This CEO of a top Canadian cosmetic company claims to identify the management of a company by its receptionist

Ginger Ashford (name changed) recently came back to her hometown – Newmarket, Ontario from Tel Aviv, Israel after living there for 3 years. Ginger affirms the belief that the people of Israel drinking a lot more water compared to the people of other deserts and especially Palestine but Ginger rejects the claim that they do it in order to keep the Palestinians thirsty, weak and deflated from work.

Ginger says that full-time writers, scientists and inventors drink 3 times as much water than the people who are not writers, scientists or inventors. Ginger doesn’t believe in political correctness and she is not ashamed or embarrassed to accept the fact that the Palestine is short of  talented, skilled and creative people and hence they need less water to drink.

Ginger says that the war between the major religions is about to occur and it has come to the point of no return. Ginger says that the victor will be the protestant and Jewish alliance, other countries stand no chance compared to this alliance. Ginger says that the Protestant-Jewish alliance will first use India and Indians as assistants to crush their enemies as the Indians are already over 1.4 billion in numbers and after they are done, they will nuke India.

Ginger is a CEO of one of the most successful Canadian companies that manufactures makeup and cosmetic products for the women. Ginger started her career as a saleswoman for the same company and rose to the top within only 5 years. Ginger is an academic, she was already a graduate even when she was a saleswoman and she kept pursuing her education along with her career. Ginger says that mismanagement in a company is like a drought for a farmer and that’s what she is most strict at and that’s what her job is, to manage the company in the best way possible.

Ginger says that she can tell just talking to the person on the reception of a company whether the company is rightly managed or not, when Ginger wanted her kitchen to go through kitchen renovation Newmarket, she spoke to several different companies and picked the one that had the most polite receptionist.

Ms Tanaka wants to make money with the knowledge she has acquired about the religions

Karalina Tanaka (name changed) claims that the history of all the religions is full of turbulence. Karalina has studied almost all the Dharmic, Abrahamic religions and many of the extinct religions as well. Karalina says that there is a notion among the scholars of many different religions that Babylonia’s Marduk shows traits and characteristics just like the Hindu god Shiva but according to Karalina he is equivalent to the Hindu god Brahma instead. Karalina rejects the belief totally that Abraham and Sarai of the Judaism are equivalent to the Brahma and Saraswati of Hinduism. Karalina rather says that Abraham of Judaism shows many similarities to the Krishna of Hinduism, Sarai shows similarities to Rukmini and Hagar to Radha. Karalina says that the Moses of Judaism shows tons of similarities to the Bhima of Mahabharata.

Anyways, Karalina wants to make some money with her obsession with the religions and hence she has ordered an ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios) company from Indonesia to create a wonderful app that will help enlighten the users of the app about their own religion and other religions as well.

Karalina claims that air travel existed in pre-historic times. She claims that trained people used to use winged dragons as aeroplanes and helicopters back then. She says that these people were as rare as trained pilots in the modern day. They used to be physically very strong, brave, courageous and adventurous and many of them were wrestlers.

Karalina used to be a strict catholic until the day she read about the catholic priests’s atrocities in South Africa. Until Karalina read about the atrocities done by the catholic priests in South Africa, she used to believe that catholicism was never responsible for any violence. Now, Karalina is a pantheist and very happy with it.

Amanda is not a feminist but she says that there is no gender equality, Amanda is not a white supremacist but she says that white people’s contributions are underrated

Amanda Costa (name changed) is not a hardcore lunatic feminist which she is normally perceived to be but she says that gender equality is not yet achieved. Amanda says that all the Jewish princesses and queens of the ancient times should be recognized as Jewish matriarchs. Amanda accuses supposedly the most feminist religion – Judaism of having only 4 matriarchs but hundreds of patriarchs. Amanda says that most of the patriarchs of the Jewish religion do not deserved to be called patriarchs of any religion, they were very flawed people who were even worse than the average common man of today.

Amanda says that it is her personal observation that sexually abstinent people turn into angry and bitter maniacs in the old age. Amanda says that she knows several of these angry and bitter maniac old freaks including some in her neighborhood and a boss of hers.

Amanda likes to read a lot of scientific studies and she claims that the study done on the monkeys on the effect of marijuana where the cell structure of the offspring of the marijuana user monkeys was abnormal and different than the cell structure of a normal and sober monkey. Amanda claims that those monkeys were fed cocaine and amphetamine instead of the marijuana and she says that she has the evidence to prove that the offspring of a marijuana user is normally healthier than the non-user.

Amanda is not a white supremacist but she is proud of being a white French. Amanda says that if it weren’t for the white people, the world would still be living in the iron ages. Amanda says that the world must learn to show more respect to the white people for their contributions to the humanity in all the fields including technology, philosophy, education. Amanda says that the world only remembers and recognizes the white people for producing fanatics like Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, British empire, French empire and Portuguese empire but they very rarely remember the Nikola Tesla, Michelangelo, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Kant.

Amanda recently got a movie theater related android application created by Indonesia’s most recognized android application creation company (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) and she has been making a bank with it.

This Thai gentleman would have moved to Scandinavia if they didn’t have websites like BB Bags in Thailand

Suwinit Chumsai (name changed) is an environmentalist who says that flowers are some of the most overrated and shrubs are the most underrated things when it comes to controlling the pollution. Suwinit says that if it weren’t for the poets most of whom are addicted to exaggerating everything, the flowers would have a very small place compared to what they have in the modern world. Suwinit says that if one looks at the shrubs and the flowers together without any preoccupied eyes, the shrubs definitely stand out and look at least twice as better than the flowers.

Suwinit was born and raised up in a very academic and scholarly environment and atmosphere, his mother is an Oxford scholar while his father is a Harvard scholar. Suwinit himself lived a very dilemmatic life, he was sandwiched between the technology and the modeling world, but as they say in Hinduism – “You have to be as straight as an arrow in order to succeed in your life and know and hit your target with all your prowess.”

Suwinit says that dullards from the first world countries must be sent to the third world countries and the smartest and most intelligent from across the third world countries should be offered an option by all the first world countries of the world including Australia, European countries, North America, Canada to come and settle down there. It is still very much like this but Suwinit says that the world would be a much better place if it happens in a larger scale and much more efficiently and effectively.

If it weren’t for websites like, Suwinit would have definitely considered moving from Thailand to a Scandinavian country long ago. Suwinit is happy that he can buy stylish canvas bags for his wife from websites like BB Bags.