Successful Clothing Businesswoman researching whether to get a hair transplant

Perl Smetona (name changed) believes every problem in the way of success contains a lesson which is more important than the success itself.

Perl Smetona cannot forget her first job interview. The first question the interviewer asked her was “Are you a hard worker or a gold digger?” And Perl was like, “Really?” Perl immediately left that place and didn’t take any legal action because she believed she was too busy for that.

Perl found that it would be more efficient, effective and profitable for her to do her own business in the long run and she started her own clothing business with a niche that she became creator of and became a popular name in America’s clothing industry. Since then, she has been doing the same business and expanding it at full throttle.

Perl has a son (we will call him Brian here) who is 33 year old and still refuses to get a job or participate in Perl’s business at all. Brian used to read a lot of comic books when he was a kid and played video games when he was a teen. Nowadays, he spends all his day and night locked up in his bedroom. If he ever comes out of his room, it is mostly because he wants to eat something.

Perl wants to get a hair transplant and although all signs indicate that she should get it. She is still busy researching the question everywhere, especially the internet, “Is hair transplant worth it?”

I know that sooner or later she is going to get the hair transplant because I know several people who have got the hair transplant done on them and they are very satisfied with their hair transplant and the decision to get it done.