Bertha Banbury prefers Crete in Greece over Malta any day although she loves both

Bertha Banbury (name changed) loves boat riding in the open seas of the Malta but she is a real nationalist and hence prefers Crete in Greece over Malta any day of the year. Bertha is very frequent to Crete and she always uses the same car rental Crete service each time she is there.

Bertha loves the beauty of Netherlands but she says that she doesn’t go there anymore as she finds the people of Netherlands very harsh, rude and cruel to the visitors. Bertha stopped going to the Netherlands after being there thrice.

Bertha drives nothing but Toyotas and says that Toyota is one of the greatest miracles in the automobile world, one of Bertha’s Toyotas has over 4, 86, 000 miles on its odometer and it is still running.

 Bertha has studied a lot about Benjamin Franklin and the history of the world’s first real democracy and capitalist society – the United States of America. Bertha claims that 15 Americans died in the infamous Boston Massacre not only 5. Bertha says that it is wrongly recorded that only 5 Americans died in the infamous Boston Massacre.

Bertha says that one of the most rare sort of human beings to find in the modern world are reliable salesmen.

Bertha recently enjoyed a trip to India in the December of 2018 where she bought dozens of Punjabi ‘Baliye‘ Jackets popular in the bhangra circles of Punjab.

Bertha calls herself an anti-christ and she claims that Jesus Christ was indeed the Satan and the reason behind most of the modern day problems. Bertha accuses the popes throughout the history of being mass terrorists.

Bertha doesn’t have any brother, sister or first cousin and she is very happy about the same as is a born loner.

Hindu fanatics made this Vietnamese guy so tensed that he had to go to Bangkok and Koh Chang to release his tension

Tran Verges (name changed) only likes to buy bed sheets with the images of Hindu gods on it. Tran was accused of running a mystery cult when he lived in Cambodia.

Tran attracted a lot of controversy during his time in India when in a public conference he mentioned that the caste system in India is responsible for most of modern India’s problems. Tran said that he remembers how a student of his told him that he was required to fill out his varna in the school and college. They used to have 5 different columns for the varna in the Indian schools and colleges back in the day.

After Tran said this, he was banned from coming to India, some Hindu fanatics even proposed to the Indian government and the Supreme court to ban all the Vietnamese people from coming to India. An half-Indian half-Vietnamese popular actress whose name is Kunika Lal was even asked to leave the country. Kunika is a very tough woman who refused to leave the country and subordinate to anyone, thankfully everything became okay after only a couple of weeks and the Hindu fanatics started bothering other people.

After coming back to Vietnam, Tran said that he will keep loving and respecting the Hinduism as he always did but the Hindu fanatics turned out to be worse than he expected them to be.

To ease off his stress, Tran went to Bangkok for a while and I enjoyed with some of the most stunning beauties that he could find there. Then Tran went from Bangkok to Koh Chang to enjoy some scenic coastal views.

After coming back from Thailand, Tran wrote a whole 2000 words post on his blog complimenting the extraordinarily great service that the Thai Happy Taxi provided him with.

Turkish-American Young Man loves fishing at Smoky Mountains National Park

Ferhat is an American young man of Turkish origin. Ferhat’s parents came to the United States after only 2 years of getting married, Ferhat hadn’t even come to the planet then.

Ferhat grew up an all-American boy in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. Ferhat was so focused and busy in sports and his education that he never had the time for a girlfriend. He is an all alone man with very few friends and he loves it. He loves being alone in the nature.

Ferhat’s most favorite hobby is fishing. He loves to go to Smoky Mountains National Park for fishing with his best spinning reels. Ferhat is an expert when it comes to fishing and spinning reels used for them.

I don’t know if you have seen the video of that angry baby wearing green Puma T-shirt. The title of the video is “Bebe Enojado”. Ferhat has watched that video over 1000 times and can never get enough of it.

Ferhat has great ambitions about the future. Presently he is in the college and he has already started planning his future businesses. Ferhat wants to be the next King of all Kings. He wants to have several bodyguards running around him all the time and everywhere he goes, people looking at him. He doesn’t care whether the money comes from selling toys for kids or selling clothing, he just wants to be the next big thing.

Ferhat’s biggest role model is Sargon of Akkad. Sargon of Akkad and that angry baby wearing green puma t-shirt are the only 2 people in the world that have ever been able to fascinate Ferhat.

Recently, Ferhat has also started going to the gym to increase his strength, muscles, discipline and willpower. Ferhat considers himself too busy for a regular workout and his workouts are super-intense.

Millionaire Kyrgyz man never forgets his bow sight when going to hunt Sheeps

Aibek is a 33 year old Kyrgyzstani millionaire. Aibek is a very rich man in a very poor country. Kyrgyzstan is one of the poorest countries not only in the world but in Asia. You can imagine an average person’s life there. You cannot? The GDP per capita of Kyrgyzstan is only 1077.4 US$.

Aibek was born and raised in the small town of Kant in Kyrgyzstan by a poor family. His parents were both low-paid employees for small firms. Aibek didn’t have a good education. He left school only after 8th grade.

Aibek started working at a small restaurant after dropping out from the school. He used to meet all sorts of people while working at that restaurant. One old bald guy who would come to the restaurant everyday dressed in an expensive suit would talk very politely to Aibek and once offered Aibek to work for him. Aibek’s obvious response was “Yes”.

Since Aibek started working for him at the age of 16, Aibek started progressing financially day-by-day. By the time Aibek was 25, he was already a millionaire. Aibek then decided to start a family. His parents arranged for him a meeting with this beautiful daughter of his mother’s third cousin. Her name is Gulnara and she was only 22 when she met Aibek for the very first time.

Both Aibek and Gulnara liked each other very much since their very first meeting. Gulnara comes from a middle-income family. While she wasn’t raised dirt poor like Aibek, her parents or she herself are not millionaires either. Gulnara is a teacher by profession, but she has not been working for the past 3 years.

Both Aibek and Gulnara love to go for hunting whenever Aibek is not busy. They both love to hunt Marco Polo Sheeps and Mid-Asian Ibex with the help of their best bow sight for hunting. Their favorite time of hunting is September.

More and more people are learning the Filipino language through Lambingan

Learning new languages was never so easy. People are learning new languages everyday with the help of the television channels available on the internet where you can enjoy the drama series, movies, news and more from any country or language around the world. Responsible people and people who are willing to grow are using these internet TV websites to learn a new language or something like that while the time wasters are using these to pass some time. Whatever the case may be, websites like Lambingan are of great use to almost everybody in the world.

You can even learn about the politics of that area by watching websites like Lambingan. You can even know what the people of the other regions where you have never been think about a particular individual or topic. These websites are useful in pretty much every case. You can see what is trending in the other countries whether it is about the fashion, style or anything else. Even you can learn some new physical exercises as well, every country in the world has its own peculiar exercises, like Yoga in India, Arabs have their own exercises which are not so popular and the Latins have their own which are very popular in the gyms.

If you want to learn the Filipino language and now know about the Lambingan, then start now, don’t procrastinate.