Podiatrist from Indore, India, claims that more Grandparents than ever before enjoy WatchSeries with their Grandchildren on a regular basis

Dr Lakhan Badola is a Podiatrist from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that many people from the big cities of India have too much confidence on their big city doctors and too little confidence on the small town doctors.

Well, Indore is neither a big city, nor a small town, but Dr Lakhan Badola writes on his blog that when Indian patients belonging to the major cities of India, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc come to Indore and all of a sudden, they get some issue on their foot while still in the Indore city, instead of seeing a Podiatrist in Indore, they wait till they get back to their hometown.

Dr Lakhan Badola writes on his blog that it is really a pity that in many Southeast Asian countries, including India, most people aren’t even aware of the term ‘Podiatrist’.

Dr Lakhan writes on his blog that it is fascinating to him that how average modern grandparents of India care so much more about their grandbabies, many times a lot more than the parents themselves, he adds. They play with their grandchildren, watch their favorite watchseries with them, etc.

Dr Lakhan claims on his blog that he lived in the nation of Ghana for a couple of years, and he was shocked to see that most people there believe that certain foot diseases are a sign of demonic possession. He claims that he tried his best to make the average people of Ghana about those certain foot diseases by different campaigns, only to find them offending him in dangerous ways. He adds that the ones who were a little educated were incorrigible in this regard, while the uneducated ones took it as an offense and became sometimes violent as well to the person destroying their beliefs.

General Practitioner from New Delhi believes that the MBBS in Bangladesh is superior to the MBBS in India

Dr Harsh Bhatia is a General Practitioner from New Delhi, India, who says that he didn’t believe in the notion that the present generation is a weak one until he read the reviews for his clinic on Google Places. Dr Harsh writes on his blog that everyone complaining about the rude staff and not visiting the doctor again although they are perfectly happy with the treatment received.

Dr Harsh Bhatia has mentioned more than once on his blog that misdiagnosing is one of the biggest things responsible for the deaths at the hospitals and clinics in today’s time. He claims that the statistics lie in this regard.

Dr Harsh Bhatia claims that both cigarette smoke and pollution are overrated when it comes to causing diseases. He says that there are several other things that are just as bad but they are almost never mentioned by the mainstream media or the medical unions.

Dr Harsh Bhatia has written over 500 research papers till now and he spends at least 1 hour each day answering the questions of his patients on Whatsapp for no extra charge at all.

Dr Harsh Bhatia claims to have been working on creating a syrup for the cure of stomach cancer. He claims that if successful, this syrup will be able to make the Stage IV Stomach cancer disappear within a matter of one month.

Dr Harsh completed his MBBS from Bangladesh when it wasn’t even popular. Dr Harsh believes that the MBBS in Bangladesh is superior anywhere else in the Indian subcontinent, and hence he has already planned that he will get his kids MBBS Admission in Bangladesh as well.

German-American optometrist is very proud of his genius and fine looking clinic

Dr Herr Fischer is a German-born American optometrist who is extremely outspoken on his blog. Dr Herr claims that one of the reasons why he maintains that blog is to improve his command in the English language.

Dr Herr writes on his blog that those belonging to the hotter regions are prone to getting different eye disorders than the ones who belong to the colder regions.

Dr Herr writes that contrary to the popular belief, the teenagers of the current generation have healthier eyes than their peers had during their teenage years. Dr Herr believes that the unions of optometrists and other interest holders have been spreading these lies to make money.

Dr Herr writes on his blog that it is a pity that the modern optometry related mass companies care more about their profits than the health of their patient’s eyes.

Dr Herr has an optometrist friend in Germany who hasn’t been going to his clinic for the past 2 years, she has been working full-time from her home to find cures for the eye diseases which are believed to be incurable by the modern optometrists.

Dr Herr believes that there is a lot more that the auto refractors of the future will be able to do that most cannot even imagine now. Just like nobody could imagine that an optometrist’s clinic could look so good because of the Fine Art, just a couple of decades ago.

Dr Herr claims that there are several eye disorders and diseases that are mostly a result of wearing contact lenses regularly for months, years or decades, but due to the influence of the super-wealthy and powerful contact lens manufacturers, nobody is raising a brow on them. Dr Herr claims that one of the most overlooked side-effects of wearing contact lenses is its sedative effect of it, which can even lead to instant sleep for some and without a doubt results in several car accidents across the globe each year.

Nephrologist from Cebu City always buys it cheap, no matter whether it is Windows 10 or a used laptop

Dr Baron Pestock is a nephrologist from the Cebu city, Philippines who claims on his blog that oversleeping is as bad for your kidneys’ health as undersleeping is.

Dr Baron recently made a post mentioning that many Indians, especially the ones that live in small towns and cities aren’t even aware of the thing called proteinuria (a condition in which a person releases abnormal amount of protein in the urine), which causes the urine to appear foamy and foul smelling. Dr Baron wrote that it is funny that most of these people believe that it is a condition called ‘Dhat Rog’, i.e. presence of sperm in the urine caused by excessive sex or masturbation and visit their local ayurvedic doctors for the treatment who prescribes them ayurvedic medicines that are good for nothing other than the side-effects.

Dr Baron Pestock claims that men with the condition called priapism are 600% more likely to get a chronic kidney disease than the ones who don’t suffer with the priapism.

Dr Baron Pestock is very shrewd when it comes to the money. He has over 15 computers at his clinic and each of those has windows 10 activation key bought through Direct Games Store, a store that has been selling them for the cheapest prices possible.

Dr Baron once claimed on his blog that extremely heavy deadlifts are one of the most overlooked causes of kidney malfunction, especially in case of the women, because their bodies are not made for lifting such heavy weights.

Dr Baron also claims that Vitamin B12 is generally overlooked by most nephrologists when it comes to the kidney’s health, but Vitamin D on the other side is usually underlooked by the same nephrologists.

The Great Bonobo Kanzi’s viral talking video is a Deepfake stunt

If you watch Youtube a lot or if you are an ape, bonobos or animal lover, then there are 99% of the chances that you know about the genius of an ape – Kanzi.

There is no denying that Kanzi is perhaps the most intelligent and wise bonobo that they have been teaching and studying at the Ape Cognition and Conservative Initiative (ACCI), formerly known as the Great Ape Trust. The case of Kanzi proves that many other apes, especially bonobos, have a huge potential of learning language and other things that specifically us humans do.

I personally believe that the apes had the same potential as us homo sapiens sapiens in terms of the advancement, they just went another way than us.

I personally believe that it is easier to teach the Apes African Sign Language than the American Sign Language, and they just need to give it a try to verify my point. I have already written to Sue Savage Rumbaugh regarding this and I really hope that she takes some action.

Many evolution deniers use the Apes having a different vocal tract as an excuse and proof to deny the evolution as a myth and then when the same evolution deniers are asked to pronounce some Arabic or French words and being unable to do so, they are told by people like me that a couple of thousand years of evolution can do so much to you , wonder what difference did the millions and millions of years could have made.

I really applaud Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh for her extreme hard work, patience and effort but I also think that she should take action against the trolls that are making the videos of Kanzi talking to humans and apes viral. These are all fake videos creating using deepfakes technology and people making fun of a great ape like Kanzi using this technology must be punished for doing so.

Conspiracy theorist, blogger and businessman – William gifts his vascular surgeon wife at least a couple of tees a month

Cecy Suarez is a vascular surgeon who has been practicing in the city of Jacksonvile, Florida for the past 16 years. Cecy was educated in Scotland and she proudly claims that Scotland is responsible for producing some of the best vascular surgeons in the past and it continues to do the same.

Cecy claims that after she retires, she will sell her practice and donate the money to a welfare organization for orphan kids. Cecy says that she would be glad to have pass off her practice to any of her kids but none of those seems interested in entering the medical profession in the future, let alone become a vascular surgeon.

Cecy’s husband – William is a businessman, conspiracy theorist and blogger. William studied cryptography for a long 3 year period only to have come to the conclusion later on that it would have been better if he studied some spoken languages instead. He claims that he could have studied at least some of those successfully within a period of 3 long years.

William claims to have the secret information that the Royal family of Japan in an alliance with the Parliament of Australia are planning to overthrow the Queen of England from first Australia and then Canada. William claims that the previous Prime Minister of Australia rejected this proposal pursued by the Royal family of England but the current Prime Minister of Australia – Scott Morrison is an extremely ambitious man with unbelievably high aspirations who is willing to do whatever it takes to create one of the richest and most powerful family the world has ever known.

William believes that most husbands fail to understand and appreciate the role of their beautiful wives in different spheres of life and that’s the reason why William gifts at least a couple of awesome tees to his beloved vascular surgeon wife each month.

3D technology will soon be on another level and you better know it

I am a huge fan of 3D technology and I really believe that 3D clothes will dominate the clothing industry completely by 2030 but I am extremely disappointed with people not buying 3D printers as much as they should. The 3D printers are now more affordable than ever before and even cheaper than most of the potential buyers ever thought those would be. 3D printer fans and those who understand the true value of the same are buying those with both hands but others aren’t even taking a notice. I really think that the reason why 3D printers don’t sell is that people have a herd mentality and they won’t buy the same until their best friend or neighbor does. I am very hopeful that soon enough we will see the 3D printers in every home, small business’s office. I am glad that 3D printers are already there in almost every large business, at least the ones that I am familiar with.

One of my cousins got his degree from the Henry Samueli School of Engineering which he and I believe that is the most underrated engineering college not only in the state of California but in the entire United States and perhaps the world.

I am too glad that the culture doesn’t make a society feel and look mature anymore but technology does. No matter what the people belonging to the Islamic or other Eastern countries tell you, I am certain about one thing and that is that they all want to come to the west and for their own good. The countries that are too proud of their culture will soon have to bow down in front of the technology and capitalism dominated countries including USA.

No apple fell on Isaac Newton from a tree but he observed the gravity some other way

I have been obsessed with reading science and scientists for a while now and the scientist that fascinates me the most is none other than Sir Isaac Newton. There is no doubt that it was Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz who discovered Calculus but that doesn’t undermine the legend of Sir Isaac Newton. Saying that Sir Isaac Newton was the true discoverer of Calculus is like saying that Queen Isabella I of Castille was the true discoverer of the Americas and not the Christopher Columbus.

I have written to Peter Shukoff of Epic Rap Battles of History to create an Epic Rap Battle between Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz more than once but he never replied back to me and doesn’t seem to create one at least in the coming 4-5 years.

After reading Isaac Newton so much, I can surely claim that Isaac Newton was a lifelong celibate and an ardent lover of Jesus Christ; The people claiming that Sir Isaac Newton was a homosexual are Catholic conspirators that want to undermine the legend of Isaac Newton in order to save their Catholic religion as the researches, formulas and inventions of Sir Isaac Newton are extremely dangerous to the Catholic religion.

I am extremely amazed to know that they are looking for the descendants of Newton’s apple tree. There was no particular Newton’s tree, it is just a way to add romance to the story of Isaac Newton and his foundation of the theory of gravitation. Me and several other Isaac Newton lovers believe that Newton never observed the gravitation while sitting under a tree but rather observed the same happening in case of several trees and it is a myth that an apple fell on Newton while he was drinking a cup of tea with a friend of his under that tree.