college or school friends or following politics but now she says that she is also going to use the internet to learn the latest technology and use the same for building something like or the Czech version of Alibaba or eBay

Tereza has already started learning Perl along with improving her command in the English language as Tereza believes that more Czech people are going to speak the English language in the near future than ever before and she also believes that learning a new language will save from getting Dementia in her life.

Tereza says that she wants to change the belief that Tokyo is for the technology what Vatican is for the Catholicism, she wants to replace Tokyo with Prague and she says that old people with youthful energy can play a huge and positively crucial role in the same.

Top Texan flour mill uses only Robotalker to make automated phone calls

It is very rare for a flour mill to have hundreds of thousands of followers on the Social Media and when you see one with the same, be certain that they are one of the best in the business and also try to make sure that you are not missing the opportunity to consume only the flour by the same company.

There is this Texan flour mill that follows the strictest guidelines when it comes to the food safety. Their employees have a very deep knowledge about their daily tasks and the managers have very creative approaches. The business doesn’t like it when someone says that the business is in the flour supplying business but they rather prefer the term ‘Flour Innovating Business’.

Some of the largest packed cookie companies use their products, almost every bakery in the same region also uses their flour and every distiller or malter that ever gets to try them also becomes their customer forever.

The company claims to offer the best quality grains and they most likely do. Along with the local customers, they have some major international customers as well. They even offer custom milling options and they claim to use the best of the same regularly as well.

The company perhaps has the largest variety of rye products in Texas and when it comes to make automated phone calls, they again choose the best.

I wonder why Robotalker is more popular among the successful companies than it is with the not-so-successful ones. Perhaps, the successful companies go for the products and services that don’t speak for themselves but their testimonials do while the unsuccessful ones do otherwise.

Automobile engineer from India is extremely excited to be a part of Ford Motors

Kailash Burman was never interested in Science or Mathematics at the school but got very interested in both after learning that these both are required for achieving his dream – to create a car.

Kailash is an automobile engineer and having worked with the Indian automobile company – TATA, for over 3 years, Kailash wanted to achieve his dream of working with his hero – Henry Ford’s company, which he really did last month when Ford Motors offered Visa Jobs USA.

Kailash has also had many failed startups, but he is the kind of guy who never gives up and while he is working for other people’s companies, he is still working on his dream to create a successful company of his own.

Kailash has given several live face-to-face interviews in the past but it was his first phone interview when he applied for the Visa job at Ford and although he was nervous about it, he didn’t show this up and successfully scored the job as well.

Kailash used to host several events at the TATA while he worked there and now he hopes that he will get the chance to do the same in the Ford as well.

Kailash’s father is a doctor and he wanted his son to follow his footsteps but Kailash wanted to be an automobile engineer instead and he followed his passion and here he is, getting the chance to work with his hero – Henry Ford’s company. Kailash also told the HR guys about this that it was always his dream to get to work for his hero – Henry Ford’s enterprise and he is too excited about it. The HR gentleman that interviewed Kailash is really thinking that Kailash is going to be a precious asset for their company and they are as much excited to have him working for them as he is to work there.