Coffee made with using the best of the best percolators far exceed the espresso in terms of taste – Rick Bedingfield

Rick Bedingfield is a car enthusiast who uses all the tools suggested by Scotty Kilmer for his cars although he never repaired any of his cars ever by himself and only uses his favorite mechanic’s services for the same.

Along with cars, a bodyrub by his wife, a kiss and much more with her, Rick loves another thing so much that he can’t imagine living without it and that is his routine coffee.

Rick used to believe that nobody can make a better coffee than your neighborhood Starbucks or Costa but his belief came to an end after he bought the best coffee percolator available in the marketplace.

Rick didn’t ever notice before buying a coffee percolator for himself that all of his friends have a coffee percolator in their kitchen and he happened to be the last to buy one. Rick says that coffee percolators aren’t underrated anymore like they once used to be and Rick completely disagrees with those that say that a coffee made using a percolator cannot be as delicious as an espresso.

Rick loves neon and he has it installed everywhere on his cars and now throughout his kitchen as well.

Rick only buys the most expensive fresh ground beans for his coffee and along with learning how to make a better tasting coffee at home than an espresso, Rick recently learnt Urdu language as well. After Rick heard some Urdu poetry by a Pakistani immigrant friend of his, he decided to learn Urdu for himself and traveled all the way to Lucknow, India for the purpose.

Rick owns an online marketing and video production company and his wife is a songwriter and music composer and together they live very happily.

Snack bar and bakery chain owner from Minnesota is a bodybuilding enthusiast

Arman Javor (name changed) is a proud owner of a snack bar and a bakery chain located all over the state of Minnesota. After battling cancer thrice, Arman never lost the hope that he will be able to pursue bodybuilding again. You may be surprised to learn that Arman never eats any snacks or anything available at his bakery himself.

Arman got obsessed with learning the Arabic language since he started listening to Nancy Ajram’s songs. Since Arman learnt the language, he has been keeping updated with the news in the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia. Arman says that the royal family of Saudi Arabia knows it very well that the USA is going to invade the Saudi Arabia after about a couple of decades or they will start a civil war here soon enough. Arman says that the royal family of Saudi Arabia has already started finding the solution to the upcoming problem by making relations with the Republic of China.

After battling and winning cancer thrice, Arman has come to the conclusion that mineral water is a scam. He says that the mineral water is responsible for most of the cancer cases.

Arman’s  brother – Dmitry is a CrazyBulk fan. He is 55 years old and he bench-presses 200 pounds. Dmitry stopped using all other bodybuilding supplements calling them a placebo since he started using CrazyBulk. Dmitry has the pictures of Eugene Sandow (the father of modern bodybuilding all over his house). Dmitry never had an idea that he will be able to bulk up after discectomy.

Dmitry lived in Saudi Arabia for a while and he says that Saudi Arabia may be well ahead in the happiness charts but is one of the worst countries to live in. Dmitry says that the problem of religious and racial extremism can’t be fought with physical power and violence. It can only be destroyed with the right education.

Bertha Banbury prefers Crete in Greece over Malta any day although she loves both

Bertha Banbury (name changed) loves boat riding in the open seas of the Malta but she is a real nationalist and hence prefers Crete in Greece over Malta any day of the year. Bertha is very frequent to Crete and she always uses the same car rental Crete service each time she is there.

Bertha loves the beauty of Netherlands but she says that she doesn’t go there anymore as she finds the people of Netherlands very harsh, rude and cruel to the visitors. Bertha stopped going to the Netherlands after being there thrice.

Bertha drives nothing but Toyotas and says that Toyota is one of the greatest miracles in the automobile world, one of Bertha’s Toyotas has over 4, 86, 000 miles on its odometer and it is still running.

 Bertha has studied a lot about Benjamin Franklin and the history of the world’s first real democracy and capitalist society – the United States of America. Bertha claims that 15 Americans died in the infamous Boston Massacre not only 5. Bertha says that it is wrongly recorded that only 5 Americans died in the infamous Boston Massacre.

Bertha says that one of the most rare sort of human beings to find in the modern world are reliable salesmen.

Bertha recently enjoyed a trip to India in the December of 2018 where she bought dozens of Punjabi ‘Baliye‘ Jackets popular in the bhangra circles of Punjab.

Bertha calls herself an anti-christ and she claims that Jesus Christ was indeed the Satan and the reason behind most of the modern day problems. Bertha accuses the popes throughout the history of being mass terrorists.

Bertha doesn’t have any brother, sister or first cousin and she is very happy about the same as is a born loner.

Luca Holland doubts that Hindu Brahmins are ancient Jewish priests and he meets so many of them in his Lyft cab

Luca Holland (name changed) claims that all the Jewish patriarchs had some sort of an agenda behind their stories like talking with God, wrestling with God, etc. Luca says that they needed to create some sort of fear in the hearts and brains of the large masses that they were ruling over so they made those fake stories to befool the common men and women so that they themselves and their descendants could rule over the large masses of the Kingdom of Judah. Luca finds the similarities with the ancient kings of Bharat aka India where the kings  and even some queens used to act like the chosen people of the god and acted like the gods come down to advice them on different subjects. Luca is still not sure whether these 2 very different people used the same tactic to rule over large populations or they were the one and only in the ancient times or the Indians went to the ancient Kingdom of Judah sometime to tell their fairy tales to the Israelites or the Israelites ever came to the ancient India and told their fairy tales to the people of ancient India.

Luca lived in India in the 1990s and he claims that the real reason behind the success of the Khans in Bollywood including Shahrukh and Salman Khan were the calls and threats of the then undisputed Indian underworld don – Dawood Ibrahim to the Bollywood movie producers. Luca says that Dawood Ibrahim always listened to the Muslim actors and preferred them over the Hindu ones. Dawood Ibrahim himself used to be a major financier to almost all the Bollywood movie producers.

Luca claims that Dawood Ibrahim lives in somewhere in Idaho and he drives a Lyft cab in Idaho. After looking at someone like Dawood Ibrahim driving a Lyft cab, Luca himself decided to sign up for the Lyft as a driver and he also got Lyft driver bonus 2019.

Comparing Hanoi to Bangkok is like comparing Kia Motors to Mercedes Benz – Neta Chevrolet

Neta Chevrolet (name changed) says that comparing Vietnam’s capital – Hanoi to Thailand’s capital – Bangkok is like comparing Kia Motors to the Mercedes Benz. Neta doesn’t have anything against Vietnam or Hanoi but she is tired of seeing people everywhere on the internet that keep commenting that Vietnam is better than Thailand in almost every aspect without ever having been to either Vietnam or Thailand.

Neta recently enjoyed a trip of almost all of Thailand and she really loved it. She landed in Bangkok first, then from there she went to Ratchaburi and then finally she took a taxi to Hua Hin.

On her way from Ratchaburi to Hua Hin, Neta kept listening to the so-called motivational speaker Denis Waitley, Neta calls Denis Waitley as her sleep motivational speaker as his boring motivational speeches make her fall asleep most of the times and once in a while put some positive motivational idea in her mind as well.

Neta claims that she can tell by looking at the face of a woman whether she has PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or not. Neta says that she herself suffered from the PCOS in her teens and early 20s as well and she did so much of research on the subject that she never fails to identify someone with the same. Neta claims that the actress Dakota Johnson (daughter of the popular actor Don Johnson of Miami Vice) also has PCOS. Neta says that Dakota Johnson may look very attractive and appealing to millions of men around the world but the reality is that she is infertile and she will remain infertile as long as she doesn’t do anything about her PCOS.

This CEO of a top Canadian cosmetic company claims to identify the management of a company by its receptionist

Ginger Ashford (name changed) recently came back to her hometown – Newmarket, Ontario from Tel Aviv, Israel after living there for 3 years. Ginger affirms the belief that the people of Israel drinking a lot more water compared to the people of other deserts and especially Palestine but Ginger rejects the claim that they do it in order to keep the Palestinians thirsty, weak and deflated from work.

Ginger says that full-time writers, scientists and inventors drink 3 times as much water than the people who are not writers, scientists or inventors. Ginger doesn’t believe in political correctness and she is not ashamed or embarrassed to accept the fact that the Palestine is short of  talented, skilled and creative people and hence they need less water to drink.

Ginger says that the war between the major religions is about to occur and it has come to the point of no return. Ginger says that the victor will be the protestant and Jewish alliance, other countries stand no chance compared to this alliance. Ginger says that the Protestant-Jewish alliance will first use India and Indians as assistants to crush their enemies as the Indians are already over 1.4 billion in numbers and after they are done, they will nuke India.

Ginger is a CEO of one of the most successful Canadian companies that manufactures makeup and cosmetic products for the women. Ginger started her career as a saleswoman for the same company and rose to the top within only 5 years. Ginger is an academic, she was already a graduate even when she was a saleswoman and she kept pursuing her education along with her career. Ginger says that mismanagement in a company is like a drought for a farmer and that’s what she is most strict at and that’s what her job is, to manage the company in the best way possible.

Ginger says that she can tell just talking to the person on the reception of a company whether the company is rightly managed or not, when Ginger wanted her kitchen to go through kitchen renovation Newmarket, she spoke to several different companies and picked the one that had the most polite receptionist.

Ms Tanaka wants to make money with the knowledge she has acquired about the religions

Karalina Tanaka (name changed) claims that the history of all the religions is full of turbulence. Karalina has studied almost all the Dharmic, Abrahamic religions and many of the extinct religions as well. Karalina says that there is a notion among the scholars of many different religions that Babylonia’s Marduk shows traits and characteristics just like the Hindu god Shiva but according to Karalina he is equivalent to the Hindu god Brahma instead. Karalina rejects the belief totally that Abraham and Sarai of the Judaism are equivalent to the Brahma and Saraswati of Hinduism. Karalina rather says that Abraham of Judaism shows many similarities to the Krishna of Hinduism, Sarai shows similarities to Rukmini and Hagar to Radha. Karalina says that the Moses of Judaism shows tons of similarities to the Bhima of Mahabharata.

Anyways, Karalina wants to make some money with her obsession with the religions and hence she has ordered an ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios) company from Indonesia to create a wonderful app that will help enlighten the users of the app about their own religion and other religions as well.

Karalina claims that air travel existed in pre-historic times. She claims that trained people used to use winged dragons as aeroplanes and helicopters back then. She says that these people were as rare as trained pilots in the modern day. They used to be physically very strong, brave, courageous and adventurous and many of them were wrestlers.

Karalina used to be a strict catholic until the day she read about the catholic priests’s atrocities in South Africa. Until Karalina read about the atrocities done by the catholic priests in South Africa, she used to believe that catholicism was never responsible for any violence. Now, Karalina is a pantheist and very happy with it.

Superfit grandma with a photographic memory can’t wait to watch Oscars 2019

Emma Klayman (name changed) is a woman but what got her interested in bodybuilding and fitness wasn’t a woman but Rocky Balboa from the movie Rocky – 1976. Emma is over 60 now but she still works out or 45 minutes each day of the week.

Emma Klayman is married to a Jew and she says that she can tell a Jew just by a glimpse, she claims that Talia Shire (the lead actress in the movie Rocky) is an Italian Jew and she lies about being a Christian.

Anyways, Emma is too excited about the upcoming Oscars 2019 and she cannot wait.

Emma is an amateur historian, she recently learnt to read and write Akkadian to understand the history of the ancient empire of Mesopotamia better. She says that she has been able to learn about the ancient Mesopotamia much easily and rapidly after learning the Akkadian.

Emma has raised 3 kids (all sons). Emma is married to a Jewish man for over 35 years but she was raised a catholic. Emma is very strict when it comes to certain things. She always kept a huge check on her children if they are indulging in any sort of Onanism or listening to the loud music. Emma claims that the children who indulge in loud music, onania, smoking, etc in their teens ruin their entire lives. Emma says that your typical general practitioner may tell you that onania is perfectly okay but it is not. Emma claims that the act of onanism does more harm to you than anything else.

Even at this age, Emma has a photographic memory and she remembers almost each and every significant person and thing that ever happened to her. It is marvelous. She remembers each and every car of hers, every friend’s cars details and almost everything else.

Professional volleyball player doesn’t let her kids play time wasters like cricket or golf but encourages them to watch movies made specifically for children

Queen Aymard (name changed) has an ultimate love story with the sports called Volley Ball. Queen was born in the port city called Piraeus and one of the most peculiar things about Piraeus is that it is responsible for winning the most titles, medals and trophies in the game called Volley Ball in all of Greece.

Queen is an international traveler and she can speak 9 languages fluently, perhaps more than any other citizen of the Piraeus city.

Queen is very strict with her children when it comes what sports they choose. Queen doesn’t let her kids play sports like cricket, table tennis, badminton, golf, etc. Queen’s kids are only allowed to play rugby, football, volleyball, etc. In short, sports that make you exercise rigorously. Queen is very lenient with her kids in certain ways too, for example, Queen loves to watch movies with her kids on the weekends (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) and she keeps a complete check on if her kids are watching anything that they shouldn’t, like anything lewd or violent.

As I mentioned earlier that Queen has traveled the world, she goes outside the Greece for the business, exploring other cultures, their history, art and more. Queen has certain specific claims to make about the places that she has traveled. For example, Queen says that the Punjabi Kshatriya people hail from the modern day Yemen and Syria and to back her claim up, she gives examples of the common names of the cities and towns of Punjab, Yemen and Syria, the physical stature of the people of both the countries, the common things about the cultures and traditions of the three and many other things as well which I will write about in an upcoming post, it is New Year time and my wife is waiting for me in our bedroom lying in my favorite red lingerie and stockings.

Amanda is not a feminist but she says that there is no gender equality, Amanda is not a white supremacist but she says that white people’s contributions are underrated

Amanda Costa (name changed) is not a hardcore lunatic feminist which she is normally perceived to be but she says that gender equality is not yet achieved. Amanda says that all the Jewish princesses and queens of the ancient times should be recognized as Jewish matriarchs. Amanda accuses supposedly the most feminist religion – Judaism of having only 4 matriarchs but hundreds of patriarchs. Amanda says that most of the patriarchs of the Jewish religion do not deserved to be called patriarchs of any religion, they were very flawed people who were even worse than the average common man of today.

Amanda says that it is her personal observation that sexually abstinent people turn into angry and bitter maniacs in the old age. Amanda says that she knows several of these angry and bitter maniac old freaks including some in her neighborhood and a boss of hers.

Amanda likes to read a lot of scientific studies and she claims that the study done on the monkeys on the effect of marijuana where the cell structure of the offspring of the marijuana user monkeys was abnormal and different than the cell structure of a normal and sober monkey. Amanda claims that those monkeys were fed cocaine and amphetamine instead of the marijuana and she says that she has the evidence to prove that the offspring of a marijuana user is normally healthier than the non-user.

Amanda is not a white supremacist but she is proud of being a white French. Amanda says that if it weren’t for the white people, the world would still be living in the iron ages. Amanda says that the world must learn to show more respect to the white people for their contributions to the humanity in all the fields including technology, philosophy, education. Amanda says that the world only remembers and recognizes the white people for producing fanatics like Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, British empire, French empire and Portuguese empire but they very rarely remember the Nikola Tesla, Michelangelo, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Kant.

Amanda recently got a movie theater related android application created by Indonesia’s most recognized android application creation company (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) and she has been making a bank with it.

Hindu fanatics made this Vietnamese guy so tensed that he had to go to Bangkok and Koh Chang to release his tension

Tran Verges (name changed) only likes to buy bed sheets with the images of Hindu gods on it. Tran was accused of running a mystery cult when he lived in Cambodia.

Tran attracted a lot of controversy during his time in India when in a public conference he mentioned that the caste system in India is responsible for most of modern India’s problems. Tran said that he remembers how a student of his told him that he was required to fill out his varna in the school and college. They used to have 5 different columns for the varna in the Indian schools and colleges back in the day.

After Tran said this, he was banned from coming to India, some Hindu fanatics even proposed to the Indian government and the Supreme court to ban all the Vietnamese people from coming to India. An half-Indian half-Vietnamese popular actress whose name is Kunika Lal was even asked to leave the country. Kunika is a very tough woman who refused to leave the country and subordinate to anyone, thankfully everything became okay after only a couple of weeks and the Hindu fanatics started bothering other people.

After coming back to Vietnam, Tran said that he will keep loving and respecting the Hinduism as he always did but the Hindu fanatics turned out to be worse than he expected them to be.

To ease off his stress, Tran went to Bangkok for a while and I enjoyed with some of the most stunning beauties that he could find there. Then Tran went from Bangkok to Koh Chang to enjoy some scenic coastal views.

After coming back from Thailand, Tran wrote a whole 2000 words post on his blog complimenting the extraordinarily great service that the Thai Happy Taxi provided him with.

Catholic lady from Miami Springs getting married to a Muslim millionaire in February

Nora Stafrace (name changed) is getting married to a Muslim millionaire in the month of February. Nora’s whole family is a strict catholic one and they could never have imagined just a few months before that the favorite girl of their family – Nora will ever get married to a Muslim man. Forget about Nora, they could have never imagined that any girl of their family will ever get married to a Muslim man.

Nora’s parents are still against her getting married to a Muslim. Nora’s father cannot get enough of watching Ahmed Deedat’s videos where Nora claims that Ahmed Deedat was an agent of the mainstream media hired to polarize the people so that the mainstream media can continue their business of dividing people into several different sections and keep them busy into that so that they can continue making fool of the masses.

Nora’s mother likes to watch Zakir Naik sometimes and she also believes that Muslims are narcissists who want to impose their own culture and traditions on the people belonging to other cultures, traditions and nationalities. Nora kept telling her mother that Zakir Naik is also a con-man until it get to a point where her mother wouldn’t listen and Nora started feeling like it is a useless waste of energy trying to preach anything to her parents.

Nora’s fiance once told Nora that he was believed to be an Iranian spy by a CIA agent who lived just next door to him in the late 2000s.

Nora and her fiance have already booked the wedding venue for their wedding in February after going through a list of venues for weddings all over the Southern United States.

Extrovert weirdo claims to be the most up-to-date tech guys

Fang Costas (name changed) is always eager to see a nuclear war. He says that before he dies, he wants to see a nuclear war, it is his foremost wish.

Fang has a history of throwing racial slurs. Fang once traveled to Turkey, he was beaten by 2 young boys in Izmir because he threw some racial slurs on them as well.

Fang is a huge critic of the religion of Sikhism, he once wrote on a blog of his that Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs aka master warrior of the Sikhs asked the Sikhs to practice monogamy but he didn’t walk the talk himself. He married thrice himself. He also wrote in that particular post that the real hero of Sikhism is not Guru Gobind Singh but rather Banda Singh Bahadur who was the one to fight the most against the Mughals even though he knew that his life won’t be spared if he fights with such great intensity against the Mughals.

Once while in Indonesia, Fang made another controversy when an Indonesian waiter couldn’t understand what Fang said, Fang told him “Stop fasting, that Ramadan has really done something to your brain. You can’t even understand what I am ordering. Fasting makes you incapable of using your cognitive abilities.”

Fang says that he doesn’t create controversy for the sake of creating one but the controversies follow him. Fang says that the biggest issue with him is that he is an extrovert and common people are not used to honest extroverts like himself.

Along with being a weirdo, Fang is a gadget and tech freak, he is a subscriber of top technology news portals like texnologia and he brags about being the most updated tech guy among his friends.

Romy Weaver, a female Thai taxi driver says that Mormons are lovely people

Romy Weaver (name changed) is a female taxi driver working in collaboration with one of the top taxi companies in Thailand.

Romy recently met a Mormon missionary in her taxi who wanted to go from Bangkok to Amphawa because he hates the tall buildings and skyscrapers. Before meeting this gentleman, Romy didn’t even have an idea what a Mormon meant, she used to think of it as some biscuit brand as she eats a lot of Bourbon (a chocolate biscuit) biscuits.

Romy thought that Mormon is the name of a vanilla flavored cream biscuit. Anyways, Romy has become a huge fan of the Mormon people since she met this gentleman, Romy is very attractive and she can recognize very easily when someone is trying to flirt with her or looking at her lustfully, but this gentleman was different from almost every other young guy who has traveled in her taxi cab.

Romy finally asked him “What are the Mormon rules for adultery?” He then told Romy that Mormons are not supposed to have any adulterous relationships, for the Mormons, adultery is not something that can be forgiven by going for a confession room but for a Mormon it results in banishment from the Church.

Since meeting this Mormon gentleman, Romy has been longing to meet more Mormon people, especially men because she is single and she would love to marry someone who is a Mormon as she believe that a Mormon man won’t ever cheat on her.

Romy has this very strange hobby of writing instruction manuals on different online forums, she says that she would love to create an instruction manual one day on “how to select a woman/man for marriage?”

This Thai gentleman would have moved to Scandinavia if they didn’t have websites like BB Bags in Thailand

Suwinit Chumsai (name changed) is an environmentalist who says that flowers are some of the most overrated and shrubs are the most underrated things when it comes to controlling the pollution. Suwinit says that if it weren’t for the poets most of whom are addicted to exaggerating everything, the flowers would have a very small place compared to what they have in the modern world. Suwinit says that if one looks at the shrubs and the flowers together without any preoccupied eyes, the shrubs definitely stand out and look at least twice as better than the flowers.

Suwinit was born and raised up in a very academic and scholarly environment and atmosphere, his mother is an Oxford scholar while his father is a Harvard scholar. Suwinit himself lived a very dilemmatic life, he was sandwiched between the technology and the modeling world, but as they say in Hinduism – “You have to be as straight as an arrow in order to succeed in your life and know and hit your target with all your prowess.”

Suwinit says that dullards from the first world countries must be sent to the third world countries and the smartest and most intelligent from across the third world countries should be offered an option by all the first world countries of the world including Australia, European countries, North America, Canada to come and settle down there. It is still very much like this but Suwinit says that the world would be a much better place if it happens in a larger scale and much more efficiently and effectively.

If it weren’t for websites like, Suwinit would have definitely considered moving from Thailand to a Scandinavian country long ago. Suwinit is happy that he can buy stylish canvas bags for his wife from websites like BB Bags.

Hair Transplant Abroad

Michael Hogan (name changed) was watching a documentary about the days when Akbar (probably the most popular Mughal emperor also known as Akbar the Great) ruled India. Akbar was the son of the Mughal emperor – Humayun and the father of the Mughal emperor – Jehangir (translated to English – ruler of the entire earth).

Michael says that Indians can’t even lie in an appropriate manner. He says that it was definitely one of the worst documentaries that he ever saw. Michael says that the entire documentary’s aim was to spread propaganda against the Muslim rule in India. Michael says that a so-called historian was narrating the story that when Man Singh I was leading the armies of the Mughals and his own and when the Mughal army found it difficult to distinguish between the Man Singh I’s army and Maharana Pratap’s (their enemy) army, the Mughal army asked Akbar what do they do now? Akbar replied “Do whatever you please, no matter whom you shoot your arrow on, the shot one will be a Hindu.”

Michael found that as one of the funniest statements in a long while. The battle between Man Singh I and Maharana Pratap was fought at Haldighati which is 628 km away from the Old Delhi, the place where Akbar lived. The battle was over within a matter of hours and there was no way for the army to communicate with Akbar, so how come the Mughal army asked the question to Akbar. That’s when Michael said that Hindus must learn how to lie.

Anyways, Michael went from the United States to Istanbul, Turkey last month for a hair transplant abroad and that’s what he did all the time during his resting period, he watched documentaries all the time during that period.

Christmas season is on and Gina Peng is busy folding Christmas Origami with her daughter and her friends

Gina Peng (name changed) says that the arrest of Sant Rampal – an Indian cult leader of Kabirpanth samaj is a conspiracy by the Indian government and media to destroy the secularism of India. Here is a quote from Gina Peng – “Sant Rampal never claimed to be a god, he never represented the Jatt community but India itself, he is a Satyugi not a Kalyugi Indian who never cares about a person’s religion, caste, creed, culture or tradition. He was trying to create a religion of his own with the combined teachings of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. He was against the cults like Arya Samaj, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sant Nirankari Mission, Radha Soami Satsang Beas and Brahma Kumaris and would bash those from time to time.”

Gina’s husband is a freak in bed and he eats tons of Indian gooseberry everyday claiming that it increases his vitality and vigor.

Gina and her husband are against anyone who sacrifices his/her health for the wealth. They say wealth is just a means to make your life more comfortable, nothing more than that.

Gina’s husband owns a business that modifies cars and SUVs into rally vehicles.

Gina is a wannabe historian who claims that royal clans are the dumbest but generally most ambitious and their ambition and determination are two secrets behind their success.

Gina says that she has studied a lot of Indian history and she even once visited Cambodia to explore and see Angkor Wat with her bare eyes. Gina says that she hasn’t seen something so nostalgic and exotic as Angkor Wat yet. She is a believer in reincarnation and thinks that she might have been born in Cambodia in the past.

Anyways, the Christmas season is on and Gina is busy folding Christmas Origami with her daughter and her friends. She is going to have a blast this Christmas eve.

An online origami paper store that is closed on the sabbath

Jonathan Rosenberg (name changed) was born to a Polish mother and an American Jew father in the New York City. Jonathan is a strict Orthodox Jew and the biggest proof of his love and respect for the Judaism is that his online store is closed on the days of Sabbath. Jonathan sells everything on his online store, from the origami paper to second hand cars.

Jonathan is strictly against the paganism and pagan religions including Hinduism. Jonathan once lived in India for a good period of 4 years and he was amazed to see the degradation that Hinduism has done to the Hindu people and how stupid they have become. He still remembers and doesn’t get tired of repeating how Hindus believe every living and sometimes even non-living thing to be a god. They will worship anything that can walk including a donkey, a lion, an elephant, a monkey, you name it.

Jonathan recently bought a new Audi RS6 Avant in Nardo Grey Matte color. Jonathan’s friends wanted him to buy Moche Latte color while his family wanted him to buy it Java Green. Jonathan didn’t care about either and went for the worst color possible. If he had asked me, I would have told him to go for the Metallic Blue color. Anyways, the car is great and it is one of my personal dream cars as well.

Jonathan says that the government is deliberately increasing the cost of living to discourage the general population from having more babies. Jonathan refutes the statement that the world is overpopulated and he says that the resources of the world are rather under-utilized.

This tough Brazilian man sold 853 quantities per day on an average on Etsy in 2017

Antonio Sousa (name changed) owns a very successful Etsy store. Antonio says that he only enjoys life when he achieves his goals successfully one after another. He built this Etsy store from scratch. He sold 853 quantities per day on an average on Etsy in 2017. Antonio wasn’t even able to sell single quantity on an average per day in the first year which was back in 2013 but he didn’t give up, he carried on until he achieved his dream of running one of the most popular and successful Etsy stores.

Antonio is so determined and committed towards whatever he does. He infiltrated the camp of some of the top people of Brazil in order to become a successful e-commerce (comércio eletrônico) entrepreneur and he did not stop until he achieved his goal.

Antonio worked for this e-commerce giant who happens to be one of the richest men in Azerbaijan in order to learn how to become a great success in the e-commerce industry, this Azerbaijani richie taught Antonio more than anybody else ever could. All throughout his time with this Azerbaijani gentleman, Antonio kept his focus lazor sharp on learning as much as he could from this gentleman and he did learn as much as he could from him. I don’t think any of his long-time employees could have learnt as much as Antonio did in this very short period of time.

Antonio owns many luxury cars including an Acura, an Infiniti, a Lexus, a Kia, a Volvo, a Jaguar and last but not the least, a Porsche Cayenne.

Antonio’s one and only sister is a personal trainer in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States. She has a free program deviced which she only sends to the underprivileged people. She also provides free consultation through Skype to people who can’t afford her training on Saturdays and Sundays from 5 to 9 PM.

Amateur historian and an online video game store owner accepts all major cryptocurrencies

Sebastian Benson (name changed) speaks very good-humoredly with the junior family members. Sebastian is an amateur historian, he has been doing a research on the Jat people of India, the ancient Jewish people and the African tribes.

Here is a piece that I am quoting from Sebastian’s latest blog post “Looking at the sexual promiscuity of the ancient Jews, it is certain that they were all blacks. Sephardic, Mizrahi, Ashkenazi are all converted tribes. The real Jews are North Africans.”

Sebastian also made a post about one of the videos that he found one of the most annoying on the internet – the video is about an Indian actress that goes by the name Adah Sharma at 10 Downing Street trying to annoy the guard there. The guard in the video is fake and he really gets annoyed in the end. The thing that Sebastian hates the most that video is that some people think they can just make a video about anything and everything and think that it will become a hit. In the comments section he found out that the guys and girls who were cursing this idiot called Adah Sharma were getting accused by Adah Sharma herself for either being misogynist ‘Indians’ or backward ‘Indians’.

Sebastian owns an online video game store that sells everything video game related. His store also sells headphones, earphones and mics. He recently started accepting bitcoins and dogecoins on his online store, all thanks to crypto market cap.

Sebastian dreams about winning a major award all the time for his writing. If he keeps writing like this, his dream will always remain a dream.

Happy Christian family wants to go back to the pre-renaissance time

Audrey Weber (name changed) believes that America is a land of opportunity and that’s why she shops at the thrift stores, where else can you get better opportunities for better deals?

Audrey’s mom – Jenna used to be a model back in Russia. Her father used to own a gym and that’s where they both met. Audrey is 30 now and she has never seen her parents arguing, they always talk very politely to each other.

The Weber family used to have a marvelous thanksgiving each year and even though they were low income, their black Friday shopping sprees used to be calamitous. The family used to have a blast on the Christmas; Audrey’s parents used to practice abstinence during the complete month of December as a way to respect Jesus. The kids in the family, all of Audrey’s first-cousins would fold Christmas Origami together.

The Weber family firmly believes that the society has ever been degenerating post-renaissance. They say it more or less goes through the chain of events that lead to the modern day.

Audrey is a monarchist. She hates socialism and how it uses a wealth gap to push the anti-hierarchy beliefs by trying to prove what horrors it results in.

Though Audrey grew up in an anti-semitic environment, she loves Jews like Trotsky and Rosa Luxembourg. She supports their claim that the oppression from a majority and can rally up these minorities against the majority.

This is what Audrey’s latest blog post read like “Socialists bank on oppression and inequality to start their propaganda. When capitalism causes people to gain massive amounts of wealth and lower class people aren’t as successful, they can convince those people they’re being taken advantage of.

Richard Branson’s biggest Spanish speaking fan loves to do origami folding

Fredy Gacha (name changed) being a Spanish speaker faced so many problems while living in Russia for 4 years. Fredy doesn’t speak English or Russian and that’s where all the issues stemmed from. If he knew how to speak English, he was all good.

Fredy is one of the very few Colombians with no criminal record at all. Poor joke! I know.

Fredy’s greatest inspiration is Richard Branson. The moment Fredy looked at Richard Branson for the first time in a Youtube motivational video, he became his greatest fan. Fredy has read UC Perdiendo mi virginidad twice and he watches all Richard Branson videos in the Spanish language.

Fredy had a hobby of learning and studying the Asian religions for a while. According to Fredy Gacha, “Gautama Buddha’s wife Yasodhara must be a terrific beauty and that’s what which didn’t let Buddha move out of the palace for so long. She was extremely passionate too and she was always ready when Gautama was ready. She might be the one to always initiate the love making program.”

Fredy is a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and he has been studying the TCM for over 4 years now. Fredy knows about the TCM more than anyone else that I know. Fredy claims that endorphins and dopamine are one and the same and there is no such thing as serotonin. According to Fredy, serotonin is a pure myth.

When Fredy is not busy working or studying traditional Chinese medicine, he is busy doing origami folding, he loves to do simple origami instead of the complex ones.

25 year old Indian man claims that Pashtun people are the lost tribes of Israel

Manav Ajmani (name changed) is a 25 year old Indian man whose elder male cousins were always envious of him. The youngest one of those is 26 now and he is an alcoholic and a chain smoker while Manav doesn’t even drink coffee or anything that contains caffeine.

This 26 year old cousin of Manav whom we will call Danav here. Manav’s dad is also an alcoholic whom we will call Asura here. Asura and Danav share a drink once a week. In India, masturbation is considered a heinous sin. Danav lied to Asura once while drinking that Manav performs masturbation twice a day while taking a shower with the natural gas tankless water heater.

Asura is an idiot and he believed Danav immediately. He started abusing Manav emotionally and Manav knew that something was wrong but Manav couldn’t care less. In India, there is this joint family culture and because Manav is not married yet, he cannot even think about moving out from the hell that his father is trying to create for him.

Manav loves to do a lot of research on the history of the world and especially the Indian subcontinent. Manav claims that Pashtun people of Afghanistan and Pakistan are in fact the 12 lost tribes of Israel also known as Bene Israel.

They have a township elections in Manav’s township every 6 months and each time the most beautiful woman who partakes in the elections is elected.

Manav spent a significant number of days in South India and he discovered that the people living in the town called Papanasam (means destruction of sins) were the greatest sinners that he ever came across. It is Manav’s personal observance which he is never tired of repeating ‘Ambassadors of peace in reality are the biggest ambassadors of violence’.

Successful Serbian businesswoman wants to become first female bitcoin billionaire

Anya Milankov (name changed) wishes all the time that if she were born in the prohibition-era in the United States. She hates drunkards around. She only married once and the only cause of her divorce was her husband’s alcoholism.

Anya loves learning new skills. She only learn one skill at a time and once she perfects that she moves on for another one.

One of Anya’s business is a store that she inherited from her father in one of the most prominent commercial streets of Prozivka neighborhood in Subotica city. It used to be a department store back then but Anya has transformed it into an antique and vintage sword store. She charges flat rates for these pawn products which many consider unfair but Anya says “It is only fair”.

Anya doesn’t bother about what’s pleasurable and what’s painful, she only believes in doing stoic karma which she successfully has been doing for the past 20 years or so.

Anya has always stood up for her dreams and goals and one of her dreams is to become the first female billionaire with bitcoin trading. She uses QIWI wallet a lot too and keeps exchanging her QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин).

In all her businesses, Anya ensures the quality and accuracy of the products selection most of which she handpicks.

Anya has an impressive track record when it comes to sales in all her businesses. Her ideas and insights have really transformed her life for the better.

When Anya was a child, she was diagnosed with ADHD which her parents believed was a hypothesis. To this day Anya thanks her parents for believing so. Anya also believes that ADHD is a hypothesis and if they do not have a proof that ADHD exists, they must be stopped from prescribing and selling lifelong drugs to the victims.

One of the smartest and fittest women – Miss Patricia Schwartz is looking for a life partner

Patricia Schwartz (name changed) is a 27 years old, slim woman with size 10 and leggy 5 feet 8 inch tall height. She has long dark hair, dark eyes and is one of the most attractive women you have never met. She’s tanned all over and partly shaven. In my opinion, if you have never seen Patricia in the flesh once, you really missed something in your life. There is a condition there though, she doesn’t meet anybody who makes her feel uncomfortable.

Patricia is kind, generous and chivalrous. She always appreciates and rewards her faithful and honest employees with lots of bonus. As a career lady, Patricia only believes in accumulating the skills and knowledge that stay with her for the rest of her life.

I once had the privilege of meeting Patricia in person, she told me that she found herself very compatible with gentlemen like me who are classy and intelligent with style and appreciate the value of time that a lady contributes towards them.

Patricia keeps reminding herself the value of time all the time. She also usually has Les Brown’s tapes on in her Bluetooth headphones when she is taking a regular jog on her treadmill. She is also a very picky customer; when she was on a lookout for a treadmill, she chose the one that had the highest number of positive reviews and which she genuinely believed was the best treadmill.

She owns an Amazon store which is one of the most well-reviewed Amazon store of all times. She has always maintained a high level of quality and reliability while dealing with the customers on Amazon. Patricia definitely has the river of success flowing in her direction all the times.

Karlie Bauman from Mississippi is enjoying her life as best as she can

Karlie Bauman (name changed) likes to do whatever gets her husband going. She teases and pleases him, does roleplays for him to get his blood flowing in the right direction.

Karlie is indeed a very fine wife. She is gorgeous, happy and attentive to her husband’s desires. She has a perfectly proportioned figure, long legs and a hourglass shape that makes the temperature rise.

Karlie and her husband maintain the highest standard in personal companionship. Karlie’s husband is always ready to drop what he is doing to spend a little bit of erotic time with Karlie.

Karlie’s husband used to have a great social anxiety about his size, he was always worried about what the women are thinking of his size. Only a creature with small brain wouldn’t worry about his size or believe the theory that size doesn’t matter.

Karlie’s husband is one of the most handsome men you have ever laid your eyes on but what was the point when he had to make different excuses to his girlfriends in order to not sleep with so that they don’t get to know about his small size and instead preferred to jack off in his basement.

His life changed when he got to know what is penile implant. He went for the surgery after finding the best doctor in his state for the same and here he is, making the women go crazy for him.

Karlie voluntarily has a squeaky bed in her bedroom as she claims that it makes the pleasure more pleasurable. The room really gets warm with their intense energy when they make out.

Husband and wife are enjoying life 24/7/365 with cryptocurrency trading

Putu Sindoro (name changed) is a Thai woman who believes that we are living in the end times and that’s why she wants to have all the fun that she could before that. When her husband gets tired, she screams “The day is coming and coming soon”.

One thing that you can’t deny is that Putu is fine as hell and so is her husband. The husband and wife couple loves to go out for long vacations together. They recently enjoyed a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a magical romantic city and they both really loved it. They stayed there for 10 days and each day Putu made her husband feel like he is the only man in the world. Putu and her husband have experimented with several hot things in the past and still they never hesitate to whenever one of them has something new in the mind.

Putu’s husband has a great body and stunning eyes and that’s one of the reasons why Putu loves him so much. Putu herself is one of the hottest women in town and without a doubt the finest in her neighborhood. Putu possesses an unending passion with a perfect feminine figure. She is full of pleasure, excitement and taste. Her curvaceous body, wonderful hair and stunning face create an indelible impression on every man that once has a glimpse of her.

You may be wondering how does her husband or Putu herself manage to get time to work. Well, they don’t have to. They both are top cryptocurrencies traders and Putu uses her charm and beauty to extort the cryptocurrency trade secrets from the top guys and that’s how the husband and wife couple multiplies their money and live a life full of pleasure 24/7/365.

Online marketers living in upscale neighborhoods all over the world

Simeon Rhodes (name changed) is an optimist since birth. Simeon is a firm believer of the statement “You become what you teach and you learn what you teach”.

Simeon lives in an upscale neighborhood now. He used to live in a middle-class neighborhood until he discovered the art of marketing online.

Simeon interviews and hand-picks each and every employee himself.

Simeon has a mature, attractive and sensual mother-in-law whom Simeon is always trying to impress with his style. No, Simeon doesn’t want to sleep with her, not even in his dream and Simeon also comprehends that it is wrong trying to look cool and attractive to his mother-in-law but he cannot help it, she is so attractive indeed.

Simeon’s mother-in-law’s favorite line is “A karma is an action which is not a reaction” and she can’t stop repeating it all the time.

Once Simeon’s wife made rock solid accusations to Simeon that he is sleeping with his mother-in-law. Simeon literally started crying and called up her mom. Simeon’s mother-in-law asked them to come to her house so that she can prove to her daughter that there was no such thing happening. The husband and wife went to Simeon’s mother-in-law’s house immediately and there after the mother did her best to console the daughter which only made the daughter act in a more dramatic way. After this Simeon’s mother-in-law lost control and slapped her daughter. After getting slapped, first the daughter cried loudly and then after about 30 seconds apologized to her mother and husband. Since then she has been far away from making such stupid accusations.

A hair transplant in the United Kingdom costs a lot more than in most other countries

Linda Vogel (name changed) was one of the advisors and manifesto creators for the Green Party of England and Wales for the 2013 local government elections. Linda is a lawyer by profession and she has been actively writing on her blog against the people conspiring to subvert the democracy in the United Kingdom. Linda owns a nightclub as well which she inherited from her father after he died.

Linda raised up 3 kids herself alone after her husband died in a plane crash. Linda believes that being a single entrepreneur mother is the world’s toughest job. All her 3 kids comply with this and they also claim that they see their mother as the most inspirational and beautiful person ever to come in their lives.

Linda has grandchildren now and on every Christmas eve, she joins all her kids and grandchildren and they sing the Merry Christmas song together and do several other cute and lovely things together.

Linda was always a strong lady and she never played victim in her life. Even on the very roughest day, she would act calm and cool.

Linda doesn’t believe Alfred Wegener’s Pangea (Continent Drift) theory and she wrote a couple of articles proving that the theory cannot be true on her blog recently. She received hundreds of hateful and derogatory comments as a response but she couldn’t care less.

Linda is primarily a civil litigation solicitor and she doesn’t take deflection for an answer. Recently, a woman tried to deflect Linda by asking questions like “Do you believe in voodoo magic?” and other unconnected questions that had nothing to do with the case that Linda was trying to solve but it is impossible to deflect Linda.

Linda is one scrooge woman. She spends negligently on her grandchildren and kids but when it comes to herself, she is the most cheap person that you will ever see. She has so much money but when she wanted to get a hair transplant done on her head, the first question she typed on Google was – How much does a hair transplant cost UK?

Extremely strict and result oriented lady never forgets to read the latest hair transplant news

Irit Utting (name changed) is an extremely result oriented lady who was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Irit is a great believer of the statement ‘the harder you work the better you get’.

Irit also believes that you cannot get anything done by somebody forcefully. Irit is against welfare schemes, she believes that majority cannot vote. Irit always tries her best to not let the other people down. Irit always talks like she is giving an election speech. Irit never forgets to read the latest hair transplant news.

Irit only feeds her mind with positive ideas and thoughts. When worried or stressed, she likes to sit on the chair rocking back and forth. Irit likes to listen more and talk less.

Irit is currently busy writing a book that she will name “Draupadi – The woman born, off fire who burnt the world’s biggest empire of the time.” Irit claims that Draupadi is one of the most fascinating and epic characters that she ever saw or read about.

Irit hates pretty girls who believe that just looking pretty is enough and they don’t need to do or learn anything else. Irit finds those girls stupid, annoying and very arrogant.

Irit is an extremely faithful spouse and her husband also is very faithful to her. Though an atheist, Irit believes in the prophecies of Daniel. Irit loves to eat seedless dates and she never gets motivated by the hatred.  Irit believes life is a rough ride and she is preparing her kids at her best level for that.

One of Irit’s sisters left her spouse for someone younger, fitter and more handsome and that shook Irit from head to toe.

Lucky Day can really make you lucky like it did to Mr. Carmi Halper

Carmi Halper (name changed) is a Brazilian gentleman who was born and raised in the city of Campina Grande but later moved to Fortaleza (the popular Brazilian coastal city) in hope of starting a business and making a fortune with it.

Carmi has a habit of lecturing others and he recalls how he used to daydream about lecturing others about his success and the statements he would make when they would ask him “How you made it?”

By the time Carmi was 28, he had already made it but his habit of lecturing others had changed. Due to being so busy all the time, he never had the time to lecture others and more than that Carmi felt like lecturing sucked a lot of his energy and deviate him from his goals. So, the question is: “How Carmi made it?”

Back in November 2016, Carmi had a wonderful business plan but he didn’t have any money to invest in it. He tried to get a loan, asked his friends for money and tried several other conventional methods, but nobody gave him any money. Instead of being depressed, Carmi tried an unconventional method which goes by the name dia de sorte in his country. Would you be surprised if I tell you that he won? And he won not only a few thousand, but 2 million Brazilian Reals which is about 540, 000 US Dollar.

Carmi didn’t get lazy after winning the amount. Instead, he worked harder than he had even planned and today he is worth tens of millions of Brazilian Reals within just a matter of less than 2 years.

Successful Clothing Businesswoman researching whether to get a hair transplant

Perl Smetona (name changed) believes every problem in the way of success contains a lesson which is more important than the success itself.

Perl Smetona cannot forget her first job interview. The first question the interviewer asked her was “Are you a hard worker or a gold digger?” And Perl was like, “Really?” Perl immediately left that place and didn’t take any legal action because she believed she was too busy for that.

Perl found that it would be more efficient, effective and profitable for her to do her own business in the long run and she started her own clothing business with a niche that she became creator of and became a popular name in America’s clothing industry. Since then, she has been doing the same business and expanding it at full throttle.

Perl has a son (we will call him Brian here) who is 33 year old and still refuses to get a job or participate in Perl’s business at all. Brian used to read a lot of comic books when he was a kid and played video games when he was a teen. Nowadays, he spends all his day and night locked up in his bedroom. If he ever comes out of his room, it is mostly because he wants to eat something.

Perl wants to get a hair transplant and although all signs indicate that she should get it. She is still busy researching the question everywhere, especially the internet, “Is hair transplant worth it?”

I know that sooner or later she is going to get the hair transplant because I know several people who have got the hair transplant done on them and they are very satisfied with their hair transplant and the decision to get it done.

Self-proclaimed prophet orders ties from the most reputed OZ online tie store

Gon Hamilton (name changed) is an Australian gentleman who claims that he has this unparalleled intuitive powers and he also presumed all the major events that would take place in the year 2017 and 2018.

He also claims that all the major astrologers of the world resell his services and take advantage of him because he doesn’t know how to market himself.

Gon Hamilton suffers from a severe joint pain and cannot climb stairs anymore. Again he says that he predicted that he will suffer from severe joint pain and wouldn’t be able to climb stairs in his 60s when he was only 25.

Gon’s parents got killed in a hijacked plane when he was 22. He was a moocher until then but quickly learnt to survive and thrive by himself.

Recently, Gon wanted to go to shop for some ties but assumed that it would be better if he orders those from an online tie store as going out to shop may exceed the pain in his joints.

Gon has been waiting for his blood results for cholesterol as his doctors believes he has high cholesterol as well.

In his 30s and 40s, Gon traveled all of North and South America extensively and fell in love with different girls of different ethnicities and races several times but never married.

Gon wanted to become a baseball player in his teens but never got selected for any major league. He was more concerned with increasing his intuitive powers and learning about spirituality than the baseball. He wanted to be a baseball player who is highly spiritual and possesses intuitive powers as well.

Newly wedded couple going to Jogja to enjoy another honeymoon

Trevor Mashina (name changed) recently got married to the girl of his dreams. We will call his wife Jessica here, her real name is very strange, long and unusual.

Trevor claims that he was raised by extremely selfish parents who were very careless, ignorant and stupid when it came to parenting. “They weren’t only stupid and selfish as parents but they were stupid and selfish to each other as well. They used to spend thousands a dollars per year on marriage counselors back in the 80s and it was a lot of money back then”, says Trevor.

Trevor and his wife together have more than 15 credit cards. Their personal electricity and restaurant bills account for thousands of dollars a month and soon enough it can cross the 10, 000 dollars a month mark if it keeps on rising like the way it has been.

Trevor’s wife Jessica was autistic during childhood but she claims that she got cured successfully. Modern medical doctors claim that there is no cure for the disease but Jessica claims that it was Traditional Chinese Medicine that cured her and her parents were shrewd enough to recognize the right treatment.

Trevor and Jessica love to play ping pong and they both love to travel. They are going to Jogja aka Yogyakarta this November and have already made all the arrangements for the tour. They have booked rental mobil Jogja as well along with the hotel room and other stuff.

Self-Made Rough and Tough Millionaire set to get a hair transplant in 2019

Selim Erkan (name changed) is a 46 year old Turkish gentleman who was diagnosed with social phobia when he was 25.

Selim grew up in a tough neighborhood of Kars province of Turkey. Selim quit school after the 8th grade because his family had no money for it and they also believed that formal schooling is a waste of time. All of Selim’s friends, family and neighbors were low income people and Selim wanted to be one of the top 1%. Selim succeeded in becoming one of the top 1% of Turkey when he was 37 but it was an extremely tough ride. Selim had to go through a lot in the journey to achieve his financial goals and due to stress he lost almost 60% of the hair on his head.

But no problem at all, Selim can pay for a hair transplant by one of the top doctors in Turkey and it doesn’t matter to him how much hair transplant cost 2019 is. He is going to get a hair transplant done by the infamous Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu and it is going to happen in the February of 2019.

Most millionaires in Turkey are self-made and Selim is just one of the examples. Selim used to drink a lot of alcohol, coffee and other stimulants to cope up with the stress but he has been clean for the past 3 and a half years.

Selim is going to get married in the mid of 2019 and he has been on several cruises with his current fiance. He has cut all his ex-girlfriends out for this one woman and he is certain that this marriage of him will last till his/her death.

Hair Transplant Quality in Turkey is in the top 5 and the cost is much cheaper than you would think

Rochelle Craig (name changed) was born to atheist parents in the September of 1963. Rochelle’s cousins on both maternal and paternal side were raised catholic while Rochelle was raised an atheist. Rochelle’s father was a prominent writer who I wouldn’t name here but he wrote several books on the subject of religion and atheism and most prominently he was a strong critic of the Hindu caste system. He respected certain aspects of different religions but the number of things he didn’t like about the religions clearly outweighed the things he liked about them.

Rochelle had 3 beautiful younger sisters as siblings, all 3 from the same parents. Rochelle and her sisters always stayed in their own spaces and boundaries and were always like the blessings of nature to their parents.

One more thing that was common in Rochelle and her 3 younger sisters was that they were all honest to themselves and the family. None of the 4 sisters has changed after getting married and having kids yet.

Rochelle is 55 now and she looks as beautiful as she did back when she was 25. The secret is her consciousness about her health, beauty and her hair transplant.

Rochelle’s husband advised her that she should get a hair transplant on her 53rd birthday but Rochelle felt like it was a waste of money. A hair transplant in USA costs a lot and she didn’t want to spend so much on it. She told her husband that she would rather have a little honeymoon with him on a beautiful foreign tourist location within that much money. Her husband told her about rates of hair transplants in Turkey (Tarifs des Greffes Capillaires en Turquie). Rochelle was surprised to know how cheap it was to get a hair transplant in Turkey compared to in the US. The couple booked an appointment with Dr T Hair Clinic and enjoyed a vacation as well with Rochelle’s transplant within the amount of money that would have been merely enough for Rochelle’s hair transplant in the USA.

Young Bosnian can’t stop posting selfies he took in Jogja on Social Media

Ivano is a Bosnian who belongs to a Gypsy tribe (Romani people). Ivano’s ancestors have been living in Bosnia for centuries and they always felt less persecuted in Bosnia compared to the other countries.

Ivano has been struggling with no social media for last 10 months and hasn’t been able to go over 4 days yet without any social media. He claims that Facebook is his biggest weakness. Recently, he enjoyed the tour of beautiful Indonesian city called Yogyakarta. He booked the tour with paket wisata jogja and says that it was one of his best experiences with a tour and travel company ever. Ivano couldn’t help posting all the pictures that he took while there. He received thousands of likes from his friends and relatives on those pictures and that made his addiction even worse.

Ivano used to be very obese until about 16 months ago and his daily 30 minutes cardio really helped him lose weight a lot. He is in incredible shape now. I personally don’t think that for a guy like Ivano going ‘No Social Media’ is difficult at all. I think he is not putting enough efforts required to beat the social media addiction.

Ivano recently had a blowout fight with his mother due to his social media addiction too. He felt guilty afterwards and said “sorry” to her in a very polite and humble way. His mother forgave him. In fact, she didn’t even remember what caused the fight.

Ivano works really hard at his job. Sometimes he even pulls all-nighters. Ivano makes over 120, 000 Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Marks an year which is about 71, 000 US Dollars and is considered a lot of money in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ivano’s target is to cross 225, 000 Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Marks in 2019. I believe that he can achieve this target if he says “no” to social media completely.

Personal Trainers are not that expensive in Australia

Lucas Donahue (name changed) was accused of cheating 2 years ago by his soulmate. His wife would verbally abuse him and a couple of times even had violent outbursts on him.

Both Lucas and his wife hate chauvinism. They consider religion to be a sign of psychological weakness. Lucas’ wife loves to watch romantic television shows and Lucas accompanies her whenever he is around as well.

When Lucas and his wife were in a relationship before they got married, they both would text each other 30+ times a day on an average.

Lucas owns a purple Lamborghini Aventador and recently when he wanted to lose the extra weight and gain some more muscle he didn’t join a gym but hired a personal trainer Australia instead. Of course, he can afford it.

Lucas hates the people who talk loudest and the longest and he believes they are weak people who try to hide their weakness.

Lucas believes in a proper and just free competition and thinks that his country Australia is one of the best for proper and just free competition.

Lucas owns 5 homes and it cost him $36000 Australian dollar last year for the house maintenance only. Lucas is a man of integrity and he has a neighbor who just bought the house next to him with the money he made fooling people claiming he is a messenger of God. Lucas claims that he has a mental illness and that the way he behaves is not normal.

Lucas and his current wife have 3 kids together. Both Lucas and his wife are strict yet lenient enough simultaneously with their kids.

24 year young Maltese Gentleman is now one of the richest in his country

Arabian is a 24 year young handsome and fit Maltese man. Arabian has been trying to grow a thick beard for the past 2 years and he has been unsuccessful yet.

Arabian used to suffer from chronic sinusitis until he tried Dr Sebi’s cure for the disease. Arabian works out at the gym for 10 hours in a week not to become good-looking to the girls but to increase his strength and become fitter and healthier. Arabian takes cold showers, sleeps without a pillow, doesn’t eat any junk food, sleeps and wakes up at a fixed time.

Arabian hates the relationship experts, Arabian hates wannabe legal consultants, Arabian hates the people that believe in luck, Arabian hates the people that throw things when they are in anger. Arabian himself never got physically violent in his life of 24 years.

Arabian loves security of all sorts and his number 1 priority among the securities is financial security and Arabian plans for it all the time. Arabian lived in Brazil from the early 2016 till late 2017. Arabian won 100 Million Brazilian Reals there. Yes, you heard me, 100 Million Brazilian Reals by playing Rio de Prêmios.

Today, Arabian is most likely one of the 100 richest people in the island country of Malta.

Arabian used to be frustrated all the time thinking how is he going to make his first billion Euros. He is still far away from that but winning over 23 million Euros has made him confident that cosmos is on his side.

Arabian has the potential to become a billionaire and he is certain that he will put his potential into performance so hard this time after his come back to his home country that by the time he is 37, he will be a billionaire already.

Rich Sister and Poor Brother miss the days when they used to remove soap scums together

Apollo and Antonia are middle-aged brothers and sisters who still miss the old days when they both were kids and  used to clean the soap scums using the best soap scum remover back in the day.

Apollo currently lives in a cheap neighborhood and he is never ashamed of telling the name of his neighborhood to anyone. Apollo is a bike performer and he can perform about 50 stunts on his bike. Apollo has a remarkable memory. Apollo used to work in the sales until about 14 months ago, he hated it and left the job after working for about 26 months.

Apollo has been taking flax seeds for weight loss for the last couple of months. Apollo wants to see himself as a leader of one of the most popular political parties in the United States. Apollo took it as a solemn declaration among his friends and family at a hall once.

Apollo also does poetry online. He has a popular blog where he writes his poetry, although the website is one of the most popular poetry websites, it doesn’t bring in much money. Apollo once got so poor that he would only eat when he was extremely hungry. He couldn’t afford food. The best thing about Apollo is that he has this huge self-respect and self-esteem for himself. He didn’t ask anybody for any money than either.

Antonia is always busy upgrading. She is a yoga teacher and interior decorator. Antonia’s husband is of Latin origin. He is a formula one racer and gaining huge popularity recently. Antonia’s life changed when she went to India for spiritual gains and met this great yogi from whom she learnt yoga. Antonia used to be a very disturbed person with an extremely agitated mind.

50-60 grafts per square centimeter hair transplant density isn’t that rare as many may think

Baris practices his own version of strong lifts plus accessories 5 days a week. He squats, does bench presses, deadlifts, barbell rows, power cleans.

For a couple of years, Baris ran a small cable channel of his own in his small coastal city of Sinop, Turkey where he was born, raised and has been living ever since.

Baris claims that nothing relaxes him as much as a good cigar. Baris otherwise loves to live a very healthy lifestyle, his only vice is his cigar.

Baris has this strange fetish where he finds women who have already hit menopause more attractive than the ones who haven’t yet.

Baris recently got hair transplant done from Dr T Hair Clinic in Istanbul and he is loving it. His head was able to receive the maximum hair transplant density of 50-60 grafts per square centimeter.

Baris’ favorite authors include Junger, Carl Schmitt, Alain de Benoist, Knut Hamsun, Dostoyevsky, Herman Hesse, Nietzsche, Goethe. Currently, Baris is studying about the Khazarian empire which historians really chose to bury. It is very hard to accumulate knowledge about the Khazarian empire from reliable sources.

Baris’ most favorite uncle recently died in a car accident. Baris loved this uncle of his more than any other relative of his. Baris really wishes that if his uncle could get a hair transplant from Dr T Hair Clinic before his death. Baris’ uncle lost hair at a very young age and he always dreamed of getting them back one day. He tried several crazy things but his hair wouldn’t come back.

When Baris was in the college, he only was interested in building himself up. He never let the ladies in his college influence his feelings about his self worth.

Win a lottery and invest all that money at the top Prescott Financial Planning Company

Stefano is a 45 year old rough and tough man who was born in Springfield MA, raised in Boston MA, and currently living in Prescott AZ.

Stefano’s ancestors came to the United States from Sicily. Stefano’s father was a richie and he owned a Mercedes, a BMW, a Porsche and 2 boats while Stefano was still in school. Stefano was a lot richer than most of his classmates. He was envied by most of his classmates and in particular, by boys. Some girls loved him. Stefano used to think that his father is like a businessman like any other. Stefano’s father owned a fishing company, a car dealership and a dog meat company. Stefano didn’t know that all these businesses used to suffer losses all the time.

When Stefano was 19, he found out that his father is a made man for Patriarca Crime Family of Boston. Stefano immediately left all the belongings and moved to the New Jersey city to make a living.

Stefano worked at odd jobs for big and small companies for over a decade. When he was 31, he started playing lottery in hope to win big one day and he really did within less than a year. For a couple of years, Stefano just put the money he won in the bank and lived a comfortable life.

One of Stefano’s aunt lives in Sicily but she has invested money with a Prescott Financial Planning company. She told Stefano on the phone about this company and Stefano decided to give it a go. Since then, Stefano plays video games on his Playstation, X-Box or PC while the gentlemen in the Prescott Financial Planning company make all the right investments for him.

Sonipat Farming Family Boy doing MBBS in Bangladesh under SAARC Quota

Vikram comes from a farming family of Sonipat, Haryana. Vikram’s ancestors used to be sailors during the British Rule in India. Vikram is one of the 8 children of his parents and the ablest of them all as well.

Vikram wanted to become a doctor since his very childhood but he couldn’t get admission in any of the local medical colleges, then somebody told him and his family about the MBBS in Bangladesh under SAARC Quota.

Nobody in Vikram’s family carries a credit card. The family hates all sorts of small and big debts.

The best educated person in Vikram’s family is an aunt of his who is an English language teacher in a local Sonipat school.

Vikram’s family loves to go for a mountain hike especially in the winters.

Vikram’s brother is very much inspired by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and he wants to be the next big thing in football. Football is not a mainstream game in India and there is not much money in the game and he is discouraged by his family a lot for this reason.

Vikram’s brother is also learning website development and SEO. He loves to enrich himself with knowledge about almost everything. His first website got attacked by the hackers and he didn’t even know what to do in the situation.

Vikram is physically very strong, fit and healthy; and he is not a sports freak like his brother. He doesn’t even exercise.

Vikram says that there is a huge potential for tourism growth in Bangladesh.

Vikram’s mother has this peculiar quality that she can make you laugh at one moment and cry at another. She loves listening to the 70s and 80s bollywood music as it takes her back to the time when she used to be young and never fail to create a nostalgic moment in her mind.

Fashion Designer girlfriend chooses nothing but MadOxx when it comes to the activewear for her boyfriend

Leah is a 22 year young girl who spends most of her time chattering with her friends on the Skype. Her boyfriend whom we would call Jonathan here (can’t tell his real name here, he is a VIP) spends most of his time either working, eating healthy or working out. He only sleeps 5-6 hours a day.

Leah did her graduation in fashion designing and hence she acts very choosy when it comes to buying clothes. She recently bought some sweatshirts and sweatpants for Jonathan from MadOxx and Jonathon loved it.

Leah is currently dependent upon her parents and Jonathon for her living but she wants to be financially independent as soon as possible.

Leah is a great lover of nature. She has traveled almost all of the North and South American continents and Europe as well to enjoy the best of the nature. Leah loves to watch videos about the world affairs on the Youtube and she very actively participates in the comments section.

Both of Leah’s parents have Greek ancestry; her father traces his roots to the popular Greek biographer and essayist Plutarch and her mother traces her roots to the Greek philosopher and pupil of Socrates – Antisthenes. To be honest, Leah always doubts the ancestrial claim of both her parents.

In 2017, Leah developed a bad habit of getting drunk and trolling different servers on Discord. She would get banned on most of those servers. The funny thing is that she used her real picture as her profile picture on the discord which is very unusual.

Leah isn’t that hot or beautiful, but she always had so many guys drooling over her. In the school, in the university, you name it. She never enjoyed it; these guys really used to annoy her.

The Pample Mousse has been doing a marvelous job for the customers in Cyprus

Riso is a type 6. Riso’s family completely relies on Riso whenever they assign him any task. Riso is now the chief of the family business that the family has been running for the past 4 generations.

There was a time when Riso used to be suicidal and depressed all the time. Only thing that would keep him alive were his medications prescribed by his psychologist.

Riso’s life improved ten folds when he met this beautiful girl at the Spanish language school. Riso felt like he hit the puberty second time. Riso is a very spiritual guy too, he recently made a plan to visit the Sadhguru Ashram in India. I think you are all familiar with Sadhguru, he is already very popular on the Youtube.

Riso was raised by wonderful parents. One thing Riso observed after beating his depression was that people treated him differently when he was happy. They were all happy in his presence contrary to what used to happen when he used to be depressed. After Riso beat his depression, the people would laugh even at his poor jokes.

Riso is a devout Catholic, but he respects others’ way of living and their religions. Riso loves to eat almonds with his diet pepsi listening to his favorite songs. Yesterday, he ordered these wifi headphones from the Pample Mousse.

Riso lives in the stunning port city of Larnaca, Cyprus. It is also the third largest city in Cyprus with the human population of about 52, 000. Riso’s uncle is the chairman of one of the local news channels in Cyprus. Riso’s uncle asks all his relatives to keep watching his channel from time-to-time and give a feedback regularly, that’s where Riso got to know about the Pample Mousse. They don’t have Amazon or eBay in Cyprus and Riso says that his experience with the Pample Mousse has been incredible each time.

Zambian man thinking of starting a Kitchen Remodel business after looking at the success of Prescott Home Remodeling

Mulonga is a 30 year old Zambian man. Mulonga believes that most teenagers are stupid and he gets pissed off when someone ask him to download the latest apps or stuff like that.

Mulonga was born and raised in the small town of Katete in Zambia. Mulonga migrated to Lusaka to make a fortune and he really became richer than most of the Zambians. Mulonga also makes prank videos and uploads them on the Youtube.

Mulonga does eCommerce as well. Even though Mulonga makes a full-time living from the internet alone, he wasn’t aware about the launch of Windows 10 up until about a couple of months ago.

There was a time when Mulonga used to use cyber cafes to do online work, today he owns more than 20 laptops and several smart phones.

Mulonga is an obsessive reviser. Anything he does, he revises it several times before applying.

Mulonga belongs to the Ngoni tribe of Zambia. Ngoni people are popular for being very hard-working and fun-loving.

Even though Mulonga is a scrooge, he always overspends on dates. Mulonga’s current pen girlfriend works for Prescott AZ Kitchen Remodel. Mulonga is a devout catholic and he listens to one audio per day from WCBOhio. He is a huge fan of Father William Jenkins.

Mulonga’s girlfriend tells him that there is huge money to be made in the Kitchen Remodeling industry and Mulonga is planning to learn it as well on one hand and on the other hand he thinks that if their pen relationship go so well that his girlfriend comes to his country Zambia to meet him and if he marries her, she will be managing the business side while Mulonga will manage the advertising, promotion and financial side.

Toy Retail Chain owner relies on XMEyepc to keep a check on all his employees

Jaiprakash is an Indian-American whose parents migrated from the Indian state of Rajasthan to America when Jaiprakash was only 2. All of Jaiprakash’s ancestors used to create and sell peculiar Rajasthani handmade toys.

Jaiprakash’s ancestors came to America back in the early 80s because earning a living was very tough in India back in the day. They came to America to provide what they considered the perfect future to their children.

When Jaiprakash was still in college, he started selling toys online and made a good amount of profits doing that. He sold on several websites including eBay and Amazon.

By the time, Jaiprakash’s college education was about to over, he was certain that selling toys is what he is going to do. It was year 2001 and Jaiprakash since then never had to look for a job, he instead did what he liked and has a special talent in, and that is selling toys.

By the year 2010, Jaiprakash owned 4 toy stores in 4 different major cities of the United States of America. The first store was opened in the city of Houston, the second one in Jacksonville, third in the Atlantic City and fourth in Newark.

Now, Jaiprakash owns 2 more stores, both in the city of Chicago. Jaiprakash himself lives in Chicago city and to keep a check on his employees and what’s going on in all his stores, he installed an app from

Jaiprakash tries his best to not waste his time of useless things and that’s one reason why he never parties. Jaiprakash is a devout Hindu who believes in Polytheism and does a lot of philanthropy and charity. Jaiprakash doesn’t believe in fetishism or miracles like his parents or relatives, but he is a great adherent of holy and religious people.

Millionaire Heiresses ready to become the next beer barons

Jayden and Jessica are two heiress twin sisters who recently inherited 166 million US Dollars after their parents’ death in a helicopter accident.

The sisters have many innovative projects going for themselves and one of those is a brewery in Sedona, Arizona. They chose Sedona because of the low real estate prices and the natural beauty that this area possesses.

The sisters are very confident and positive about becoming the next queenpins of the beer trade. Jayden and Jessica’s struggled all his life to become a self-made multi-millionaire and his daughters are also just as ambitious and capable as their late father. Both the sisters are also obsessed keep everything under their control.

Jayden is also learning fashion designing online from a reputed school. She doesn’t wear the same dress ever again and each dress that she wears is stunning.

Jessica is a gamer girl. Her most favorite hobby is playing video games and when she is not working, you will find her playing video games. She is a big fan of GTA Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti and has his wallpapers and pictures everywhere on her computer and her room.

The mother of Jayden and Jessica used to be a very superstitious woman and believed in all sorts of superstitions. But it is right the opposite with Jayden and Jessica, they both hate customs, superstitions, religions, you name anything nonsense. They also hate Marxism, Leninism, Socialism and Communism.

Jayden and Jessica are leaving no room for the competitors and did a great research to find out where to get the best custom beer brewing equipment. They then traveled to the company’s site themselves all the way from Arizona to Ningbo City in China. If you also want more info about the brewing company, you may visit their website –

Russian-American Boy Making over 8k USD a month selling Chinese Aluminium Mirrors on eBay

Nicholas Popos (name changed) is a New Orleans boy born to Russian immigrant parents. The Popos family had nothing when they arrived in America. Nicholas was born here, so he is an all American boy with a touch of Russian toughness.

Nicholas was always average in the school. Both his parents weren’t big fans of the American education system and they also wanted Nicholas to do some business after he completes the school. To Nicholas and his parents, college meant “Pay for the Job”.

After completing the school, Nicholas started a small eBay business which he planned to scale up to a great level within 2 years. In the first 6 months, Nicholas sold soft-toys and the profits were almost non-existent, in the next 6 months, he sold second hand and vintage toys, they were very hard to sell. Nicholas got disappointed and he was on the verge to fall into depression.

One of Nicholas’ school friends got to know about Nicholas through another friend and he got in touch with Nicholas. He told Nicholas about the Chinese companies from where he can buy all sorts of aluminium mirrors in bulk and sell them at 8 times the profit.

Nicholas first didn’t believe his friend, then his friend asked him to go through which Nicholas did.

After going through the webpage, Nicholas decided that he will give it a try. The Chinese sellers already selling aluminium mirrors on eBay had a delivery time of over 1 month although they were selling at great prices. Nicholas was amazed to see that their reviews count were all in tens or hundreds of thousands. Nicholas went to the China and made a deal with the company that goes by the name Ginde Glass.

Now, it’s been only 4 months since that, and Nicholas made $8k last month in sheer profits. Nicholas loves his life, his friend who told him about the idea and of course, the Republic of China and the hard working people that live there.

Turkish-American Young Man loves fishing at Smoky Mountains National Park

Ferhat is an American young man of Turkish origin. Ferhat’s parents came to the United States after only 2 years of getting married, Ferhat hadn’t even come to the planet then.

Ferhat grew up an all-American boy in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. Ferhat was so focused and busy in sports and his education that he never had the time for a girlfriend. He is an all alone man with very few friends and he loves it. He loves being alone in the nature.

Ferhat’s most favorite hobby is fishing. He loves to go to Smoky Mountains National Park for fishing with his best spinning reels. Ferhat is an expert when it comes to fishing and spinning reels used for them.

I don’t know if you have seen the video of that angry baby wearing green Puma T-shirt. The title of the video is “Bebe Enojado”. Ferhat has watched that video over 1000 times and can never get enough of it.

Ferhat has great ambitions about the future. Presently he is in the college and he has already started planning his future businesses. Ferhat wants to be the next King of all Kings. He wants to have several bodyguards running around him all the time and everywhere he goes, people looking at him. He doesn’t care whether the money comes from selling toys for kids or selling clothing, he just wants to be the next big thing.

Ferhat’s biggest role model is Sargon of Akkad. Sargon of Akkad and that angry baby wearing green puma t-shirt are the only 2 people in the world that have ever been able to fascinate Ferhat.

Recently, Ferhat has also started going to the gym to increase his strength, muscles, discipline and willpower. Ferhat considers himself too busy for a regular workout and his workouts are super-intense.